Studies Say Wine Consumption Improves the Lives of Shelter Dogs

Dog Wine

Scientific research has made breakthroughs in many areas of medicine. One area that has been the subject of multiple studies is the effect of alcohol on the human body. The results are rather mixed as it depends on what you drink and how often. On the one hand, excessive drinking is linked to liver disease, obesity, and depression. On the other hand, there are some studies that show that drinking wine occasionally has health benefits. According to Wide Open Eats, wine contains antioxidants, and this means that drinking wine could potentially reduce the risk of developing some cancers. Wine can also reduce the risk of stroke, heart disease, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it can boost the immune system and increase bone density.

Now, an even more surprising benefit of humans drinking wine has been discovered. According to I Heart Dogs, it has been proven that there is a direct correlation between humans drinking wine and an improvement in the lives of dogs living in shelters. This relates to a study that shows when humans who love dogs order a Rescue Pack from Winc, more high-quality dog food is sent to animal rescue shelter, thus reducing the number of hungry dogs. I Heart Dog has a history of supporting rescue shelters and a variety of animal charities. When someone purchases the products off their website, a percentage of the profits goes to an animal-related cause. They have now teamed with Winc, an online wine club.

Through this collaboration, Winc have begun to offer the Rescue Pack. This is a selection of three wines that have been carefully selected by the sommeliers at Winc. It includes a 2017 Les Bobos Grenache, a 2017 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon, and a 2018 Piu Gioia Pinot Grigio. So, how does buying this pack benefit dogs living in rescue shelters? When a customer orders the Rescue Pack, they will receive their three bottles of wine along with two acrylic wine cups and a fridge magnet that says ‘Every Dog Matters’. Every time one of these orders is placed, a rescue shelter receives 25 high quality dog meals.

This means that regardless of whether you have ordered the Rescue Pack for yourself or you are buying it as a gift for a friend, you are helping to prevent rescue dogs from getting hungry. While making sure dogs do not go hungry is the primary aim of this project, there are several other benefits for dogs. Studies show that dogs who are fed regularly are not only healthier, but they are also happier and more energetic. An additional benefit of this is that puppies and dogs who are not hungry appear happier and more playful have a greater chance of being adopted.

A further benefit is that rescue shelters who receive food from external sources then have more funds that they can spend on other things. For example, the money they have saved on buying food can go towards things like medical care and supplies for the shelter. Although the study is not scientific, the benefits are clear to see. In addition to the rescue pack, the rescue shelters will also benefit from any subscription to Wincs Wine Club. When you sign up for the club, you will instantly save $20. You are then asked six simple questions. This will help Wincs to customize your deliveries by allowing them to select wines that will suit your unique tastes.

After you have received each delivery, you can rate the wines you have received. Based on your feedback, Wincs can then customize your order further to ensure you continue receiving wines that suit your tastes. Each package you receive will showcase a different selection of wines. The benefit for the shelters is that they receive a further 25 dog meals for every subscription to the Wincs Wine Club. Therefore, there are benefits all round. You get good quality wines, Wincs gets more subscriptions, and the shelters get food to keep their dogs healthy and happy. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This is not the only way that I Heart Dogs helps dogs living in rescue shelters as they are involved in a number of projects that support dogs. If you take a look on their website, there is an update at the top of the page that tells you how many shelter meals they have donated to date and how many toys have been donated. It also tells you how much money has been raised for service dogs, disaster relief funds, and rescue miles. Furthermore, when you purchase a product from their website, they tell you exactly how much of the profits from your order are going toward one of their causes. This makes it the perfect place for dog lovers to shop for dog accessories and novelty dog products.

Not all the money goes towards projects that support rescue shelters, as they have many other interesting projects that are ongoing. One example is the Pets & Vets. This supports the brave soldiers that have returned from defending their country and who are suffering either physical or emotional injuries as a result of the time they have served. The project supports the training of companion dogs. A companion dog is a skilled form of a therapy dog that is trained to specifically support those who have emotional needs, such as anxiety. One condition from which many veterans suffer is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and companion dogs are proven to help those who suffer from this condition.

Once trained, companion dogs are paired with veterans. It is important to pair the right dog with the right veteran so that they can develop a close bond and a relationship built on trust. I Heart Dogs has a specific range of products that raise money for this cause as a percentage of the profits is given directly to the Pets & Vets project.

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