Dog Siblings Separated at Birth Reunite On the Other Side of the World

Stories about siblings that are separated and then reunited later in life are always heartwarming to read. The circumstances of their separation are often tragic, while the way in which they are reunited can sometimes happen due to unexpected situations. It is not just humans that are at the center of such stories, as stories of separated and reunited dogs can also make an interesting read. Although puppies are usually separated at birth when they are sold to new owners, it is very unusual for them to reunite at a later date unless they have been adopted in the same area. I Heart Dogs tells the story of two Golden Retriever sibling pups that were reunited in a park in Seattle. While this may seem a nice but rather unexciting story, it is an amazing coincidence that they met at all as they had both come from Russia.

Pam Corwin had taken her regular stroll through Seattle Park before stopping for a coffee at Pike Place Market. It was then that she heard two dogs barking and creating a commotion. She saw that it was two Golden Retriever pups that were making all the noise. Initially, she was worried about the two young dogs. However, she soon realized that the reason for the commotion was that they were sharing a joyous reunion. Corwin saw them playing together as though they had known each other for years and that they were the best of friends. It seemed strange considering that the two dogs had never met each other before, but little did anyone know at that point that the two dogs did have a shared past. This was the surprising information that came from the conversation that followed.

While the two dogs played together, their owners began to take about them. The conversation turned to each of the dogs’ past. They were surprised by what they learned from their conversation. It transpired that both the owners had adopted their pup from the same place at the same time. While this didn’t necessarily mean the dogs were siblings, there were some more coincidences that supported this possibility, including having matching tattoos by their scars from being spayed. This joyful chance meeting and the conversation between the owners went on for more than half an hour. Further into the conversation, it was discovered that both dogs had been born in Russia and that they had both been brought to the United States thanks to a local rescue. The dogs were then adopted by two separate owners and had not seen each other since that moment until they were reunited in the coffee shop in Seattle.

The owners of the two dogs were astonished when they realized that both their dogs had come from Russia and had been reunited in this way. What startled them both more was the way in which the dogs had recognized each other instantly. Neither dog had reacted in such a joyous manner towards any other dog that they had come across while out on walks. Therefore, it seems that the dogs recognized that the other dog was their sibling. Without evidence, there are many people who would not believe that this story is true. They may doubt whether it is truly possible for dogs to recognize their siblings after spending time apart. Fortunately, there is evidence of how the dogs reacted when they met.

Pam Corwin, the woman who witnessed the reunion, caught the whole thing on video. She uploaded the video onto her Facebook page. In just a short time, the video had gone viral with people from around the world sharing and commenting on the post. Along with the video, Corwin wrote that she had witnessed the coolest thing while she was at Pike Place Market. She described how the dogs had been so excited to see each other, despite the owners never having met. Corwin also told her Facebook followers about the conversation that took place that revealed they were siblings that had both come from Russia more than a year earlier.

She then goes on to describe how the situation made her feel as an onlooker. Corwin describes the moments that she stood soaking up the dogs had for each other and how adorable it was to witness. She also said that she is so happy that the sisters have had the chance to reunite and can continue to see one another. The responses on the video were from dog lovers from around the world who were astonished that the pups remembered each other after a year apart. People from all four corners of the globe thought that this was an amazing and heartwarming story. At the end of the reunion, the owners of the two Golden Retrievers decided to swap numbers so that they could contact each other about meeting up with the two dogs again. According to Pop Sugar, the two dogs and their owners have continued to meet up for play dates ever since. This has allowed them to develop an even stronger bond, although a bond was clearly already present from their first meeting.

It is also reported that the owners have also become firm friends since they began meeting up for play dates with their dogs. Therefore, it is a story that has positive outcomes for all concerned. The owners had no idea when they stepped out of their homes that day that they would experience a chance encounter that would reunite their dogs as sisters and introduce them to a new friend into the bargain. Hopefully, the owners will continue their friendship and remain in the same area so that the sister dogs can carry on enjoying their playdates together. Although Pike Place Market is often used as a place for people in the community to meet, it was an unexpected meeting place for two dogs that began life thousands of miles away from Seattle.

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