No One Helped This Pit Bull Roaming the Streets in Agony

It’s unfortunate that people have a tendency to judge others unfairly, but that is the reality of the situation so much of the time. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have anything to do with the actions of another person. As you’ll see in this story, it’s all about the way that people perceived a dog because of nothing more than her breed.

As a matter of fact, many people essentially blamed her for being born because she was a Pitbull and most people believe that those dogs are inherently dangerous, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of them have the sweetest personality as you can imagine. Many of them are simply not given a chance and for a while, that is what happened with Matilda. However, what starts out as a heartbreaking story turns into one of triumph, as you’ll soon see.

A Dog Misunderstood

Unfortunately, people misjudged the homeless dog Matilda for a couple of different reasons. First and foremost, she was the wrong breed, at least according to the minds and opinions of a lot of individuals who encountered her on the street. She also had a painful skin condition which made her look like she had been in a number of terrible fights.

The condition itself is called leishmaniasis. The end result was that people believed she had been used to fight and as a result, no one wanted to get within several feet of her. Not once did she ever display a single aggressive tendency toward anyone, but people were so afraid of her that they simply ignored her. She spent months dragging herself from place to place, trying to find whatever food she could.

Unfortunately, it seemed that she was destined to live out her days like this because no one seemed to be interested in helping her. In addition, her skin condition caused her to have disfiguring marks that look like jagged wounds. The end result was that no one wanted to touch her long enough to actually help her, so the overwhelming majority of them simply ignored her.

Fortunately, someone finally decided to call a rescue that was sympathetic to her case. They in turn sent someone out to see if they could actually help this poor dog, eventually necessitating her rescue from the streets.

A New Beginning

Eventually, she was rescued by this particular organization and fostered by one of its members. It didn’t take long for this individual to bond with Matilda, eventually meaning that she was formally adopted on a permanent basis. Fortunately, this particular individual, who was a trainer with the rescue organization in question, had a number of other dogs. It didn’t take Matilda long to bond with all of them. In fact, she was so laid-back that it quickly became apparent that she could be used to help calm other dogs that had at one time been considered unadoptable for one reason or another.

Essentially, the trainer was bringing these dogs into his own home and then utilizing Matilda to show them how to behave. Thanks in part to her energy and natural charisma, other dogs seemed drawn to her. As opposed to continuing to display their own potentially aggressive behavior, they tend to let her take charge and more often than not, they follow suit.

This has helped a number of dogs that had been considered too aggressive to be adopted to eventually find their own homes where they can live out their days, happy and healthy. As far as Matilda’s part in the whole thing is concerned, she seems to enjoy each and every bit of it. For her, it’s simply an opportunity to make a new friend and spend some time playing with more dogs.

Whether or not she has actually worked out that she’s helping dogs in a major way is unknown, but it’s absolutely lovely that a dog that was once considered unwanted and unadoptable has found a happy home where she can then help other dogs in similar situations get over that same hurdle.

Brighter Days Ahead

Fortunately, Matilda is now doing very well. Her skin disease is under control and she is no longer in pain because of it. Even when she was being treated the absolute worst, all she ever wanted was for someone to put their hands on her, to hug her and pet her. To this day, she likes to walk up to her person and cuddle.

At the same time, she has a tendency to cuddle all of the other dogs, including each and every new foster that comes through the door. Isn’t it interesting that the dog that was considered aggressive simply because of her breed has done so much to show others that no one should ever be judged by their appearance or by what others think of them? Furthermore, Matilda has definitely put her days of running the streets behind her. These days, she is far too busy helping new fosters get over any potential issues that they may have so that they too can find loving homes. It might be a calling for some, but for her, she’s merely doing what comes naturally- showing love to every creature that she comes into contact with.

It seems that the overwhelming majority of humanity could take an important lesson from Matilda’s story. There was a time when she was judged extremely unfairly. She was also treated in a manner that is absolutely reprehensible. Despite those things happening to her, she never gave up hope, nor does she blame every person that she comes into contact with for everything that happened to her. Instead, she simply loves. This is a dog that has no malice, no resentment, no hatred. There is only love. Perhaps the human race should take notes and follow suit, just like all of the foster dogs whose lives have been so dramatically improved because they were capable of learning from a dog that loves everyone.

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