Disney Now Has a Clothing Line So You Can Match Your Dog

Disney Dog Clothes

If you are on Instagram or Facebook, one trend that almost everyone has adopted is taking pictures in matching outfits. Whether it is the entire family, mother, and daughter or father and son photos, there is no denying that people have taken this new craze to a new level. Most people interpret it as a show of unity, especially when the pictures involve families while others are to portray love when couples have matching outfits. Whatever the reason that will drive you to spend hours shopping for matching outfits, everyone is entitled to do whatever makes them happy.

A dog has always been described as man’s best friend. As such, these four-legged animals have become part of the family. We take trips with our dogs, and if we cannot travel with them, then we have to make sure that someone is available to look after our best friends. It is no surprise that we treat their demise with such sorrow, and it hits us so hard that we have created support groups to help us deal with the loss. Being part of the family, we can only treat with them with as much love as they give us and if it means wearing matching outfits, so be it.

Disney now has a clothing line so you can match your dog thus heeding to this tight bond between man and canine. Metro UK gives us all the details which we have summed up below.

What dogs are included in the range of clothes?

Consumers can be a bit selective, but that is what makes us different. One person would kill to have a poodle while another cannot think of owning anything but a Labrador retriever. Disney has catered to our preference, and as always it goes back to the classic films that include dogs. For instance, if you have ever watched Pocahontas, then you must have noticed Percy. Or maybe the 101 Dalmatians with Cruella Devil was more your kind of movie. Disney has featured the 101 Dalmatians, Pocahontas’ Percy, Lady and The Tramp dogs that ended up falling in love as well as Max from Little Mermaid. Even the Golden Retriever from “Up” has been included in the extensive range to ensure everyone’s taste has been met.

Types of clothes in the collection

If you are into jerseys then you will find, according to People, the baby blue spirit matching sweaters for you and your pet an item worth buying. The one meant for you has a quote from Dug on its back reading, “I just met you, and I love you.” The one on the dog’s jersey has the word “Squad” stitched on its back, referring to the group of dogs printed there too. Moreover, if you love dressing up your dog in casual wear, then you will fall in love with the matching jeans included in the Disney collection. For that cold weather and you still want you and your canine to look awesomely cool, then the jackets and jumpers are what you need to get. When the time to go to bed comes, and your dog wants to cuddle with you, you can make those moments even more exciting by wearing a matching set of pajamas.

More than matching outfits

Disney Collection unveiled a fashion line, and most people would assume that it is all about getting matching clothes. They could not be more wrong because as we know, Disney always has all the bases covered. In this case, the selection is not limited to clothes only. You can get matching accessories too, and perhaps one of the things most homeowners will be after are the Fleece throw, and Max throw pillow. With such products within your reach, you can be sure your winter days will no longer threaten your health.

Dog owners who also have their pets feeding out of their plates will be glad to know that Disney has gone all out in ensuring that they have matching bowls and mugs. With that, your pet will be thrilled when you pour some dog food in a bowl that looks exactly like the one from which you are eating your cereal.

Some dogs also tend to have a fashion sense and will only go for what they consider good-looking. As a result, Disney has come up with a beautiful dog collar that matches a bracelet for the owner. At least in case, your dog decides to wander away all you have to do is ask someone if they have seen a dog with a collar that matches your bracelet. It is no doubt that Disney has taken twinning to another level with all the accessories you can find.


You can love your pet to the moon and back, but unless you have money to cater for their needs, you will not be doing them a favor in keeping them and giving them sub-standard treatment. Love does not cost a thing, but at times, money smoothens things along; after all, you cannot feed and live on love. If you have ever bought some of the Disney products, then you know for a fact that the products do not come cheap, but they are worth it.

For you to twin with your four-legged friend, you can be sure to spend between $8 and $50, according to Hello Magazine. The prices differ depending on the size since. For instance, a human-size jersey goes for $59.95 while the pup-sized one sells at $24.95. The type of product also dictates the cost with a T-shirt going for$25 while a denim jacket will have you forking out $50. As for the accessories, a pet bowl set retails at $19.95 while a matching mug costs $14.95.

Where can you get yours?

While you may be in a hurry to get your matching outfits and accessories, Disney launched the collection on July 29, 2019, meaning that the merchandise is yet to be well distributed. However, you can still shop online from the Disney shop or go to a Disney store near you.

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