Child Selflessly Shields Dog From Rain With Umbrella in Heartwarming Video

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can make a big difference. This was certainly the case for a dog in India who found himself caught in a rain shower without any shelter. Newsweek reports that the dog had an umbrella held over him by a little girl who clearly did not want to see the dog get wet. She is a little more prepared for the rain as she is wearing a coat with a hood and some wellies. She was only too happy to use her umbrella to protect the dog as she could see that he was getting wet. A video of the incident went viral on Twitter after it was shared by a bystander who witnessed it all. Susanta Nanda, an officer with the Indian Forest Service, managed to capture a video of a little girl holding her umbrella over the dog. The video also shows that the girl is leaning over and talking to the dog, as if to reassure him that she will take care of him.

In the video the girl moves with the dog so that he remains under the umbrella at all times. She is obviously determined to keep him as dry as possible. Dog Express points out that Nanda titled the video ‘Kindness is doing little things for someone else because you can’. This is a great way to sum up the way that the little girl acted towards the dog. The video doesn’t last for any longer than 12 seconds, but the little girl’s intentions are clear for all to see. It did not take long for the video to attract a large number of likes and comments. It appealed to a large number of people because it is something that everyone can relate to. Sometimes just the smallest thing can make a real difference to your mood if you are having a bad day and this is what the girl tried to do for the dog.

There are plenty of comments about the video that praise the girl for her actions. People were impressed by her selflessness. Even though she was wearing a coat, the rain was quite heavy. She would have definitely been more uncomfortable in the rain holding the umbrella over the dog than if she had kept it to herself. This does not seem to bother her though as she seems to pay no attention to the rain that is falling on her, only that which is falling on the dog. She really seems as if her only concern is the welfare of the dog. Many other people commented on the good upbringing that her parents have given her. They must have instilled in her the value of putting others needs before your own if there is something you can do to help. It may be the type of behavior she has witnessed from her parents and so it seems second nature for her to act that way herself. In the short clip it is hard to identify if she was with her parents, but whoever was looking after her at the time must have been very proud of what they saw.

India Times expresses the opinion that the video shows how easy it is to make a difference to someone else through even a small gesture. They discuss the fact that social media can sometimes be very negative, and people are more likely to get caught up in arguments than see a post that makes them happy. However, this video seems to have brightened the day of everyone who has seen it judging by some of the comments. There have been several comments about how sweet the girl is and the cute way that she interacts with the dog.

The girl in the video has yet to be identified, and she seems to be unaware that she was being filmed. It was clear that her act of kindness came straight from the heart. She was not putting on an act just because she thought she was being watched. She keeps all of her focus on the dog to make sure that he remains under the umbrella and does not get wet. You can also see her chatting along to him and this makes the whole situation even sweeter. It is not clear if the dog belongs to the family of the little girl, or if she just spotted him on the street. In some ways if the dog was a stranger, then it makes the act even more selfless. It would make sense that the girl does not want to see her own dog be uncomfortable in the rain, but to do it for a dog that she has never met shows real kindness. It is obvious from the clip that the girl considers the dog to be a friend, whether they met before that moment or not.

Susanta Nanda regularly posts videos of animals and random acts of kindness on his Twitter profile. This sort of content is what his followers have come to expect, but this video has caught people’s attention more than most. It has been retweeted hundreds of times from users all over the world. The number of views that the video has had is growing all the time. Some questions about the video may never be answered, such as the identities of the girl and the dog, and whether they knew each other before the video was filmed. There may be a time when the family of the girl share their thoughts but this is not guaranteed. However, it does not stop people from just being able to enjoy the video for what it is. A little girl puts the needs of the dog above her own, seemingly without giving it a second thought. There is no doubt that the world would be a much better place if more people followed her example.

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