20 Adorable Pictures of Dogs Wearing Hats

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They (I don’t know who they are, to be honest) say that all dogs go to Heaven, and it’s probably true. Except the ones that don’t, of course. These dogs, though; they’re going to Heaven and they’re going to rock it once they get there. With their dapper hats and their fancy faces, these pups are rocking their hats like it’s their job. They make runway models look obsolete, and we can say with certainty that we’d love to see dogs rocking runway fashions a little bit more often. How cute would that be? If you’re not convinced, checked out this exceptionally adorable pups in their exceptionally adorable hats.

Photo by Getty Images


Mrs. Fancy Pants

If this pup isn’t the epitome of a fancy dog, I just don’t know what is. I’m loving this fancy puppy in her lovely pearls and her bonnet, and I’m almost positive that she’s definitely English. Well, aside from the obvious, of course. This puppy is, judging by the people in the background, absolutely somewhere in which fascinators and hats are a regular occurrence.

Photo by Getty Images


The Land of the Free

There is nothing more American than a gorgeous dog, and there is nothing more gorgeous than an American dog like this one. So pretty and so patriotic in his hat and his red, white and blue, we cannot help but fall madly in love with this dog in so many waysThis is the kind of dog you expect to see in parades and everywhere in between, am I right?

Photo by Getty Images


Toto, Who? 

This dog was not about to dress up as a dog, so she decided to be a little bit more fun and dress up like Dorothy. We have to saythis one wins – hands down – as the most creative Halloween costume I’ve seen in a long time. What a cute puppy, and what a cute little costume on the dog. Even the witch went all out on her hair and makeup and we totally appreciate that one.

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Witch Way? 

This is tutu cute not to mention. This fabulous little witch has the most adorable little costume on, and we’d love to run into this one on my favorite holiday of the year. Who doesn’t love the time of year when you get all dressed up for the holidays and take a night to go out ringing doorbells for candy? We love that 100%, and this dog might be the most adorable witch we’ve ever seen.

Photo by Getty Images


Does this Hat make me Look Wrinkly? 

Yesyes it does, and we love it. This is a cute dog, and he makes a great cowboy. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a cowboy this cute in a while. I mean, I live in Florida so that could be the reason, but that is beside the point. This dog looks good in a hat. He looks better in a hat than most adults I’ve seen in a long time, and we can appreciate his apprehension about how he looks. We’re all a little vain, you know.

Photo by Getty Images


Two for One 

What’s better than a completely adorable dog in a hat? How about two completely adorable dogs in hats? These two are rocking their head gear like no one’s business, and they look pleased to do it. Of course, they’re cute and they know it, so that probably helps them feel confident wearing hats that no one would wear otherwise. The real question now is who wore it better?

Photo by Getty Images


Hello, There

This is a dog that has an awesome hat. It’s actually the coolest hat of all of these dogs, and this little fella is rocking it better than anyone else, too. If ever there was a dog happy to have on a hat, it’s this one. He’s got the style and the skill to rock it like no one’s business, and he’s doing it. It actually fits quite nicely with this build and his coat, too, and that never happens.

Photo by Imgur


We Want Taco Bell 

The Taco Bell dog; the chihuahua. Taco Bell doesn’t even make me want Taco Bell, but this dog always does. While this is not the dog from the long-ago (and very awesome) commercials, it is a chihuahua in a sombrero, and that makes it awesome. And it makes me think of Mexican food, and that makes me think of Taco Bell (even though that’s not even remotely close to being real Mexican).

Photo by Instagram 


Dapper Dog

With a very heavy French accent, this dog is saying to us, “Where is my cigar? I’ll also take a scotch, neat,” to a beautiful woman who is jumping up full of enthusiasm to meet his request. This dapper dog has serious game, and all I’ve seen him do is stand on a pile of dirt wearing the suavest top hat of any animal I’ve ever seen. That’s an impressive accomplishment.

Photo by Getty Images


All I want for Christmas…

Is for you to get that camera out of my face so that I can take a nap. Get this hat off of me, too, while you’re at it. This is seriously the most annoying thing I’ve ever had to encounter. I’m tired. I had a long day. The cat was irritating and I spent most of it chasing him around the house. I let him get away, but there’s always tomorrow. I like it when he feels safe – it’s a false sense of safety.

Photo by Getty Images


So Sad on Christmas

This pup doesn’t seem to be enjoying the holidays quite like others, and that makes us sad. It’s hard to imagine what must be going through his mind to make him look so sad at such a happy time, but we have a few opinions. This dog is missing his family and he’s in need of adoption. The shelter dressed him up to look like a gift, and hopefully someone will come in and see him for themselves.

Photo by Getty Images


We Cook for Food

While they’re adorable beyond the words that I have to describe them, I know what dogs do with their paws. What I’m going to do is pass on dinner and just ooh and aah over their ‘cute’ factor, not touching anything that’s being served. After all, these are some seriously cute pups, and they deserve some affection and attention being dressed up like this.

Photo by Getty Images


My Ears are Not Cold

His feet, on the other hand, are freezing. That’s cool though. Most body heat escapes from the head, so it makes complete sense that his owners would put their dog in a hat and forget to put him in little shoes. A pair of puppy Uggs might be cute on this one. I actually just had a thought; what if we only let dogs wear Uggs and then the whole world would be cuter by leaps and bounds?

Photo by Flickr


King of the Castle

Move over Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet circa the late 1990s – this dog is king of the world. And he probably would not let his love die in the ocean claiming there was absolutely no room on the board for him. I mean, come on now; there was plenty of room. And we are quite certain that this dog would have saved a life. No, he wouldn’t. He would have been whisked immediately to safety being so regal and all.

Photo by imgur


I’m too Cool for School 

Too sexy for my shirt…you get the point. This dog is cool. He doesn’t even need to see to see how cool he is. He trusts that what he’s thinking is true, and his eyes need not do any work to verify that for you. What a cute dog and what a fun hat. He looks so much less like a troublemaker in this hat than we assume a young boy would look, but that’s why we try not to judge any books by their covers.

Photo by reddit


Little Red Riding Hood

What a sweet heart in her little red hat. However someone managed to get this dog in a hat this cute is beyond me, and how they managed to make such a perfect hat for such a cute dog is also beyond me. I love this dog. I want this dog. This dog was made for this hat, and I don’t hate it in the least. If only I could get my kids to wear hats as well as this dog is wearing his.

Photo by reddit


Santa’s Little Helper

Never have I encountered a dog that looks so happy in the middle of what is clearly a Christmas photo shoot that is going to make some very cute Christmas cards. This probably the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I completely love it! What a darling little dog and a sweet hat. I think I might need a dog of my own now that the holidays are only six months away and this needs to happen in my house.

Photo by flickr



This dog is ready to break it down and have a good time, yo. He’s a little bit hardcore and a lot cool, and we haven’t seen a dog this cute in a long time. This hat looks good on this dog. Far better than it might look on humans sometimes. When did dogs get so cute that they could wear hats like this and actually look better than the humans that want to wear them, too?

Photo by Instagram


Amelia Earhart is Back 

This dog needs a prop plane, stat. It’s all she’s missing. And we say she, because she’s got on the pink goggles, but we are absolutely down with a male dog rocking the pink goggles like a boss. Someone put this dog on a plane or my day will be completely ruined. She is too cool to sit here on her red pillow not doing something totally awesome. She doesn’t have to fly it. She can just sit on it and look cool.

Photo by imgur


Look at That

This lovely lady caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror and her fabulousness has shocked even her. So pretty and so sweet, this is a puppy that deserves a little credit for her gorgeous accessories and her fun personality. It’s not easy being a fashion icon, especially in an industry in which only a few dogs really dress up on a regular basis, but that’s all right. She’s got her game and she’s rocking it.

Photo by reddit 

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