Dog Won’t Get Out of Bed but Shares it with Toddler

Sharing is caring, they say, but how many kids have you seen willingly share their toys, or better yet, teenagers willing to share their bedrooms with siblings? It is rare, and even animals can be selfish and territorial, too; hence, the need to mark boundaries. Still, one dog won’t get out of bed but shares it with a toddler brother. The canine, Millie, refused to leave the bed so that the brother can sleep and opted to cuddle him. If a dog and a human are willing to share a bed, maybe there is a lesson that we all can learn about coexisting. However, deep-rooted bonds must be forged for it to happen, as detailed below by the story of Millie and Parker, the toddler.

Love at First Scent

It has been said that humans fall in love at first sight, but in the case of Millie and Parker, it was love from the very first moment she sniffed him. A video uploaded on YouTube detailing their journey since Parker was brought home from the hospital shows how Millie became protective of her baby brother. She sniffed him thoroughly and, in her heart, swore to be his guardian Angel, a job she has taken seriously.

From the video compiling Parker’s first two years and shared by God Updates, Millie would sleep next to Parker when he was just a baby showering him with kisses and laying by his side in bed. Parker loved Millie’s kisses so much that he would stroke her to get her attention and lean in for more kisses. On the other hand, he would show affection by caressing Millie’s ears and fur, as Millie lay peacefully enjoying the affection.

Of course, with such a strong bond, it became obvious to Millie that it was her right to sleep next to her “son.” Therefore, in a video that has since gone viral, when it was time for Parker to go to bed and Millie was already in bed, she did not budge. She instead wanted Parker to climb next to her, which he did.

After Parker had his bottle of milk, Aaron, Parker’s father, still asked Millie to leave, but he ignored her dad, so he covered the two siblings with a blanket. They fell asleep with Millie protectively and affectionately placing her paw on Parker to reassure him that she was not going anywhere.

Developing a Bedtime Routine

Growing up with Millie always there to cuddle and kiss him, Parker became so used to the husky that he preferred waking up to her face. Therefore, Aaron would send Millie to wake Parker up because if he woke up to any other person’s face, he would cry. Sleeping together became a habit, and Aaron uploaded a video on May 5, 2020, captioning that Parker always cuddles the husky before going to sleep.

Aaron added that the routine has been going on for two years, and Millie has gotten to the point where she believes she is Parker’s mother. Another video has so far garnered over 2.5 a million views in which Millie refuses to get out of bed, then falls asleep beside Parker, cuddling him. It is not that Parker does not have other dog siblings; there is Rupert and Lola.

However, as one Instagram picture published in Ron Project reveals, Rupert took about 10 months to relax around Parker. He used to be jealous and excited; hence Parker’s parents had to be wary of his interactions with the baby.

Using Their Fame for Good

Social media has its perks, one of which is making you money. Yes, we love watching the huskies playing with the toddler, but what’s in it for the family? One month ago, the Wallman family bought their dream home and shared the tour video on YouTube. However, besides lining their pockets with money and securing their future, Aaron has ensured that it is not just the family benefiting from the fame and glory the huskies bring.

He created the social media accounts for the dogs three years ago, and so far, the YouTube channel has over 2.3 million subscribers while the Instagram account has 1 million followers.

The uploaded pictures and videos get lots of views, shares and likes, transforming them into stars. The more the publicity, the more the money and Aaron decided to do some charitable acts with the money. According to Dog Digital, he bought a million dog biscuits and piled them in the living room. Aaron then watched the huskies’ reaction as he waited to give the biscuits out to other pups in need.

Are Huskies Good with Children?

You may have noticed that Aaron and his wife are always checking up on Parker, even when he is asleep with Millie. That does not mean that huskies cannot be trusted with children. As much as dogs are playful around children, they can take it too far and harm the children. There is a time that Millie reached out to Parker and scratched her by mistake, but like the motherly dog she is, she was so sorry and kissed the “son” as an apology.

The Smart Canine classifies huskies as loyal, energetic and lively, and sociable. In the case of Millie, she is the loyal companion, while Rupert is the energetic one. Consequently, a parent needs to know the character of the family husky to protect the children. Huskies have been known to take play too far, but some sources enlighten us that regardless, they still acknowledge that the tiny human being is just a child.

They may have a good temperament, but we are reminded that a husky is still a dog, and one thing can provoke him to react differently. Adult supervision is recommended while still promoting healthy interaction between dogs and children; it encourages emotional intelligence development in kids.

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