After 2,000 Days in Ohio Shelters, Rescue Dog Gets Adopted and Becomes ‘Part of the Family’

Hershel, the rescue dog, has recently concluded a lengthy stay at Lake Humane Society to embark on a new chapter with his forever family.

In a heartwarming turn of events, this fortunate rescue dog has received the most incredible birthday present—a loving home. After enduring five years in various shelters across Ohio, Hershel has finally found his forever home, as announced by the Lake Humane Society (LHS).

In an uplifting Facebook post on Wednesday, representatives from the shelter expressed their joy, stating, “This affectionate boy has been joyfully adopted into his forever home! It couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time, just in time for his 7th birthday.”

After spending a week in the shelter’s foster-to-adopt program, Herschel successfully adapted to his new life and family, which included a canine companion. He has now become an official member of the family.

In a statement, LHS representatives expressed their delight, stating, “Hershel has seamlessly settled into his new environment. He is already showered with love, indulgence, and has truly become a cherished part of the family. With a spacious backyard to frolic in, he has quickly formed an unbreakable bond with his new furry sibling, Lucy.”

In late May, LHS issued a press release to raise awareness about Hershel and his extended stay at the shelter, aiming to generate interest in his adoption. The initiative proved successful, ultimately leading to Hershel finding his forever home.

According to the press release, Hershel first entered Ohio’s shelter system as a young and severely undernourished dog, having been discovered outdoors in a state of emaciation—described by LHS as “skin and bones.”

The press release from LHS revealed a heartbreaking start to Hershel’s life. “For the entirety of his first year, Hershel was deprived of warmth and shelter,” shared the organization. “He never experienced the comfort of a secure haven or the satisfaction of a nourished belly. However, with time and care, Hershel has transformed into a robust and lively 76-pound dog at the age of 6.”

LHS further expressed their admiration, stating, “Hershel continues to astound us each day with his infectiously joyous and optimistic approach to life.”

In their efforts to find Hershel a loving home, LHS not only issued a press release but also enlisted the assistance of Cold Nose Companions Dog Training to enhance his adoptability.

After releasing the news about Hershel, LHS commenced preparations for his transition into the caring embrace of his new human family.

Expressing their gratitude, LHS conveyed heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped in spreading Hershel’s story. They acknowledged the pivotal role played by these compassionate individuals, emphasizing that Hershel’s humans might have never realized that they were the ones he had been patiently waiting for.

The Facebook post by LHS announcing Hershel’s adoption garnered an outpouring of positive reactions from people. Many took to the comments section to congratulate Hershel on his newfound life.

One individual wrote, “Thank you all for giving Herschel a forever home! I also have a boy who was overlooked in shelters for years (he actually knew Herschel when they were both at Animal Charity as little pups). Adopting him was the best decision I ever made. You all are true angels.”

Moved by the news, another person shared, “This brought tears to my eyes! I am so incredibly happy for him!”

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