Lost Pit Bull Resurfaces at NYC Adoption Event to Overjoy Original Owners

After enduring the heartbreak of losing their cherished pitbull named Mocha, a family from Queens decided it was time to open their hearts to another dog. Although they hadn’t completely given up hope of finding Mocha someday, they mutually agreed that it was time to move forward.

While driving through the city, the family stumbled upon an adoption event and spontaneously decided to check it out. The family, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared their experience, stating that they didn’t anticipate finding Mocha but were simply hoping to find a new puppy. To their astonishment, as soon as they entered the event, there was Mocha, right before their eyes.

The unfolding events seemed like a scene straight out of a heartwarming Hallmark movie. The family had lost their beloved dog, searched tirelessly, and then attended an adoption event in a completely different part of the city. And there she was—Mocha, their long-lost companion. Tears flowed, hugs were exchanged, and Mocha’s tail wagged incessantly, culminating in a perfect moment worthy of rolling credits.

Fortunately, no one had adopted Mocha before her true owners arrived at the Paws in the Park adoption event held at Manhattan’s Union Square Park on Sunday. Despite being a favorite among potential adopters, Mocha’s rightful owners were able to reclaim her. Mocha had been brought to the Brooklyn site of Animal Care Centers of NYC about a month prior after being found tied to a post near the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Throughout her stay, volunteers and staff had noticed Mocha’s affectionate and family-oriented temperament, leading them to affectionately nickname her Sandy. Jay Damashek, an Animal Care Center volunteer, mentioned that she quickly became a favorite among the staff and volunteers.

Meanwhile, the Queens family continued to mourn their loss. Back in January, they had entrusted Mocha to a dog sitter while they went on vacation for a week. Unfortunately, they never saw the sitter or Mocha again. The dog sitter continually made excuses and avoided returning the dog, leaving the family feeling helpless. Reporting the incident to the police seemed futile.

The family, consisting of three children aged 6, 10, and 11, constantly yearned for Mocha’s return. The children persistently asked their father when they could go and retrieve her. On a Friday preceding the adoption event, the family’s second son asked if they could go to the sitter’s house and reclaim Mocha. Little did they know that their hopes would be answered just two days later.

It was the mother who first spotted Mocha at the adoption event. The father turned around, took a glance, and exclaimed, “That is Mocha!” He called out her name, and Mocha immediately recognized it, jumping with joy and perking up her ears. The family didn’t need to look at any other dogs—they had found the one they had been longing for. However, they had to provide proof of ownership before they could take her home.

By showing pictures of Mocha and persuading the event organizers, the family was able to demonstrate their rightful ownership and secure Mocha’s release. They are now eagerly looking forward to spoiling their beloved dog throughout the summer.

The owner shared some endearing details about Mocha’s personality. She has a preference for raw meat over kibble and is known for being overprotective, always guarding the family and the yard. Mocha tends to nibble if petted anywhere but her belly. She is an active dog who loves swimming and being in the water.

The circumstances surrounding Mocha’s disappearance and reappearance remain a mystery. The owner mentioned that Mocha appeared exhausted and had lost weight, but there were no visible signs of mistreatment or involvement.

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