‘Miracle Dog’ Recovering After Being Stranded for Days on Detroit River

When a dog is abandoned by its owner, it is left without love, food, or shelter. It also puts the dog at risk of injury and ill-health. In these situations, it is left to people such as those who work in animal shelters to pick up the pieces and do their best to nurse a dog back to health. It puts a huge strain on animal shelters’ finances and resources, as they must provide the care, shelter, and food the dog needs to recover while also footing the bill for any necessary medical costs. Fortunately, many animal lovers are willing to donate money to support the shelters’ work, and this can make a significant difference to the recovery of abandoned animals. Thanks to kindhearted donors, a dog abandoned on the riverside in Detroit is now able to make his journey back to health and find a new forever home.

Rescuing Alfonso

According to Detroit News, a dog called Alfonso by his rescuers was found on a Detroit River Island recently. The dog was initially discovered by a boater from Windsor, Ontario, who found him along the river close to the John D. Dingell Park in Ecorse. A rescue operation ensued that involved the efforts of emergency services from both Canadians and Americans, as the rescue efforts took place on both sides of the Detroit River. BASF Corp., LaSalle Fire Services, and several other groups helped with the rescue. However, Woodhaven Mayor Patricia Odette revealed that Jude Meade of J & J Marine in Windsor, Ontario, eventually rescued Alfonso.

It is believed that someone had abandoned the one-year-old male dog at the riverside four days earlier. During that time, he had suffered outside in freezing temperatures and without food. As the dog struggled to survive, he had attempted to trek through snow and ice along the river before becoming stranded on the river island. Some eyewitnesses claimed they had seen a coyote chasing a dog along the river, which might explain how Alfonso ended up stranded on the island and unable to escape.

The Care Alfonso Received at the Animal Hospital and Shelter

Following the rescue operation, Alfonse was taken for urgent treatment at Woodhaven Animal Hospital. Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures and the stress of the ordeal had taken their toll on Alfonso. When he arrived, his fur was matted from trekking through the ice and snow. Therefore, the staff was forced to shave off most of his fur to treat him. He was also suffering from dehydration and frostbite to his paws. Furthermore, the dog had developed pancreatitis. One of the first things the staff needed to do was to raise Alfonso’s internal body temperature. To do so, the staff wrapped him in a blue and beige sweater and a blanket to keep him warm. The staff posted a video of him wearing his sweater on their Facebook page.

Further steps were needed to get Alfonso back up and on his feet. According to the Animal Resource Funding Association, Alfonso underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He was also on IV fluids and pain medication to relieve the symptoms of his pancreatitis. Despite still receiving treatment for pancreatitis and the frostbite to his paws, Alfonso so was soon able to walk around. Therefore, he was transferred to River Rouge Animal Shelter to continue getting better and to receive some much-needed love and attention from the shelter’s staff.

The Amazing Help from Kind-Hearted Donors

Taking care of Alfonso has been expensive, as he has needed several forms of treatment to help him make a full recovery. As he is now at the shelter, it will cost further money for his care. Fortunately, many kindhearted people in the local area have responded to pleas from the animal hospital and the shelter to help Alfonso recover. So far, the shelter has received a staggering $10,000 in donations, which is more than enough to cover the cost of Alfonso’s care and treatment. However, the extra money will not go to waste, as there are plenty more animals in need living in the shelter, and more will come in the future. The shelter will use any money left over from the donations towards the cost and treatment for other dogs that arrive at the shelter. It is a desperately needed financial boost for the shelter.

What Happens for Alfonso Now?

Although Alfonso’s story has appeared on social media and has received local press coverage, nobody has come forward to claim him, so his former owner’s identity remains unknown. It leads staff to believe that his owner deliberately abandoned him. Unless his owner comes forward, Alfonso will need a new place to call home, and the shelter staff will begin their search to find the perfect family for him. Unlike some less fortunate dogs, it seems that Alfonso will not have long to wait before somebody wants to take him home, as the shelter has already received numerous inquiries from people who are willing to adopt him. The shelter staff is giving his owner the chance to come forward first. If that does not happen, they will begin the vetting process to find the most suitable home for Alfonso.

Alfonso is one of the lucky ones who has a lot in his favor. First, he is a young dog, and most people who adopt from shelters prefer a younger animal. Second, his dramatic story has received coverage, highlighting his plight and attracting potential new families. Finally, he is a small dog with a good temperament, both of which are features that attract new owners. Sadly, the shelters remain full of dogs less fortunate, who do not have a queue of people wanting to adopt them, such as older dogs and those with health problems. Hopefully, they will soon have people who want to take them home.

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