Woman Arrested For Punching Boyfriend After He Leaves Her Dog Outside in the Rain

When a dog owner is worried that the welfare of their pet has been compromised in any way, it can make them very upset or even angry. In some cases, it may lead to a reaction that can land the dog owner in trouble with the law. This is exactly what happened to one woman who lashed out after discovering that her boyfriend had left her dog outside in the rain. I Heart Dogs reported that a woman named as 31-year-old Melissa Morris from Myrtle Pointe in Oregon was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend after he neglected her dog. The arrest report was released by the Coo’s County Sherriff’s Office, and this stated that the woman is facing assault charges. It is alleged that the woman hit her boyfriend twice after he left her dog outside while it was raining. Melissa had returned home to discover the dog outside and was furious about the situation. This led to the couple arguing, resulting in Melissa punching her boyfriend twice in the face.

Police were called to the incident. When they arrived, they discovered that Melissa’s boyfriend had some scratches near his eyebrow and a welt on his face approximately the size of a marble. Police took Melissa into the station for questioning and her mug shot was taken. For the photograph, Melissa grinned rather manically into the camera. According to ABC 7, Melissa has admitted to the police that she assaulted her boyfriend. Coo’s County Sheriff’s Office posted about this incident on their Facebook page. The post attracted a lot of attention, and opinion has been divided about the incident. While some people have supported her actions, others believe that it is wrong that she assaulted her boyfriend.

One commenter commended Melissa for her actions and suggested that she get rid of her boyfriend. Another agreed by saying that people should protect their children in the way that Melissa had protected her dog and saying that it was admirable how much she loved her pet. However, the same commenter disagreed with the opinion of some who had commented that Melissa’s boyfriend should face jail. To this commenter, that seemed extreme as they believed that it was unlikely that the dog had come to any harm in the rain. There are many other people in support of her behavior. One commented on her grinning in the police mugshot and saying that she looked quite rightly pleased with herself. Another even jokingly asked if they could donate to her defense fund. On the other hand, not everyone agreed with Melissa’s reaction to her boyfriend leaving the dog out in the rain. One person made the point that if Melissa had left her boyfriend’s dog and he had punched her instead of the other way around, then it would cause an uproar. The writer suggested that double standards were at play.

Some commenters tried to look at both sides of the argument. One woman admitted that she had accidentally left her dogs out in the rain before but said that doing it deliberately is a different matter. She said that her boyfriend would no longer be her boyfriend if he did something like that to her dog. However, she thought that resorting to violence was going too far and that too many people are living with domestic violence now.

While there is no doubt that this is an issue that will continue to divide opinion, Melissa is not the only person who has left her dogs in the care of their partner only for the dogs to have been neglected. In another story reported by Fox 13 Now, Jayden Dufford left his two dogs in the care of his fiancée, while he attended a 10-week Army Basic Training course. While on the course, his conversations with his fiancée led him to believe that things were not going as well between them as he had thought. He was also concerned about how well she was caring for his dogs. On his return, he was so concerned that he took his family to his apartment with him and contacted the police.

Although he had suspected that things weren’t great, nothing could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him. The apartment was filthy and covered in feces. However, his greatest concern was that he could not see his dogs. Angel and Maxy. When he reached the bathroom, he was horrified by what he saw. The emaciated dogs were in a dreadful state and had clearly been starved. Angel was in such a bad way that she was too weak to even attempt to greet him.

Dufford immediately took the dogs to the vets with his sister. Sadly, Angel had passed away in the car before they reached the vets. She had been so neglected that there was nothing that anyone could have done for her. Thankfully, Maxy survived the ordeal. After treatment at the vets along with the loving care of Dufford, she has now begun to make a good recovery and is gradually regaining the weight. Dufford is now focusing on making sure that Maxy is healthy and loved.

In response to the allegations made against her, Dufford’s former fiancée claims that she was having difficulty caring for the dogs due to financial reasons. However, she has also said that she took the dogs to the vet because she was concerned that they had lost weight. In Dufford’s opinion, this is all lies and she is simply trying to cover for her despicable actions. These two stories show that you cannot always trust those who you think you can rely on to care for your dogs properly. In both these cases, the dogs’ owners believed that they had left their pets in good hands, and this turned out not to be the case.

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