Dog Can’t Contain Herself When Soldier Girl Returns Home

Dogs can develop a powerful bond with their humans, and it is a bond that works both ways. Many people consider their dog a member of the family rather than just a pet. Due to this strong bond, both a dog and their human can find separation difficult. They miss each other when they are apart and look forward to being reunited. When they are finally reunited, it is often a joyous moment for both the human and their dog. People in some professions spend longer apart from their dogs than others. One example is those in the military, as they often spend months away from home. One dog whose mom is a soldier was ecstatic when they were finally reunited after months apart, and their reunion is a heart-warming sight.

Meet Missy May and Her Mom Casandra Cabrera

Missy May is a two-year-old Border Collie, and her human mom is Casandra Cabrera. When Casandra welcomed Missy May into her life, the two developed a strong bond immediately. When Casandra was not away for her work as a soldier with the United States Army, she spent all her time with her young dog. Unfortunately, due to Casandra’s work, spending time away from home was a necessity. Although it meant being away from Missy May, Casandra had always known that she would spend long periods away from her loved ones when she enlisted in the army. However, now that she was a mom to a fur baby, Casandra was concerned that her dog would forget all about her while she was away from home. Casandra knew she would be away from home for around ten months, which is a long time for a dog. Two years in the life of a young dog is the equivalent to approximately 15 human years, says Ron Project. Casandra’s ten-month absence was almost half of Missy May’s life, as the dog had only just turned one when her mom went away. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that Casandra was so concerned that Missy May would forget all about her in her absence.

Their Time Apart

When Casandra was deployed overseas with the United States Army, she left Missy May in the capable hands of her mother, Robbi Cabrera. Although she knew that her mother would take good care of her beloved dog, it did not stop Casandra from missing Missy May. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology, Casandra was able to keep in contact with her family during her time away, says The Dodo. It also gave her the opportunity to check how Missy May was getting along without her. Sadly, while Casandra was able to communicate with her mother and other family and friends, she could not communicate with her dog. The lack of contact and communication only added to Casandra’s concerns that her dog would have forgotten her by the time she returned home.

The Idea for Casandra and Missy May’s Joyous Reunion

Robbi Cabrera, Casandra’s mother, knew that one of the hardest things for her daughter during her time away was being separated from her dog. Therefore, she did not want to prolong their separation any longer than necessary. When Robbi went to meet Casandra at the airport, she decided to take Missy May along with her. Robbi could only hope that Missy May would recognize her mom when she walked through the arrival gates. While Robbi and Missy May waited in the arrivals lounge for their soldier to arrive home, it seemed like Missy May did not know what was happening. However, she was quite happy to sit by Robbi’s feet, watching the passersby walking past.

Seeing Casandra for the First Time

As Missy May sat calmly waiting, Casandra entered the room. Although both Casandra and Robbi were concerned that Missy May would not recognize her mom, their concerns were unfounded. As soon as the dog saw Casandra, her tail began wagging immediately. She had not reacted in this manner when anyone else had walked into the room. Within seconds of seeing Casandra, Missy May was jumping up to greet her mom. Casandra was equally as delighted to see her beloved pet and knelt on the arrival’s lounge floor to give Missy May a big hug. It was the first contact the pair had in 10 months. Casandra was surprised but excited by Missy May’s reaction. She said the reaction warmed her heart. Despite the distance that had been between them and the time they had spent apart, it was clear that their bond was already so strong that Missy May could not forget her mom. Meanwhile, Robbi simply stood back and watched as the two greeted each other. She was more than happy to wait her turn to welcome her daughter home, as seeing the joy that Casandra and Missing May were sharing was such a touching sight. Eventually, Robbi got to welcome her daughter home by hugging and kissing her.

Sharing the Joy

Robbi thought that the reunion between Casandra and Missy May was such a beautiful sight that she decided to share a video of the occasion for others to enjoy. She posted the video on her Facebook page, and the reaction from people has been incredible. Since the video was posted in 2018, it has received 211 reactions, and it has been viewed more than 197,000 times on social media. There were also 27 people who have commented on the post. While some of them wanted to welcome Cassie home, others added comments saying that the video had made them cry. Robbie was even contacted by CBS13 News in Sacramento, asking permission to show the video on the news as they thought it was such a heart-warming story. It takes a hard-hearted person not to find the reunion touching, especially when the reunion involves someone who has given their lives to defending their nation.

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