Injured Pit Bull Rescued From Dumpster After Being Literally Thrown Out Like Trash

It is deeply concerning that a dog was found in a dumpster in Warren, Ohio, seemingly having been discarded like trash. The dog appeared to be shaken and injured, leading to concern for its well-being.

The discovery raises questions about the heartless individual responsible for this act and whether the dog was given the opportunity for a happy life.

Thankfully, the animal control officer, Jason Onatz, has reassured that assistance was readily available for those unable to care for their pets.

“It is deeply troubling that someone would do this. There are numerous options for surrendering a pet, including contacting the Trumbull County Dog Pound, the Welfare League, or simply reaching out to me.”

To this day, authorities are actively seeking to identify and hold accountable the person responsible for this grave offense. It appears that the dog had not received the necessary care and was found to be underweight and experiencing pain, with hind legs that were not functioning properly.

Furthermore, the dog had both fresh and old wounds on its body, which raises additional concerns about the circumstances it was subjected to. It is imperative that the full extent of the law be applied in this case.

The dog was not only in shock but his hind legs weren’t working property.  He was immediately taken to the vet. 

Upon being rescued, the dog was promptly transported to a veterinarian for a thorough examination. The vet confirmed that the dog had suffered from a range of issues, including infected wounds on its limbs, neck, and back, as well as a broken canine tooth that required extraction.

X-rays were also scheduled to diagnose the issue with the dog’s hind legs. It is fortunate that the dog received prompt medical attention and is now receiving the care it needs.

Thankfully the dog is in great care these days. 

Thanks to AWLTrumbull for making the rescue!


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