Underweight Pit Bull Found In An Abandoned Apartment Has Incredible Transformation

This story highlights the range of human behavior, from neglect and cruelty to care and compassion. Daenerys, a female pit bull, experienced both ends of this spectrum.

When she was found in an abandoned apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, she was severely emaciated, weighing only 24 lbs when a healthy female pit bull should weigh at least 37 lbs. Fortunately, she was rescued just in time and has made a full recovery under the care of her foster care worker, Tara.

Daenerys, or Miss D, as she is affectionately known, has now found a forever home and is thriving. However, it is important to remember the challenges and suffering Miss D faced before finding the love and care she deserved.

Thank you Tara for this story and these incredible photos!

Say hello to Daenerys who was found in an abandoned apartment

It’s hard to believe Daenerys only weighed 24 lbs when she was found.  Even the outline of her ribs are showing.

Remember, a healthy adult female Pit Bull should weigh around 37 lbs. 

She’s also incredibly dirty.  No doubt from neglect and God knows what else. 

Thankfully a foster care worker named Tara rescued Daenerys and took her in.

Tara provided the pittie with food, shelter, blankets, and most importantly the love Daenerys needed to thrive. 

At this point in the rescue, Daenerys couldn’t even stand on her own.  It took her 5 days to do so.

Daenerys was steadily gaining 1-2 lbs a day. 

She eventually weighed 57 lbs.

Later in the recovery Daenerys even began to swim in a local lake. 

Even Jaws would be proud of her!

Miss D was now ready for adoption.

She was driven from Arizona to Colorado to meet her new potential foster parents. 

Her new foster parent Justine, had this to say (via Bored Panda)

“As you can see from the post, some horrible person left her to die. Our story began when her first video on the Dodo popped up on my Facebook feed. I had been looking to adopt a dog for several months but there just wasn’t one that ‘spoke to me.’ The moment I saw her video, I knew she was the one. I put in an application. The foster mom (@tarasfostersaz) reached out to me via email, then we had a phone conversation. They wanted Miss D (they named her Daenarys) to go to a home with no other pets and preferably older children. I had neither. The foster mom then discussed my application with the rescue owner (@bbshonorallbreedrescue). I then had a phone conversation with her. They decided they would allow me to adopt her pending an onsite visit. They drove her all the way from Arizona to Colorado! They are such dedicated people that they said if I met her and didn’t want to keep her, they would turn around and take her back to Arizona. However, I was instantly in love with this dog.”

Miss D LOVES car rides!

“Miss D loves to ride in the car more than anything and I take her just about everywhere I go. She is so happy to go into Lowe’s and Home Depot and she is sure that everyone wants to pet her. She is also so happy to run free in open spaces.”

It was recommended that Miss D be the only pet in her new household. 

Who actually did the rescuing?  Justine thinks it was the other way around.

“While I may have adopted her, she is the one who has rescued me. You see, I just got out of a marriage to a man who was an alcoholic and very destructive. I was shattered and was struggling with life. Miss D has given me a whole new life full of joy. She is the rescued rescuer.”

Here’s Miss D with one of her favorite toys, a plushy.

She really can’t get enough of them!

That is one happy dog!

Sweet Dreams from here on out. 

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