New Smart Dog Collar Tells Owners What’s in a Bark

The world that we’re living in is evolving at a rapid pace. Technology has taken us to an age of smart devices that seem to permeate all aspects of life. We have smartphones, smart televisions, and a range of other smart devices. These modern conveniences allow you to control them through wifi. They can be networked together to create smart homes and more. We recently learned about a doggie door that features smart technology, but we were even more impressed to hear about a smart dog collar that can tell the owner what a certain bark signifies in their pet.

South Korean smart dog collar

Reuters reports on a new South Korean startup that has taken artificial intelligence tech to a new level for pets. They’ve developed a smart dog collar that can detect up to five different emotions in dogs. How does it work? The collar monitors the barks through voice recognition technology. The program then analyzes it to determine which emotion the dog is feeling every time they bark. The name of the device is the Petpuls collar.

Benefits of the smart dog collar

This new technology is a breakthrough device. It can help humans to have a better understanding of their furry companions. There are times when pet owners know that their pet is trying to tell them something that they feel passionate about. Because there is a lack of clear communications and a definite language barrier, we’re left to guess. This collar has the potential for helping pet owners know what their pets are trying to communicate. Knowing the dog’s emotional state when it barks can help owners better understand what each bark really means.

What emotions can the collar detect?

The Petpuls collar can detect five different emotions through an analysis of the bark. These include whether the dog is releasing a happy bark, and anxious bark, one that is sad, angry, or relaxed. This could help to eliminate or at least lessen miscommunications between a pet and its owner. That’s not all that the device is capable of doing. It also works similarly to a fitness tracker. It provides an accounting of the physical activity of dogs as well as their rest times.

How effective is the Petpuls collar?

The Petpuls collar almost sounds too good to be true, but research has shown that it is up to 90 percent effective in successfully analyzing dog barks to reveal their true emotions and what they’re feeling at the time. The analytics are based on a database that includes over 10,000 samples of dog barks from 50 dog breeds to develop the proprietary algorithm for the operation of the device. Users have confirmed that they are learning more about how their dogs feel about certain situations.


The Petpuls Lab has entered the pet carer industry and has already begun marketing the color in an online store. Sales launched in October of 2020. The cost of the collar is $99. This isn’t the only brand of smart collar out there for dogs. With the increase in pet ownership, the demand for new technology to keep pets safe and help prevent loss is also skyrocketing. It’s a $138 billion industry and the Petpuls Lab is just getting in on one slice of the pie. There are other smart collar manufacturers, however, none of them feature the technology that lets you know what your dog’s emotions are by his bark.

Fi Series 2 Dog Collar

This smart dog collar is to track your dog wherever he goes. It includes the backyard geofence that keeps your dog contained within the parameters of your property. The collar also provides dog walker monitoring so you know where he is at all times, and who he is with. This smart collar also gives you peace of mind and travel protection. When on vacation you can keep tabs on your pet even if you’re away from him. If your dog is outdoors and runs off, you’ll know where to track him down. The collar is wifi integrated with long battery life and enhanced signal coverage for reliable escape detection. It is compatible with your smartphone.

Halo smart collar for dogs

Halo’s smart collar for dogs features intuitive training, a smart fence, and GPS location. This unit was designed in conjunction with Cesar Millan’s dog psychology. It creates smart dog fences via Halo GPS with the touch of the finger on your smartphone through the Halo app. The collar provides customized feedback for our dog along with Cesar Millan’s expert training features. The collar also provides activity tracking so you know where your pet is at all times.

Final thoughts

The Korean smart collar for dogs is leading the pack with its integration of artificial intelligence. While there are other smart collars for dogs on the market today, this is the most comprehensive and highly functional. The onboard technology analyzes the tone of your dog’s bark to determine his mood and how he is feeling. This lets you know if he is worried, anxious, angry, happy, or sad. It opens up a greater understanding of what your pet is trying to tell you every time he barks. This is a tremendous advance in our ability to better communicate with our dogs. Instead of assuming what he is feeling, at any given time, we will have more precise information and be able to react most appropriately. Our pets rely on us to be there when they’re happy and to comfort them when they’re anxious or frightened. This innovative new technology can help to bridge the gap in communications between humans and dogs. So far, sales are doing remarkably well and the collar is offered online at an affordable price of just under $100. So far, it’s the most technologically advanced smart collar on the market today.

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