Loyal Dog Dies 15 Minutes After Owner Loses 8-Year Brain Cancer Battle

Loyal Dog

Till death do us part, is a phrase that highlights the most crucial relationship in the world, marriage. However, a recent case has proved beyond any reasonable doubts that some personal relationships can exceed death. Furthermore, the situation has displayed a loyalty that can only be carried to the grave. There have been many cases of human beings committing suicide after their loved ones died.

However, never before have we witnessed an animal die in connection with a human. A peculiar case was seen in Scotland in the home of a Mr. Hutchison where fifteen minutes after he succumbed to cancer, his dog followed suit. A closer look at the story of how a loyal dog dies 15 minutes after owner loses 8-year cancer battle

What caused the dog owner’s death?

According to Mirror, Mr. Hutchison had been battling brain cancer from way back in 2011. He had initially been misdiagnosed with frequent headaches, dizziness, and an alleged ear infection before the haunting developments came to light. Until his death, on the 11th of August, he had fought a brave fight with the scourge for eight years. In the duration of the illness, Mr. Hutchison had attended multiple radiation treatments, surgeries, and undergone chemotherapies in a bid to beat cancer. Unfortunately, his efforts were not very successful and in the long run, and the disease spread to his bones and limbs.

Owing to no positive development with his costly medication, Mr. Hutchison finally accepted that death was an imminent ship in the offing. He consequently moved to his mother’s home where he sort to have his quiet final moments. His wife Danielle moved in with him to take care of him alongside his mother, Ms. Conaghan.

As he waited for his fate, Mr. Hutchison spent some quality time with his three dogs, Amelia Nala, and Nero. The dogs had been a very dependable companion in his journey with cancer. However, amongst the three dogs, Nero a French bulldog was his closest companion who probably could only come second to his wife and mother. According to his mother, Ms. Conaghan, the two were inseparable and shared some unbreakable bond. Maybe human and animal spirits can be linked after all.

The death of the master and his companion

According to Yahoo, on the 11th of August at precisely 1.15 p.m, fate struck the house of Fiona Conaghan. Mr. Hutchison finally succumbed to the deadly disease. He died right in the arms of his heart-broken, but strong wife. In that dark moment of imminent loss, Danielle’s father was also around to offer support to his bereaved daughter and Ms. Fiona.

His daughter, at one point, discovered that her glasses were broken and sent him out to her house to pick up some for her. While running out for the errand, it is then that Daniele’s father noticed that Nero was not himself and appeared sickly. He responsibly acted and took him to a vet for treatment.

Unfortunately, upon running some tests, the veterinary doctors found a critical rupture on the dog’s spine. To pile up the sadness of the events, Nero passed on fifteen minutes after the death of his master. Maybe, their relationship was not yet done and had to be carried on even after Mr. Hutchison’s death.

A love that transcends death

They say you cannot cheat death. However, sometimes it is not about staying alive but accepting it as a rite of passage. The strength of the relationship between Mr. Hutchison and Nero has conquered death. Their fates can only be said to have been co-joined in an unbreakable thread, like a match made in heaven.

Mr. Hutchison’s mother describes the relationship as that of one man and his dog. This might sound like simple words but carry a lot of weight. According to Fiona, the dog was always on his heels wherever and whenever her son went making the two utterly inseparable.

About the loyal dog

The dog is said to have been a French bulldog that the family had owned for over two years. With the other dog Nala, Nero parented a puppy, Amelia. At least, the seeds of unusual loyalty have a chance of being shared with other humans. Nero was very calm and peaceful, which could have immensely contributed to the excellent relationship with his master, especially during his last days.

There is no record of him being aggressive or cruel at any moment, even when the going tough for him. He must have been suffering too but chose to be there for his master without complaining. Those that were lucky to have interacted with him have nothing but good praise for him. Danielle was devastated by the loss of both her husband and the dog, which sends a clear message that she adored Nero too, and to her, it is a double loss.

Gaps in the narrative

While this story of loyalty and the unusual relationship between the man and his dog is quite appealing, there is some unanswered question that many are not willing to ask. Some gaps in the story raise curiosity and suspicion. Even with our need to see the best in every situation, some things are just coincidences.

To start with, what are the chances that the dog’s spinal rapture had anything to do with Mr. Hutchison’s death? A recent lousy accident could have caused the rapture. Furthermore, owing to Mr. Hutchison’s bed-ridden final moments, nobody might have noticed the dog was injured or sickly, and when somebody did, it was too late. As such, the two deaths could have been a coincidence and not out of any connection.

Furthermore, there is entirely no physical or psychological relationship between the health issues of Mr. Hutchison and his dog. The narrative that has gone viral on the internet creates an impression that the fate of the two entities is wholly intertwined. This is a misguided notion as there is a significant correlation between Mr. Hutchison’s cancer and the dog’s ruptured spine. However, even if such reasoning could be criticized, we have to acknowledge that a dog will and has always been man’s friend, even if it means following him to the grave.

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