Pit Bull with Special Needs Found Abandoned Is Still Looking for a Home 1 Year After Rescue

Sanctuary, a pit bull, is in search of a permanent and loving home. Sanctuary was discovered abandoned alongside two other pit bull puppies in a St. Louis alleyway in February 2022. The Stray Rescue of St. Louis responded to the situation, and the puppies were brought to their shelter for care.

Upon examination, it was determined that all three puppies had injuries, abrasions, and exhibited signs of neurological conditions. The puppies received care at the shelter for several weeks and were then placed in foster homes.

Unfortunately, Sanctuary is still waiting for a forever home, while the two other puppies were adopted. Sanctuary has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, which affects the development of the cerebellum and leads to reduced mobility control. Specifically, Sanctuary has difficulty controlling his motor functions, particularly when walking and standing.

Sanctuary is provided with a wheelchair by Walkin’ Pets to assist him in maintaining a stable stance and gait. This aid has also contributed to Sanctuary becoming more self-sufficient.

According to Sanctuary’s foster parent, Clare, the wheelchair has had a significant impact on Sanctuary’s overall well-being, allowing him to perform various activities such as running, walking, eating, drinking, and using the restroom independently.

Clare and the Stray Rescue of St. Louis are optimistic that an individual who values and appreciates animals will soon recognize Sanctuary for the loving and capable dog that he is.

Sanctuary is known to be a friendly and patient companion, who is well-behaved during physical therapy appointments and socialization classes.

“Sanctuary is sweet, smart, and silly. He loves his lamb chop toys and holding a ball in his mouth while running in the backyard in his wheelchair,” Clare added.

Sanctuary is looking for a forever home with someone who can love him unconditionally and provide him with a lifestyle that caters to his needs. If you think you are the one to end Sanctuary’s year-long search for a loving adoptive family, please contact Rae with Stray Rescue of St. Louis at rae@strayrescue.org.

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