Dog Sprains Tail from Too Much Wagging During COVID-19 Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine has brought new circumstances to people all over the world. Society has faced many challenges both big and small in the past couple of weeks. Not everyone is adjusting to being locked inside or separated from society during the quarantine. However, it seems that one pup is a little too happy about the newfound circumstances. With all this additional time with their owner, 7-year old Rolo has found himself in an unusual circumstance. As a matter of fact, it is hard to think of a case more unique than this. The pup has injured himself from wagging his tail too much! Rolo isn’t used to having his owner around this much, and he has been elated to the point of injuring himself. With all the extra attention it seems that the curious dog has sprained his tail out of an overabundance of tail-wagging.

A Curious and Happy Pup

The episode came to light last week when the owner, Emma Smith, posted the entire story on Twitter. The tale quickly caught fire on the internet as the pooch was shown limp-tailed and demur. It was clear that his tail had stopped working! Emma was quite disturbed at first as the otherwise exuberant dog’s tail had suddenly gone limp. It looked quite strange as he pranced around and went through his day-to-day activities with no functioning tail. The concern was enough to warrant a trip to the veterinarian’s office in order to find out what was wrong. This is no easy task during a quarantine. However, the vet did come back with good news. The limp tail was simply a result of a sprain of overuse. It was clear what had happened to the owner- the pup had been so excited by having them around more that it had injured its tail by wagging too much!

With all the negative stories going around about the coronavirus, it is no surprise that this particular story took the internet by storm. It was not long before this story was being shared everywhere on the web. It was nice to see a happy story for a change, given that most of the other tales have contained nothing but doom and gloom. Many people have not liked being cooped up under the unusual circumstances. As a matter of fact, many refuse to stop going into public spaces. Social distancing is a tall order for some people, particularly when dogs love to be walked and taken outside. It’s no surprise that this has been a hard time adjusting for almost all of us. Though it is good to see that some are getting along just fine. The only question remains is to whether Rolo will tone down his tail-wagging or not based on this new reality.

When Will Life Go Back to Normal?

The main question on everyone’s mind is when thing will get back to normal. Unfortunately, it is tough to say at this point. Some have predicted that the quarantine period will go on for a matter of months. Many of us have had to make big sacrifices during this self-quarantined time. Hopefully this is not too much of a sacrifice for Rolo, who will hopefully have his tail restored to health in no time. It’s not every day that you see a pooch that has a sprained tail from wagging too much, but things seem to be getting more unusual by the day. Many are hoping that things go back to normal soon, but we are still waiting to see what Rolo thinks of the entire situation. He is clearly happy that his owner is home more, but he needs to adjust his behavior accordingly. You can only wag your tail so much before you risk your own health.

It is an unfortunate truth that pets have borne a large share of the brunt during COVID-19 pandemic. In some cases in China people had to abandon their pets entirely in order to get treatment. Thankfully people from all over the country have stepped up and helped to get these pets food and water. It is important that we avoid a similar fate in the States. Rolo and his owners will serve as good inspiration for getting things back to normal. As for now, many people are adjusting to their new lives. The hope is that this disaster is over soon. The good news is that many pets still are able to go on walks and get some fresh air. Being cooped up all day is not just hard on humans, but their pets too. It is important to develop a routine to make sure that your pets are getting plenty of special care during this time.

Making the Best of It

While this is a time of adjustment for all of us. There are plenty of things that you can still do with your pets to help pass the time. Finding new ways to get creative with your pet is instrumental in getting through this period. A recent viral video even showed someone playing tic-tac-toe with their cat. New and fun ways of interacting with our pets could make our stays at home more enjoyable. For the health and happiness of the entire community, it is important that we continue to be adaptable in these difficult times. Stories like Rolo the dog can help to remind us of what is important and keep us sane during this period of extended isolation. It is a shame that we don’t all have a ‘Rolo’ to come home to. This is a great time to appreciate your pets and the people around you. While many first responders and doctors are on the front lines, we can help to do our part by not spreading and staying inside.

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