Ten of the Most Popular Dogs in Social Media


One way to achieve great popularity in the world is through the internet.  In case you weren’t on planet earth we wanted to remind you of that fact.   The same can be said for animals.  They too can rule the internet and some animals have better social media pages than we humans in fact do.   Here are ten dogs that rule social media….


Boo – Boo is the king of all social media dogs.  Over 7MM likes (closer to 8MM) on his Facebook page.  Clearly Boo is one of the cutest dogs of all time.


Beast – Beast is currently sitting at 1.5 MM likes on Facebook. Facebook’s first doggie, owned by Mark Zuckerberg. He’s a puli, a unique type of Hungarian sheep dog.


Cookie – Cookie has 26K followers on Twitter and is the puppy pal of Betheny Frankel.


Oprah the Dog – this is the slightly foul-mouthed dog of rapper 50 cent.   Over 12K followers on Twitter.


Blue 2 – This bulldog is the mascot of Butler University in Indiana, and he has a lot of school spirit. He tweets about things happening on campus and upcoming games. Almost 13 Followers on twitter


Mikey – This dog truly lives up to his name, but he has gained a Twitter following from his sassy updates.  Nearly 20K followers on twitter.


Sullivan – This is the puppy mascot of blog Cuteness.com, and he really exemplifies the brand with his cuteness. Almost 6K followers on twitter.


Tommy the Pom – Tommy is huge on Tumblr. Tommy is the unofficial intern at Tumblr’s New York headquarters.


Sutter Brown – Sutter is owned by California Governor Jerry Brown, but many of his Facebook updates are as apolitical as they get.  Almost 10K likes on Facebook


Toaster Pup – This is the dog of original Digg founder Kevin Rose.

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