Man Digs His Trapped Dog Out of a Hole with His Bare Hands

Anyone who has never owned a dog cannot possibly understand the relationship between a dog and its owner. Most dog owners consider their pet a member of the family, and they would do almost anything to keep them safe and well. An example of a dog owner who was willing to go the extra mile for their pet is Alan Whittle, who came to the rescue of his dog in an unexpected situation. I Heart Dogs tells how Whitton and his dog Mitzi, a Jack Russel Terrier, went out one day for a walk. They took their usual route through Knighton Wood in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England, which is where they go for a walk every day and their walks usually passed uneventfully. However, on this particular day, their walk almost ended in tragedy.

As they were walking along, a Bassett Hound suddenly appeared and began to chase Mitzi. Whitton and Mitzi became separated, and Mitzi did not return. Whitton spent hours looking for his dog, but his efforts were to no avail. He even went home to get his wife and two children to help with the search. When darkness fell, Whitton and his family were forced to suspend their search for the night. The following day, his search resumed. In the hope that a passerby or fellow dog walker might see Mitzi while they were out, Whitton spread the word about his dog’s disappearance. He also put up posters and posted about his missing dog on his Facebook page. Initially, it appeared that these were also unsuccessful strategies to find the dog as nobody had seen her.

Although Whitton did not give up hope of being reunited with his dog, he became desperate when the hours she had been missing turned into days, says The Daily Mail. Then, Whitton received a phone call from a woman who had been out walking her own dog. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she could hear a dog whimpering down a foxhole. She had first heard the noise after her dog had begun sniffing around the entrance to the hole. The woman believed that it was possible that Mitzi had become trapped in the hole.

As soon as he received the phone call, Whitton dashed off to see if Mitzi was indeed in the hole. Just in case his dog was in the foxhole, Whitton had taken along some of Mitzi’s toys in the hope that he could use them to entice her back to the surface. When he arrived at the hole, Whitton began squeaking Mitzi’s favorite toy next to the entrance. Immediately, Mitzi whimpered in response. However, the dog showed no sign of emerging, so Whitton had to think of what he could do next to rescue his dog.

Whitton couldn’t reach far enough into the hole to get her out, so he adopted a new approach to his rescue attempt. He began frantically digging around the hole with his bare hands to try and make the hole large enough to free Mitzi. Passersby began to take notice of Whitton’s plight, and a few got down on their hands and knees to help him dig. One bystander even began to video the rescue mission on their phone. The video of the rescue has since gone viral.

Whitton and his helpers were digging for more than two hours before they were eventually able to see Mitzi. Once he was able to get his arms in to rescue her, Whitton scooped up the little dog and cradled her in his arms. He hugged her tightly before bursting into tears of joy and relief. Finally, his beloved dog was safe. This was a moment that also touched those who had helped and the small group of bystanders that had gathered. When the dog first emerged from the ground, everyone erupted into excited cheers and a round of applause.

Following the traumatic incident, Whitton took Mitzi straight to the vet to have her checked over. The Jack Russell Terrier was given a thorough examination, during which she had several ticks removed. Other than the ticks, Mitzi was given a clean bill of health. Although she was a little traumatized by the incident, Mitzi is now completely healthy. As a result of this incident, Whitton decided to buy a GPS tracker for his dog. The main benefit of these devices is that if your pet goes missing, you have a simple and effective way of tracking their location. This increases the chance of you successfully reuniting with your dog and getting to them in plenty of time if they are in a dangerous situation, says Trackimo.

If Whitton had one of these for Mitzi before she became stuck in the foxhole, he would have found her and started his rescue mission earlier and got Mitzi to safety much faster. Having the GPS collar has given Whitton some reassurance that the same incident will not happen ever again. Whitton has since spoken about the ordeal of Mitzi going missing. He has described it as a terrible time, although he did not give up hope of finding his beloved dog. He had only had the dog for just over a year. Whitton had adopted her just after the death of his last dog, Tinker. He could not bear the thought of losing another dog so soon. The relief he experienced when he pulled her from the hole was overwhelming.

Describing the actions that he took to rescue his dog, Whitton has said that he would have gone to any lengths to make sure she got out of the foxhole safe and sound. She is an important part of his family, and he was just glad that the dog made it home safe and sound after the ordeal. Whitton is extremely grateful to all those who took the time to help him rescue Mitzi on that terrible day.

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