Girl Using her Sled Dogs to Deliver Groceries in Maine

Sled dogs, is a term that quickly tends to be associated with recreational activities and perhaps a bit of mail deliveries which is not very popular either. However, to one girl they are so much more, once again proving that necessity is the mother of all invention. This applies to a 22 year old living in Caribou Maine, Hanna Lucas. What started of as a love for snow and sled dog racing has now evolved into a money making venture, with the potential of growing even bigger. In the midst of the quarantine situation going on worldwide, Hanna has found a special way to give back to society by helping the vulnerable. With the COVID virus imposing a strain on human movements, she is using her sled dogs to do deliveries. Her target audience comprises majorly of the aged who are at a higher risk of getting infected. The deliveries made include day to day foodstuffs necessary for survival ie: milk, eggs, and fruits.

How Does She Do It?

With the help of two dog handlers and 12 dogs Hanna has herself a team. Each handler manages six dogs and both parties have learnt to get along very well. Each day the dogs set out into the neighborhood with the packages which are left along a safe collection point. This is as a safety precaution to avoid any contact and possible spread of the virus. Hanna also has the backing of social media. Most orders are made through her Face book page which has in turn broadened her scope. Initially, she began with two orders which tripled over the next day and are constantly on the rise. Her determination and will strongly suggest that nothing will stand in the way.

Why She Does Deliveries

According to a source by The Insider, Hanna does it out of a pure heart. A statement recorded from an interview with the source reads, ”I really just wanted to help minimize their risk with the pandemic going on”. “Their” in this case referring to the aged population. While reports from COVID cases have proven that older age brackets have weaker immunity, Hanna’s display of selflessness is a lesson we can all learn from.

The Positive Feedback

Every good deed is worthy of praise. In the same measure, it is only right to give honor where it is due. Her delivery service has been met with so much optimism and joy to an extent that some of her clients have cried tears of joy that celebrate the young creative mind behind safe home deliveries. On other instances, her customers enjoy viewing the dogs as they go about their duties. The rare view of animals tracking on the ice just to make deliveries makes her buyers all the more thankful. The sled dogs enjoy it too!

Her Future Plans

Being that Maine is located in a rural area, Hanna intends to keep up with the service even after the end of the current global disaster. Her desire is to see it expand beyond just the two dog handlers into a permanent company with more employees. With Facebook already working in her favor, she has a tool to connect, network, advertise, all of which are key ingredients for achieving her goal. The spring season is setting in and in a short time the ice will melt. This does not mark the end. Hers will be a seasonal business. Once winter resumes Hanna’s trade will operate at its peak.

Exceptional Deliveries Made by Sled Dogs in History

In the 1920’s before civilization, sled dogs were a popular means of both transport and communication. They were fast on their feet, resilient and reliable .When a health tragedy befell the town of Nome in 1925, these dogs were used to transport serum to the victims. In a span of 5 days, having trudged through the cold nights, covering approximately over 600 miles, refuge arrived to Nome and its neighboring societies. Lives were saved. According to PBS, the lead dog Balto outran the rest and became popular. It gained a statue of its own in both New York and Alaska that live on up to date. This went down in history as the “Serum Race of Mercy”.

Real Life Events Inspired by Sled Dogs

These animals have not only made a mark in history but their impact continues to be felt into the modern day. Will Stoneman’s story is of a 17 year old boy who lost his father and was about to lose even the farm inheritance left behind. He was in desperate need of money, time was running out and so were his options. His last resort was to compete in a sledge dog race that covered over 520 miles. At the least it would take days to get to the finish line. 10,000 dollars was the prize attached to it. With his fate and that of his family dependent on a pack of dogs, Will set out riding the sledge with all his might. This true life story was acted out by Disney strongly resonating a message of hope and courage. It was titled,” Iron Will”.

The Historical trademark was also animated into film. There are multiple versions, each with a unique focus on different elements of the Serum story. For instance the movie “Balto” emphasizes on his heroic act in successfully leading the pack purely by scent into the Nome territory. A different version titled “Togo” gives the story of another daring lead dog who together with his pack braved the cold cracking ice to deliver the vaccine. According to History, only a few hours later after arrival, the ice gave way.

Life is always presenting us with learning opportunities. One time it is from fellow humans, another from Sled dogs, if you are lucky both. The important thing is to apply those valuable lessons and become an agent of positive change.

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