Rescue Dog Loses Back Paws: Gets Adopted by Detective with Prosthetic Leg


Have you heard the story of Chloe, the nine-year old Shih Tzu who had to have her back paws partially amputated? Obviously, this story has some heartbreaking elements to it, but the most important thing is that it has a happy ending. It all comes down to her meeting someone who is just like her and the two of them bonding so much that the decision was made for them to spend a lifetime together.

Chloe’s Story

It all started with a call to a house in California earlier this year, where a neighbor had reported that two dogs were being treated inhumanely. Officers arrived to find Chloe and another dog in horrible conditions with both of their back paws tightly wrapped with bandages. When they inquired about the reason for the bandages, Chloe’s former owner stated that it was because both dogs tended to scratch and he applied the bandages to stop them from scratching with their back feet. This seems odd, even under the best of circumstances. However, the story gets worse before it gets better. As it turns out, he wrapped their feet so tightly that he cut off the blood flow to their back feet, resulting in the need for veterinarians at the local Humane Society to partially amputate their feet in order to save their lives. It was a massive undertaking that the Humane Society was faced with, something that the veterinarians there say they had never had to face before. They performed the operation on both dogs and then set in for the lengthy recovery that would ultimately be involved. To take things a step further, they even decided to outfit Chloe with prosthetics so that she could live out the rest of her life in relative comfort. This involved another very long and technical operation, along with the need to find the right foster family who would be able to care for Chloe and her special needs. That is where her future owner, Detective Chappie Hunter, comes in.

Two Souls That Needed Each Other

Back in 2013, Detective Hunter was involved in a serious accident. That accident necessitated the need to amputate his left leg. Eventually, he was fitted with a prosthetic and even returned to work. However, he knows first-hand what it’s like to deal with the emotional trauma that is associated with having a leg amputated, not to mention having to learn how to navigate in this world after the fact. He admits that the prosthetic leg helps a great deal, but even with it, things don’t come as easily as they did before the accident, at least not from a physical perspective. He says that simple things like walking or running are often more difficult because of the prosthetic leg. He also mentioned that there’s a certain level of pain that is sometimes involved. As previously discussed, a lot of it comes down to the emotional side of things. It’s not always fun to stand out in a crowd because of a physical difference. He imagined that if he was feeling these things, poor Chloe must be struggling to understand what was happening in her world. Knowing that it’s not possible to explain things to a dog on the same level that it is to explain them to a human being, he was more determined than ever to make her transition as seamless as possible. That is precisely why he and his family decided to step up and foster her on a full-time basis until a suitable owner could be found to adopt her.

A Bond That Grows Stronger Every Day

Of course,It only stands to reason that spending that much time together as he and his family fostered Chloe, their bond continued to grow closer and closer. It wasn’t very long before the two of them had become so close that he seriously considered the possibility of adopting her himself. Eventually, he brought the prospect of adopting her permanently up to his family. Not surprisingly, everyone was in favor of adopting Chloe. According to Detective Hunter and his family, Chloe’s bubbly personality and sweet nature had them won over almost immediately. Getting to know her on a personal level, they have a great deal of trouble understanding how anyone could ever do anything that would potentially bring her harm. Despite her challenges, they also report that she is doing well and that she is finally happy and healthy.

A Special Understanding

According to Detective Hunter, he and Chloe have a special understanding with each other. Having been through something that relatively few individuals have to go through, they both experience similar challenges. Understandably, they both have good days and some days that aren’t so good. Knowing some of the special challenges involved with having a prosthetic, Detective Hunter is able to help Chloe when she’s having a rough day. By the same token, she never fails to lift his spirits when he needs a boost himself. Having a prosthetic leg himself also helps him better understand her medical needs as she gets older. At nine years old, she isn’t exactly a puppy anymore. Having an innate understanding of what it means to have a prosthetic helps him care for her at the highest level as she gets older and her needs change. This represents part of the very special relationship between the two of them. Perhaps the most special thing of all is that they help each other in all the best ways possible. According to Detective Hunter and his family, they received a very special gift the day they decided to foster Chloe. He’s over the moon that the decision was made to adopt her on a permanent basis. He says that the entire family absolutely adores her and she in return, adores them. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a match made in Heaven that started with a heartbreaking story. Fortunately for both Chloe and Detective Hunter, the story didn’t stay that way.

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