Two Adorable Pitties are Up for Adoption and We Had to Share This

We don’t often pick off specific dogs to “advertise” on this site but when we saw “Locomotive” and “Steam Engine” we had to make an exception. Currently these two cuties are available for adoption and can be found at the Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

It doesn’t appear that you need to be in the St. Louis area to adopt these two so if any of you out there know anyone who could use double the love, reach out to them!

Adorable descriptions and pics are below:

Steam Engine: – Full of energy and curiosity!! He adorably tilts his head when he hears music and all kinds of sounds, he loves trying to figure things out! 

He’s working towards being potty and crate trained, is VERY social and trusting, loves his cuddle and nap time, and always wants to be around people.

He’s so smart and active, he’s always trying to entertain himself! He’s very affectionate. And! He’s great with tiny humans and other dogs!

Locomotive – What a precious, PRECIOUS baby girl. She lovessss being held, and snuggled up asleep in someone’s lap. She just wants to be where her people are!! She loves playing with her brother, and gives him a run for his rambunctious money, even though she’s smaller!

She has a big, courageous heart, and talks back if she doesn’t like how you say “no,” she is very vocally expressive! She whimpers when she’s tired and ready to nap, and goes to her bed/bowl when she knows it’s time to eat or sleep, grunts when she’s happy and getting comfy.

She snores, too. She doesn’t care as much about toys as her curious brother, but she’ll play with them if you make it ‘come alive!’

These two pups are beautiful and perfect.

They’re ready to meet their forever families

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