Man Faces Criminal Charges after Abandoning Pit Bull Mix in Freezing Cemetery

It has been reported that Richard Lombardi of Cranston, Rhode Island, is facing criminal charges for allegedly abandoning his 7-year-old pit bull mix, Clyde, in below freezing temperatures at a cemetery. The incident has resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for Mr. Lombardi.

The act of abandoning an animal in harsh weather conditions not only constitutes a violation of animal welfare laws but is also a serious offense that endangers the well-being of the animal. Such actions are not tolerated by law enforcement agencies and the public at large.

It is imperative that pet owners are mindful of their responsibilities towards their animals and provide them with adequate care and shelter. Abandoning a pet, especially in extreme weather conditions, is a severe form of neglect that may lead to severe harm or even death of the animal.

Authorities will continue to monitor this case and take appropriate legal action against Mr. Lombardi. It is hoped that this incident serves as a reminder to pet owners to treat their animals with compassion and responsibility.

According to a statement from the Scituate Police Department, Clyde, a 7-year-old pit bull mix, was allegedly locked inside an animal carrier, leaving him unable to seek shelter from the harsh weather conditions.

This neglectful act may have resulted in significant harm to the animal and has led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for the dog’s owner, Richard Lombardi of Cranston, Rhode Island.

The seriousness of this situation is compounded by the fact that Clyde was left without adequate protection in freezing temperatures, a situation that could have resulted in severe injury or even death.

Such incidents highlight the importance of animal welfare laws and the need for pet owners to treat their animals with compassion and responsibility.

It is encouraging to hear that community members like Hailey Corsi, who witnessed the distressing situation, stepped up to help the animal in need.

Corsi’s decision to offer assistance to her neighbor and Clyde reinforces the value of community efforts to protect animals and encourages individuals to act responsibly towards animal welfare.

The Scituate Police Department will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate legal action against Mr. Lombardi, while also underscoring the critical importance of pet owners being responsible for the well-being of their animals.

Despite declining an on-camera interview with WJAR, a neighbor who found Clyde reported that the dog was happy and healthy, offering to foster the animal until the criminal charges against the owner are resolved. However, due to legal requirements, Animal Control needed to take custody of the dog.

In an interview with WJAR, Sheri Robinson of Hoofprint Farm in Scituate, Rhode Island, shared her experiences with a similar situation in the past. Four years ago, a Saint Bernard was abandoned in the area and found near Robinson’s driveway, half-dead and emaciated. Robinson took the initiative to care for the dog, eventually adopting her and naming her Merrimack. The community rallied around Robinson to help provide care and support for Merrimack.

Robinson expressed concern that history is repeating itself with the abandonment of Clyde, and despite being hesitant about pit bulls in the past, she has come around to the breed and offered to adopt the dog if no one claims him.

Such acts of kindness and compassion demonstrate the importance of community efforts to protect and care for animals in need. It is essential for individuals to act responsibly and contribute to the well-being of animals in their community.

The Scituate Police Department and Animal Control will continue to investigate the situation and take appropriate action to ensure that the animal is safe and receives the necessary care and attention.

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