Malnourished Pit Bull Puppy Found Shivering With Severe Fractures

A family came across a puppy who was shivering, malnourished, and struggling to survive the harsh winter conditions. Despite being scared and hiding, they were able to catch him and promptly take him to an animal hospital.

Upon examination, it became apparent that the puppy was unable to put any pressure on one of his legs. Further testing revealed a severe fracture in the ball joint of his leg, which had resulted in bone fragments floating around inside. It is suspected that the fracture was caused by a forceful kick.

The family was deeply saddened by the puppy’s condition, but they have been providing him with around-the-clock care. The veterinarian has recommended surgery to repair his leg, which is an expense that the family is not financially prepared for. However, they are committed to caring for him and believe that the surgery is crucial for his recovery.

The puppy has been named Blue, and despite being in constant pain, he displays a sweet demeanor. He is already demonstrating intelligence and a quick learning ability.

Whenever the family members pet him, he emits the most adorable little grunts and groans, leading them to believe that he has never experienced gentle human touch before. However, he is aware that they are there to help him.

The family, although aware that they are not financially equipped for this unexpected expense, remains committed to Blue’s well-being.

They have set up a fundraiser to help cover the cost of his surgery and urge others to donate generously. It is important to note that the family’s financial situation will become more challenging shortly, as the father is set to be laid off on March 1st.

Nonetheless, they feel that rescuing this sweet baby was the right thing to do and could not leave him alone to fight for survival in the cold.

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A family stumbled upon a shivering pup, malnourished and struggling to survive in the harsh winter conditions. He was scared and hiding, but they managed to catch him and rush him to the animal hospital.

They knew immediately that something was wrong – he couldn’t put any pressure on one of his legs. An X-ray revealed a nasty fracture to the ball joint of his leg, with some splintered bone pieces floating around inside. It is believed the cause is from being kicked hard enough to crack the ball joints.

It broke the family’s heart with this poor baby’s condition. “We have been giving him around-the-clock care, but the vet recommended surgery to repair his broken leg. This is an expense we’re not prepared for, but we can care for him if he can get this surgery, ” says his foster mom, Amy.

They named him Blue and already love his sweet demeanor. “Even though he is in constant pain, he never misses an opportunity to rest his sweet head and body against me. He is so smart and already learning so fast. He makes the cutest little grunts and groans when we pet him and my fear is that he has never seen a gentle hand. He knows we are here to help him.

“My husband gets laid off March 1st and this is an expense that we did not see, but we felt compelled to rescue this sweet baby. We could not leave him in the cold and fight to survive.”

Please consider giving to help Blue live happily ever after!

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