Neighbors Spot Starving Pit Bull Trapped Inside A Crumbling House

Lily Monet was in an unusual predicament that left amazed viewers spreading tons of praises to her saviors. Lily was a stray dog who found home in an abandoned house in St. Louis and spent her moments living in the deserted residence. She seemed content with her forever home until her life flashed before her when the entire basement was flooding due to the burst pipe, and she had to save her dear life; therefore, she opted to flee to the higher room to escape the flooded basement. Lily managed to get to the top floor of the house regardless of the several missing steps on the staircase. Yes, she did it, but little did she know that she had set a trap for herself and her life was in greater danger than earlier. It was not until she was on the top floor that her home started falling apart.

Unlucky Lily Stuck High Up in The Abandoned House

Trapped on the top floor, the poor 3-year-old puppy couldn’t find any way to get out. For weeks she was left alone in the abandoned crumbling house and suffered starvation while in the room. Of course, she couldn’t leave the room, let alone look for food. As time went by, Lily’s days became tough and rough. First, her expectation of finding a home after being homeless became worthless. The home failed to meet her anticipation of having a sense of safety. Notwithstanding starvation and those horrific moments in the lone room, Lily still managed to survive it all.

The Rescue of Lily Monet

The starved canine had already had enough, and I bet she couldn’t imagine having a better life ahead. It was as though death was paving its way toward her. Nobody noticed that she was trapped in the crumbling house because Lily was on the top floor, so getting help seemed impossible. But wait, all was not lost. Support came right at an opportune moment. A concerned neighbor who might have been residing in the area spotted the trapped pitbull from outside. Lily was peeking her head outside the window when the neighbor decided to call the Stray Rescue team immediately. Before long, the Stray Rescue team had already made their way to Lily’s place and were hatching a plan to get her out safely.

All About the Stray Rescue of St. Louis

The Stray Rescue of St Louis is an animal center in St. Louis, Missouri. Stray Rescue is a non-profit organization and a volunteer-based dog rescue organization formed in the 1990s. Stray Rescue’s sole mission is to save dogs, provide a humane environment for saved dogs and provide for their adoptive homes. It has friendly and dedicated staff and volunteers who at least give life to the lost, abused, and abandoned dogs. The fantastic work makes Stray Rescue a charitable team. Surprisingly, the founder of the Stray Rescue, Randy Grim, started rescuing dogs when he was only five. The love he had is what motivated him so much to build up a non-profitable home for the rescued dogs. The Stray also offers medical, emotional, and psychological attention to the rescued dogs apart from rehabilitating them. According to Guidestar, the charitable work is impressive and worth being accredited.

Lily Monet’s Rescue Operation by The Stray Rescue Team

Soon after the rescue mission was hatched, the Stray Rescue team was willing to walk into this seemingly dangerous house to save Lily’s dear life. The rescuers made their way across the bridge they had created because it would serve as a navigator and fill the missing steps of the staircase, and soon enough, they could reach the top floor where Lily was trapped. According to Fox2now, all this time, Lily had managed to stay calm, though terrified. She was looking forward to a rescuer and had to stay there without moving. The process took more than an hour, and as hard as it may seem, they could locate and rescue Lily. The brevity and determination of the Stray Rescue team warmed the hearts of the neighbors waiting for the team and Lily to get out of the house alive and safe.

The Adoption of Lily

Lily’s trust in the Stray Rescue team was such a love bug since the moment of the rescue at the dilapidated house. A strong bond of trust and love was formed. The Stray Rescue was not only a dedicated crew with a fixed mission but also a team willing to risk their lives just for Lily. After the rescue, Lily was taken to the Stray Rescue home, where she was welcomed and immediately given medical attention and the name Lily. A time was set for her to recover from the trauma she had experienced earlier. According to Shelterluv, a lot of netizens were willing to adopt her at all costs and give her a home and a deserving life after she was ready for adoption. Among all, a loving and generous family managed to take her in. And this was all that Lily needed.

The Deserving Current Life of Lily

If you bumped into Lily Monet right now, you’d hardly believe she was once a homeless terrified skinny dog trapped in an abandoned crumbling house. The new family that adopted her ensured that she had a great life that she deserved and lived it to the fullest. Lily’s joyful and appreciative personality made the family adore her; apparently, they are head over heels about this pretty dog. Lily’s life changed drastically, and now she is a spoilt dog as she is showered with all the love, attention, and care by her awesome mommy and daddy, who adopted her. There is quite a transformation in Lily’s skin and bones.

Salutations To Lily Monet’s Saviors

The Stray Rescue team and Lily’s family have received tons of gratitude from viewers who saw the horrific rescue mission to save Lily. The pibble has now found her forever home and is showered with the love and attention she deserves. The rescue was a turning point for the pretty Pit bull, who is now living her best life at the new home—no more crumbling house for Lily. And gratefully, Lily’s story had a happy ending.

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