Husky Felt So Lonely He Escaped His Yard Just So He Could Hug His Best Friend

We’ve heard it time and again: dogs are man’s best friends. Dogs are the best companions. They’re always there when needed. They never hold a grudge. Dogs are the kind of friends that we all need to have. So it isn’t shocking to find dogs being friends to their own peers—other dogs. We’ve seen species being friendly to each other before, but the kind of love and friendship displayed in the story of Messy and Audi is the kind of story that inspires across the board. It’s hope in any circumstance, and it’s evidence that true friendship can overcome any challenges.

Messy and Audi

Messy and Audi are neighbors. Messy is a yellow Labrador that lives with his human companion, Oranit Kittragul. The relationship between Messy and Oranit is special; something many pet parents can attest to is the kind of friendship they develop with their dogs. It’s filled with mutual respect, love, adoration, and all the warm and fuzzy things that come with friendship. Messy is a loving and vibrant dog that will make a friend of everyone he meets.

Audi lives just across from Messy; but unlike Messy, Audi is often left alone. His human companion has to leave for work for the good part of the day, and Audi is often left to explore the yard on his own—to bide the time until his owner returns. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that many pet parents have to do, and it’s not easy on either end. Many pet parents feel the guilt of leaving their dogs, and many dogs feel the loneliness that comes with not having a constant companion.

Dog temperament

There are a few things that all pet parents should know about dogs and their personalities before committing to having one. Dogs are unique creatures that are unlike other pets. They can receive affection and reciprocate it visibly in a way that a turtle or a fish might not be able to. While not all dogs are as affectionate, most are in some way. Regardless of their affinity for affection, dogs will almost always want company. While some breeds may be more adjusted than others, they all have a tipping point. This is the part where pet parents need to really understand the cues and behaviors that their dogs are showing. Is your dog showing signs of depression? Paying close attention and knowing the signs might save your dog’s life in the long run.

Separation anxiety

Depression is a serious condition that affects dogs much like it affects humans. One of the biggest triggers of depression for dogs is loss of companion, which is the same feeling evoked when dogs miss their owners or when they’re left alone for long periods of time. If a dog is left alone for the good portion of each day, you can imagine how much loneliness can set in—no companions and no one to play with. Dogs can show different signs of depression. They can get aggressive and destructive, or they can show the complete opposite—lethargy, lack of appetite, lack of energy, and anxiety. Separation anxiety is a real thing for dogs, and it’s something that they can’t overcome on their own.

The dangers of escape

One of the ways dog try to appease their feelings of loneliness is by escaping their confines. It’s exactly what Audi did when he had the chance. According to Oranit, Audi would incessantly cry at times—likely from just utter sadness. Oranit would ask her pup Messy to console his friend from across the street by talking to him and communicating his friendship somehow. Although we may never know as humans what dogs say to each other when they communicate, we can surely imagine it. Messy would often bark to let his friend Audi know that he is just right there.

It may have appeased Audi on occasion, but it definitely wasn’t enough for the husky. When Audi’s owner left the gate unhinged one morning, Audi took it as the perfect opportunity to see his dear friend across the way. Audi ran immediately towards Messy’s home; and in an incredible display of bond and friendship, both dogs gave hugs like friends normally would after some time apart. Oranit took pictures of the incredible moment between the two best friends, but that moment could’ve turned out completely differently. Escaping is one of the biggest dangers to dogs. It can result to so many unthinkable things that most pet parents don’t even want to entertain. Escaping can lead to dogs lost, stolen, hurt, or even dead. These are the things we don’t want to think about, but they happen to often not to address.

Options for dogs and owners

In order to save your dog from the possibility of getting hurt, there are a few things you can do in order to prevent escaping. The first is obvious, and it’s to deal with patterns at home. If you notice that your dog already has tendencies to escape, leaving it alone outdoors may be dangerous. Keep your dog indoors as much as possible when you’re away, but make sure that your dog has plenty of ways to entertain itself. Interesting and challenging toys are excellent options for dogs, but they’re not enough. Dogs will often associate the picture of you leaving it by the door as a loneliness trigger. Practice saying your goodbyes in an area that’s away from doors and windows to gently let your dog know that you’re leaving, with the reassurance that you’ll be back soon.

But perhaps the most reliable cure for a dog’s loneliness and tendency to escape is simply another companion. If you know that you’ll be out for most days, having another pet in your home can definitely solve the problem. In Audi’s case, he’s fortunate to have Messy just across the street, but not all dogs have that option. For sure, Messy and Audi are lucky to have each other and to have each other so close. It’s a reminder of what friendship could do and could be even for us humans.

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