25 Adorable Pictures of Pit Bulls and Babies

Pit bulls are a breed of dog that has gained a reputation for being aggressive and dangerous. However, like any other breed of dog, pit bulls can be loving and affectionate pets when they are properly trained and socialized. While it is important to exercise caution with any dog around a baby, pit bulls can make great companions for families with children.

There are a few things to consider when bringing a pit bull into a household with a baby. First, it is important to socialize the dog from a young age so that they are comfortable around people and other animals. This will help the dog to be more calm and well-behaved in the presence of a baby. Additionally, it is important to teach the dog basic obedience commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” and “down,” which can help to prevent any accidental injuries or mishaps.

Overall, pit bulls can be loving and loyal pets for families with babies. As with any dog, it is important to be responsible and ensure that the dog is well-trained and socialized, and to always supervise interactions between the baby and the dog. With proper care and training, pit bulls can make great additions to any family.

That all being said, we just had to share these incredible Pit Bull and Baby pics.  We’ve added some fun captions as well!

1. “It doesn’t matter what position you’re in, you’re safe little man!”

2. “Don’t worry, I know your thumb isn’t a tasty treat, but I’m tempted. Get rid of those bars!”

3. “Sometimes us Pit Bulls are just another obstacle for babies to climb over.”

4.  There are no words to describe this adorable bond. 

5.  “Look sweatheart, you might like pink but I’m just here because I love you.” 

6.  “I hope she’s still wearing that cute bow when I wake up.” 

7. “At dawn, we ride.” 

8. “Look, I don’t want to get up either.” 

9. “Don’t worry, I got this house covered while you’re gone.” 

10. “Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits.” 

11.  “Appreciate you holding me over until we get home to my chew toy”

12. “If you keep putting on these shows I’m not going to stay up.” 

13. “I’m ready for my close up!”

14. “Don’t even think about disturbing this little guy.  I’m watching you.”

15. “Not even that cute butt is going to break this concentration.” 

16. “Buds for life.” 

17. “You’re going to have to get through me.” 

18. “Excuse me, visits are by appointment only.” 

19. “Come on, just a little taste!” 

20. “Pretty sure soon I’ll be able to change a diaper myself.”

21. “Oh come on, you thought it was cute yesterday!”

22. “I’m the nanny.  Period.” 

23. “We’re in this together!”

24. “The perfect pillow!”

25. “When’s this kid gonna get off of me!”

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