Baby Instantly Falls Asleep When He Hears His Dog Snoring

Many people are concerned about having children and dogs living in the same household. One reason for this is they worry about the dog biting a child. However, if you choose a suitable breed for family life, then this is unlikely to happen. There are many potential benefits for children living in a household with a dog. It can teach them responsibility, give them a companion to play with, and help them to develop healthy relationships. Furthermore, having a dog can teach children compassion and empathy. You can read many examples of children having wonderful relationships with dogs, and some of these relationships begin at birth. The Ron Project tells the story of a newborn baby who falls asleep every time he hears the family dog snore.

The Baby’s Sleeping Problem

The baby boy would struggle to get to sleep, even when he was cuddled by his mother. Once asleep, the baby would remain restless and fidget in his cot. He seemed to struggle to relax and remain calm, and his mother was unsure of how to resolve the situation. His mother then came upon the perfect solution by accident when she realized her baby loved listening to the sound of their dog snoring. She had noticed that whenever her son was near the sleeping dog, the baby would also fall asleep. The mom even managed to capture the first time she saw them sleeping together on camera.

Finding the Solution

Based on first appearances, you would not believe that the dog was capable of making such a small baby feel calm and relaxed. He is a huge Bullmastiff with drooling jowls, and his head is bigger than the baby. Despite his size and appearance, the Bullmastiff was the ideal solution to the baby’s sleeping problem, and this was evident from the video. It shows the baby curled up next to the huge dog, with his head resting on the dog’s nose.

The Unusual Effect of the Dog’s Snoring

As the baby slept, the dog snored loudly beside him. It wasn’t a pleasant noise, and the dog’s owner described it as sounding like chopping wood. While most people would not find this noise relaxing, it seemed to comfort the baby and helped him to relax enough to sleep soundly. Usually, loud noises wake babies, but that was not the case in this situation. It did not seem to matter how close the dog’s face was to the baby or how loudly it snored, the baby never woke from his sleep. Even adults can find it difficult to sleep if there is a loud and continuous sleep nearby, so it is surprising how well the baby managed to sleep. Just as surprising was how comfortable the dog seems while having the baby next to him. While many people worry about potential aggression from large dogs when they are around children, the Bullmastiff seemed perfectly happy to share his sleeping space with the young child.

An Instant Hit on Social Media

The baby’s mother thought the pair looked so sweet together in the video that she decided to upload it on social media. When she posted it to YouTube, the video became an instant hit. It already has more than two hundred thousand views, and many of the viewers have added their comments. Most viewers of the video could not believe how comfortable the duo seemed together. Nor could they believe that the tiny tot could get to sleep next to the huge dog while it was making such a loud and horrible noise. Both animal lovers and those who enjoy watching baby videos added their comments to the YouTube video. Most people wrote that they found the video adorable as both the dog and the baby are so cute.

Why Does the Dog Snore So Loudly?

After watching the video of the newborn baby boy and the Bullmastiff, you might have wondered why the dog is snoring so loudly. Just like humans, dogs breathe through their nose when they are sleeping. If they have something obstructing their nasal passages, then this causes them to score. There are several potential causes of an obstruction to the nasal passages, although excess weight is one of the most common causes. If a dog is overweight, they have excess tissues in their throat and neck. When they sleep, these tissues shrink around the esophagus, and this obstructs the back of the nasal passages causing them to snore.

Another common cause of snoring is allergens in the home. If a dog is exposed to allergens, it can irritate the tissue in the nasal passages and cause them to swell. In turn, this can cause the dog to snore. Some examples of allergens include dust, pollen, and smoke. A further reason for dogs snoring is their biological makeup. Some breeds are more prone to snoring than others, and this includes Bullmastiffs. If a dog has folds of skin around their face, throat, nose, and mouth, then they have an increased risk of snoring. In addition to Bullmastiffs, some other dog breeds that are prone to snoring include French Bull Dogs and Pugs. The most likely cause of the dog in the video snoring is his breed and genetic makeup. The shape of his face, his nasal passage structure, and the excess folds of skin will all contribute to his snoring. These factors can also cause dogs of this breed to make strange noises from their mouths while sleeping.

Regardless of the cause, the dog’s owner is now finding her dog’s snoring beneficial. While the noise of the Bullmastiff snoring was probably once irritating to her, she has now discovered that it is the best way to get her baby son to sleep. The situation will also benefit her as she can enjoy some much-needed rest while her son sleeps alongside his canine companion.

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