Nellie The Pit Bull Spots Rattlesnake About to Attack Mom and Saves Her

Nellie, a pit bull, had spent several years of her life in a shelter before being introduced to Jane Taylor, a foster mom, through Final Frontier Rescue Project, a small volunteer-based organization in Texas.

Initially, Nellie was slightly overweight, which Jane found endearing and referred to her as their “little potato sack.”

However, recognizing that this was not her optimal physical condition, Jane and Nellie began to exercise together regularly, resulting in Nellie shedding some weight and becoming a 45-pound “pocket pittie.”

Upon arriving at her foster home, Nellie initially displayed apprehension towards loud noises, unfamiliar individuals, and animals. However, one activity she thoroughly enjoyed was going for runs with her foster mom.

In March, during one such outing, Nellie exhibited remarkable bravery.

As Jane recounted, “We went hiking up to this big rock dome… and on our way back to the car from the hike, we were traversing an area that isn’t normally passed. I didn’t even see the snake, I heard it first and stopped and started screaming.”

Despite Jane’s reaction, Nellie remained undaunted, demonstrating her fearlessness in the face of danger.

In the face of perceived danger, Nellie exhibited her remarkable instincts and acted without hesitation. Jane recounted that “She ran from behind me before I could even step away or turn around or anything — and she was on top of the snake. When Nellie ran over, it was almost as if she was on it saying, ‘I got this one, Mom — keep going.'”

Nellie’s swift response and fearless behavior were awe-inspiring, demonstrating her inherent bravery and loyalty towards her foster mom.

Despite her bravery, Nellie encountered difficulty while confronting the snake, resulting in a bite to her face. Fortunately, a hiker passing by was able to intervene and rescue Nellie by throwing his jacket over the snake and wrestling it away.

After the incident, Nellie appeared immobile and required immediate medical attention.

As Jane recalled, “When we got her in the car, her eyes were closed, her head was tilted back, and her mouth was open.

She wasn’t ‘awooing’ in pain, but you could tell she was unhappy. I knew that I had to get her to the vet as quickly as possible.” The urgency of the situation was apparent to Jane, who quickly transported Nellie to the vet for treatment.

Following medical treatment consisting of two vials of antivenom and antibiotics for the bite wound, Nellie exhibited signs of recovery.

Although she was advised to observe bed rest for a few days, Nellie’s resiliency and determination were evident, as she bounced back quickly.

As Jane noted, “She’s such a resilient pup. Two days later she was chasing squirrels again.” Nellie’s remarkable ability to recuperate quickly and return to her playful and active self was a testament to her strength and vitality.

In the aftermath of the snake incident, Jane observed a positive transformation in Nellie’s behavior. Having demonstrated her bravery, Nellie appeared to have gained a newfound sense of confidence and was less intimidated by the world around her.

As Jane remarked, “She’s been decompressing and is finally understanding how fun life can be. Whenever we have visitors over at the house, she just goes bonkers. When dogs come over, she’s realizing that it’s playtime. She has tons of toys, so she’s not so possessive anymore.”

Nellie’s increased socialization and decreased possessiveness demonstrated her improved comfort level with unfamiliar situations and individuals, indicating that the snake incident had a transformative impact on her demeanor.

Jane continues to reflect on the incident in which Nellie bravely intervened to protect her. She remains deeply grateful for Nellie’s heroic actions and recognizes the significance of the bond they share.

As Jane stated, “Everyone’s first thought is, ‘Nellie was protecting you.’ And she very well could have, because she really stands to attention if there’s something or someone she doesn’t like on her walks. It’s really special to think that she would do that for me.” The incident was a testament to the strength of their relationship and the depth of Nellie’s loyalty towards Jane, leaving a lasting impact on both of them.

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