A Denture Stealing Dog Becomes Internet Famous

Someone once said that we should handle every situation like dogs meaning that if we can’t play with it or eat it, then we should walk away. This habit that dogs have of putting almost everything they find in their mouth could be attributed to how often we play “fetch” with them. The canines have become so good at fetching that nothing in our homes is safe anymore, regardless of how well you think you have hidden it. It was, therefore, such a hilarious moment for internet users when a denture stealing dog was captured in a video, looking like he had the ideal dental formula that would make most humans jealous. Check out the story of Milo and what you can do to prevent your dog from stealing stuff.

When a dog is too quiet, he is up to something

Usually, parents know that when their children are not making a sound, then their mischievous genes are at play. Stacie Owens, being a dog mum, also understands that Milo, her canine, is never quiet unless he is thinking of ways to drive his human crazy. Therefore when Milo’s silence raised suspicion, Stacie went into her mother’s bedroom and found the puppy going through the drawers. A set of human teeth caught his attention, and he thought why not try them on; after all, he is usually very proud to show off what his mouth can hold. Stacie caught the canine’s mischief on camera and shared the video on social media, where it sent thousands of viewers into stitches of laughter.

While Milo’s video was shared on June 11, 2020, there is another dog whose denture stealing antics also made him famous two months ago. Just like Milo, Thomas could not keep his paws off the set of teeth he found on his owner’s desk. Ben is a psychologist who felt that he could chase his blues away by buying dentures and using them for comic relief; little did he know that Thomas would be the one to make use of the new “toy.” Ben uploaded the video of him trying to get the dentures back, but Thomas kept avoiding him, which only made Ben laugh more as revealed by the YouTube Video which has so far amassed over 1.9 million views. Ben could barely keep his composure, and you can hear him snorting with laughter at the smile that Thomas has plastered on his face thanks to the oversized dentures.

Why does your dog keep stealing stuff?

The need for appreciation is a craving that resides deep within every social animal, and dogs are no exception. Therefore if your dog feels that you are not giving him the attention he deserves, he will ensure that he gets it, even if it means stealing your shoes and chewing on them. If it is the attention they need, they will most likely have a specific pattern, such that they steal stuff at a particular time. Usually, the need for attention could also be because your dog is bored and wants to keep himself busy, therefore stealing your socks could mean that they want you to play with them.

Others, however, feel that it is their job to present you with gifts to appreciate you instead. Like Galaxy, who held on to the sex toy until he gave it to his owner, most canines want to show their humans their retrieval skills. This habit is prevalent in dogs that have been taught how to play “fetch,” and anything they bring is welcome since they do not know what the owner would want. If you give your dog a treat when they retrieve something, you could also be instilling the behavior as he continues to steal stuff to be rewarded.

Tips to prevent your dog from stealing stuff

If you notice your dog steals as a call for attention or due to boredom, then try exercising him regularly. You can also wear him out through mental stimulation, and playing with him often will deter him from the habit. Quick and Dirty Tips proposes that dog owners should use food-dispensers so that the slow movement will keep him preoccupied as he tries to get the food. This, too, is very instrumental in dogs that keep stealing food from your counter or licking the dirty dishes in the sink. The best method, however, is to train your dog from an early age. Always remain firm without being aggressive and seek the help of an animal behaviorist if the behavior persists.

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