Firefighters Rescue a Dog Who Gets His Head Stuck in a Tree Stump

Tree Stump

Dogs are playful animals, but sometimes, they take their adventure too far, and it has adverse consequences. One dog in Wilton learned his lesson about chasing other animals. After getting stuck in a tree stump, the only thing he might be chasing for a long time will be his tail. Luckily he lived to keep his owner company after firefighters were called to lend a hand. Let’s get into the details of how it all happened.

Getting stuck in a tree stump

On October 5, 2019, one dog eager to get a breath of fresh air and exercise went on a walk with his owner. The dog noticed a chipmunk and decided to chase it, perhaps hoping to impress his owner with his excellent hunting skills. The chipmunk proved to be too clever for the dog since he ran, and the dog chased it down. Unfortunately for the dog, his head got stuck in a tree stump, and as much as he tried saving himself, he could not.

Calling for help

The dog’s owner immediately sprang into action to try and pull his dog out, but his efforts were useless. He, therefore, asked the passers-by to help save his dog’s life, but they all could not get the dog’s head out of the tree. Even a Fire Lieutenant from Stamford who was enjoying his day off attempted to rescue the dog with no success. Finally, with no one else to turn to, it was time to tell those equipped with the right equipment and experience to come and rescue a dog stuck in a tree stump. The call to Emergency Services was made at 11.51 am, and when firefighters arrived, they were faced with the risk of killing the dog while trying to rescue him. It seems like the dog had woken up on the wrong side of the bed if animals ever do. Besides being stuck in the tree stump, a branch was hanging loosely above the dog such that with any careless movement, it would fall and cause a fatal accident. The firefighters hence did as much as possible to keep the tree stable since it was old, and slight movement would lead to its collapse. With the risk of fatality determined, the firefighters went to work by chipping away the tree’s roots with battery-operated hydraulic tools.

Dog gets rescued

It took three people to save the dog. After clearing the root, the Fire Lieutenant from Wilton pushed the dog’s head down. At the same time, a rescuer was lifting the dog while another was pulling on the dog’s leash. The dog came out fine, but maybe the accident was one way of saving the dog from the chipmunk. Chipmunks are usually infested with dangerous parasites. Hence pet owners are advised to visit a veterinarian if the pets kill chipmunks.

It is not the first dog to get stuck in a tree

Dogs have always enjoyed the thrill of a good chase, and in the 1960s, one dog chased an animal up the trunk of a hollow tree. The excitement of catching the animal must have impaired the dog’s ability to reason because he kept going up the hollow trunk, which was narrow at the top. By the time the dog realized his stupidity, it was too late, so he waited for his death. As published on All That’s Interesting, the dog was found more than five decades later, surprisingly as a mummy. As experts tried to explain, other animals could not smell it from high up in the hollow trunk; hence, it was not eaten. The lack of decay was also fascinating, but there were explanations for that too. Since the dog was stuck in a chestnut oak that produces tannins, the chemicals prevented the animal from decomposing.

Further, the body was sheltered from the rain, and since moisture is essential in speeding up the decaying process, the carcass remained intact. Besides, the hollow trunk acted as a vacuum facilitating an even drier environment to enable mummification. After its discovery by loggers, the mummy, now called “Stuckie,” has found its permanent home in Southern Forest World Museum. In another case in Florida, one dog, Sailor, decided it was time to go an adventure in the woods. She, therefore, ran away from her owner but ended up in the base of a tree. The dog remained there until dog owners who were walking their dog heard the faint whimpers of the trapped dog as they passed by. They called the Emergency services from Port Orange city, who sent firefighters as well as police to the scene to help save Sailor. Sailor was acting frantically. Since that could have endangered her life as the rescuers used the heavy equipment to save her, she had to be sedated by a vet, Dr. Malensek. Sailor was rescued and taken to Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic, where her owners were waiting to be reunited with her. After such an experience, it is unlikely that Sailor ever strayed away from her owners again.

Even humans get stuck in trees

You would expect that animals get stuck inside trees. However, for a man who boasts of being the most intelligent creature on the face of the earth also to be trapped, it is shocking. Nevertheless, it happens, and one incident displays that even humans can make the most stupid decisions. In a creek in Laguna Hills, Orange County eight years ago, one man decided to see if he could fit inside a hollow tree trunk. He put his body up to his chest in the trunk, but when he tried to get out, he could not. The man started screaming for help, which prompted people to report to Emergency Services.

According to Daily Mail, the Sherriff’s deputies responded only to find a man whose only visible parts were his hands and head. He did not reveal what he was trying to accomplish by getting in a tree that ran five or four feet underground. Luckily, after 90 minutes, he was freed at noon with no injuries.

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