Ten Amazing Dogs Saving Humans Rescue Stories


I think it is easy to forget about just how much dogs benefit our lives. Not only do they give us love and loyalty, but sometimes, with some dogs, they are willing to risk their own lives to save ours. I know you see the title of this article and think we are talking about stories where humans rescued dogs from near death, but that is not the case. Actually, we are switching it up on you and presenting you with twelve examples of the dogs saving the humans.

Also, it’s important to understand, that these are specific and literal examples. But if you stop to ponder dogs and the love they give us, we all realize dogs rescue us each and every day. They rescue us with their love. They rescue us with their loyalty. The rescue us by breaking us away from the tedium of our regular lives and showing us that no matter how bad life gets, they are there to love us. You know those moments when you are feeling really low, and your dog walks into the room and licks your face? Even in simple situations like that, the dog is rescuing you.

But, we wanted to look at more specific examples, so here are twelve amazing dog rescue stories, where the dogs rescued the humans. (Image via Thinkstock)

Pit Bull Saves Woman From Oncoming Train: I have an idea. How about we send this exact video to every person who says Pit Bulls are evil, vicious breeds?

How about we send them this dog rescue video, and they can see how this woman was about to get killed, and were it not for a Pit Bull, she would have. Sounds like a scene from a film, but is actually a true story.

Pit Bull Saves Family From Fire: Or how about we send the anti-Pit Bull people this video?

The woman is on the second floor of the house, unaware the house is even on fire. Cue Kane, her Pit Bull, who runs up and starts going a little crazy to alert her. She figures it out, and they all get out safely moments before the entire house in engulfed in flames. I really hope Kane got a big, juicy steak the next time he sat down for dinner! He deserves it.

9 Month Old Dog Saves Family: Another unintentional Pit Bull story. Wow, the more we look into this, the more we are seeing just how brave and loyal these dogs are. In this case, the dog, Onyx, was only nine months old (how many nine month old humans you know that saves lives? lol) and ended up getting 30% of his body burned making sure the family got out of the house.

This one’s for people who say the dogs only warn families as an instinct to save themselves. Nope, in this example (and many likes it) the dog almost died, and most likely would have, just to save the family he loves. Take comfort knowing Onyx has since fully recovered and now lives with the constant “hero” status he deserves.

Dog Saves Allergic Boy From Swarm of Aggressive Bees: You hear a lot of dog rescue stories about fires and things of that nature, but you don’t realize just how far reaching some of these dog’s bravery really is.

In this example, young Richie was stung in the foot, and his dog immediately came over and distracted the bees, taking many stings himself, just so Richie could get into the house before getting stung any more (and potentially, dying). How amazing is that?

Stray Dog Saves Veteran From Attacker: In this example, Scar the dog had befriended the soldier a few days earlier. When it came time for the soldier to go outside of the camp, Scar followed. Good thing because Peter (the solider) was confronted by a potentially deadly assailant who had a hidden weapon and some ill intentions.

Thankfully, Scars growled and stood his ground, alerting Peter to the danger and potentially saving his life. Now Peter and his wife have adopted Scar, and they can thank the wonderful dog for his dog rescue (human rescue) daily by giving him back the love he showed to Peter that fateful day.

Dog Saves Dying Baby: This is a great story because Duke the dog was a rescue dog that this family gave a second chance to. So how did Duke thank them?

By waking them up one night when their baby had stopped breathing. This prompted a 9-11 call that ended up saving the baby’s life and proving that Duke the dog was the truest definition of a hero.

See, give rescue dogs a chance. You never know what they will do to repay you.

Dog Found In Trash Ends Up Being Miracle: Though the start of the tale (tail!) is sad, trust us, this is all about the happy ending.

They found Jack in the trash. Someone had thrown this dog away, literally. Though it is heart breaking, The Peters family adopted the dog and gave it a home. Little did they know how magical it would be. The long story short is that Jack can sense when the daughter, Maya, is about to have a seizure, and can warn the little girl and her parents.

On many occasions, this has led to him saving Maya’s life. Funny to think some people don’t realize just how inexplicably miraculous dogs can be. Jack stands as a testimony to that. A dog rescue story at its most miraculous.

Dog Saves Girl From Snake: The dog’s name may be Psycho, but he only shows that when necessary. Like the time his owner was playing and a snake came out of nowhere looking to attack her. What did Psycho do?

He lunged between the girl and dog, taking the bites that were meant for the girl. Though he was injured, he survived, and ended up being branded a doggie hero by all.

Heck, even the new did a segment about him. Seriously, the most adorable “Psycho” we have ever seen.

Dog Saves and Protects Abandoned Newborn: Police think that the dog, Cheena, may have heard the cries of an abandoned newborn and brought the baby over with his own pups, which alerted some neighbors.

Some say the baby would have never even survived half the night were it not for Cheena’s protective instincts.

Weiner Dog Sacrifices Own Life To Save Humans From Bears: Wow, this one is sort of sad because little Bradley did not survive his bites. But the owners truly believe that were it not for Bradlley, jumping up and attacking the bear, the bear would have mauled them.

I truly believe you could not find a more heroic note to end on. I hope we just redefined the term dog rescue for you, because we know we sure did for us. Remember, share the love by sharing the article!

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