Senior Dog Adopted Then Abandoned is Tied to a Rail 48 Hours Later

Whenever a dog arrives at an animal shelter, the primary aim is always to find them a forever home. When the dog is eventually adopted, they hope that the dog now has a happy and loving home in which they can live for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, there are various reasons why this does not happy and a dog is returned to a shelter following adoption. Sadly, this is exactly what happened to an 11-year-old dog called Max. I Heart Dogs describes how he was originally brought to an animal shelter when his family was moving away from the area. Unable to take their dog with them, they dropped him off at the shelter in the hope that someone would adopt him and that he would go on to enjoy a new life in a loving environment.

It wasn’t long before the volunteers were able to find Max a new home because he was a fit and healthy dog with an excellent personality. When they found him a new home, everyone believed that Ma had been given a second chance in life. Just two days later, the neighbor of one of the volunteers who had cared for Max saw the poor dog abandoned. He was tied to railings in the cold, and she recognized him straight away. The woman instantly got in touch with her neighbor to find out whether she should take him back to The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia (ACCT Philly) where he had been cared for just days earlier.

The volunteer that the woman contacted was Monica S. da Costa. She wrote on her Facebook page that she had been devastated to wake up to a message from her neighbor saying that they had found Max abandoned and tied to railings. Monica instantly recognized Max from the photographs and knew that she had to help him. She did not want to return Max to the shelter as she knew that there was a risk that they would euthanize the dog. She also knew that she could not keep the dog in her home in the long-term as she already had several animals. However, the need to prevent him from being euthanized was more important than her home circumstances, so she decided to take Max to her home.

Although she did not return Max to the shelter, she did let them know about the situation. They tried to contact the people who had adopted Max but were unsuccessful. Therefore, nobody knows what led them to abandon the dog so soon after they had agreed to adopt him. This is something that remains a mystery. Monica wasn’t the only person who was distraught about the situation. Someone else who was devastated was Marianna Schreiner. She is one of the volunteers who support the ACCT Philly Pen Pal Program. This is a program that was established in 2009, and it involves volunteers being paired with the long-term residents of the shelter who are suffering from kennel stress.

The volunteers then work with the dogs one one-to-one basis, and one aspect of the training is socialization. Another part of the volunteers’ roles is to match thee dogs with a foster carer and to conduct follow-up sessions with the dog. The dog to whom Marianna was assigned was Max. She was so upset by the situation and so determined that he would find another home that she set up a Go Fund Me page. The aim of this was to raise $2,000 for Max’s care and to help him find a forever home. The page caught the attention of many dog lovers, and donations were soon flooding in.

On the page, Marianna added Monica’s original post about the dog being abandoned. Marianna also added some information to explain to people his story so far and why it is important that he does not return to the shelter. Another post that has been added to the page is the Facebook post that was posted by ACCT Philly when they were originally looking for a new home for Max. In that post, Max was described as a loving, active, and playful dog who is a people pleaser. The post goes on to say that Max loves long walks, going for a run, and playing with tennis balls in the yard.

Now, Max is currently living in a foster home to avoid being returned to a shelter and euthanized. Marianna and Monica are desperate to help him find a new home with a comfortable bed where he will feel happy and loved. They believe that he really deserves a third chance of happiness and to feel part of a family. Unfortunately, the search is ongoing to find him a new home, but they certainly haven’t given up hope. They know that somebody is out there who can welcome him into their home. Sadly, his age is against him as people often prefer younger dogs. Monica and Marianna would argue that this should not put somebody off adopting him, as he is far from a geriatric dog. He is full of life and loves getting involved with active pursuits.

It is hoped that despite his rough life, Max will enjoy the happy ending to his story that he deserves. Although it is very sad that his first family had to give him up due to their house move, their actions were understandable due to the circumstances. What is less easy to understand is how somebody could adopt him only to abandon him just days later. As the person who adopted him has not been in contact, it is impossible to know their reasons for these actions. All that can happen now is to move on from this incident and hope that Max is lucky enough to finally have the security of a forever home.

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