20 Dogs that are Almost TOO Happy?

happy dog

Happiness, love and money; the three things I life in which there are never too much, right? Unless, of course, that love is coming from a stalker who is obsessed with you against your will, but who is counting the minor details? So maybe we will focus on happiness, and how much is too much. Actually, if you check out these dogs, it appears that there is no such thing as too much happiness, and we have to agree. Perhaps we could all use a lesson from these happy pups; suck it up and get over it. Or is it pee on it and move on? Either way, these are some seriously peppy pups too cute not to check out.

Photo by Getty Image


You Looking at Me? 

How could we not with that big smile on your face? What a cute dog with a happy disposition. I imagine if we were walking down such an isolated road we might be focused on things like heat and sweat and hopefully not encountering any creatures of the wild – particularly those without legs and with scales. But this dog, well, he doesn’t even care. It’s a beautiful day, he’s not on a leash. Life is good.

Photo by Flickr 


Tell Me I’m Pretty

We all have hopes and dreams in life, and this dog is living hers as a supermodel in the middle of the field. She’s got a flower behind her ears, a little wind in her face and she’s clearly pretty happy about it. What I want to know is how many photos she had to take to get one this good? If I’d selfied this one, I know I’d have at least a dozen before I found one I liked enough to show off.

Photo by Reddit


Who, me? No…..

I have not had too much to drink and I was certainly not playing in the cat nip, swear. Why would you ask that? I’m not acting strange. I’m just in a good mood. Why wouldn’t I be in a good mood? Are good moods not allowed these days? Don’t hate. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…I love that song! Don’t you love that song? Let’s listen to some music. Yeah. We recognize that smile.

Photo by Tumblr


It’s the Paparazzi!

Let me just throw my shoulders back and smile a bit so that photographers can capture the hottie that is me. Forget this human and her pants that are not long enough for those shoes; this is all about me. Do I look pretty? Oh, who cares. I’m taking a walk on a pretty street and I’m liking it a lot. We should do this more often, don’t you think?

Photo by Tumblr


Life is Good

Smiles like these can mean only one thing; life is good. And who can blame them for thinking so? They are sweet dogs with big smiles, adorable faces and people who probably love them endlessly. And we’d love them endlessly, too, since they’re this stinking cute. I mean, what’s not to love about a face like this with smiles like these? Oh, the answer is nothing.

Photo by Reddit


I’m Happy!

We’re all a little bit weird and a little bit strange (I know because Dr. Suess told me so) and this pup is not afraid to let her wild side out. In fact, she’s clearly in a good mood and nothing is going to stop that. Of course, with that green grass and that beautiful day happening in the background, we’d all be happy, too.

Photo by Reddit 


They See me Rolling

But they’re not hating. Who could hate this happy face? This is a dog that’s so happy to be on the grass rolling around enjoying life that we hate to even mention this is how fleas are spread. We’ll just keep that one to ourselves and let this cute pup continue on his journey to happiness playing in the yard with people who love him enough to take pictures.

Photo by Tumblr


This is my Surprised Face

Ever see photos of girls on the internet who have a big open mouth and a perfectly posed shot going on at the same time and they’re all like, “I’m so surprised that I took a photo at the same time I was surprised. How surprising!” Yeah, this dog reminds me of those girls, but so much cuter and so much more worthy of my time.

Photo by Reddit


If you saw this in the Mirror Every Morning, You’d be Happy Too

True story. If I woke up looking this adorable everyday, I’d have no reason to complain. But I spend an hour in front of the mirror working on my hair and my face, so there could be a little bitterness in my heart. Of course, when someone then mistakes me for a 17-year-old in public, I’m not hating on that. So I’d say we both win, puppy.

Photo by Getty Images



We are all happy to be on vacation when the time comes, but this dog is so happy to be running on the beach he might spontaneously combust. Just look at that darling expression. In fact, this is a dog that clearly loves the beach. Someone get him a beach house and move him here, stat. He needs more time in the sand and surf.

Photo by Flickr


How You Doin’?

Anyone else see a little bit of Joey from “Friends” here, or is that just me? This dog makes me feel like he’s asking me how I’m doing and perhaps he’ll follow that up with a drink request. I’m not sure. He’s definitely cute, though. I love his confident smile and his pretty face, so what’s not to love about this happy dog? Happiness really does make people more attractive, you know.

Photo by Getty Images


Oh, Yeah

Now that is a smile. I cannot decide if what I love most about this photo is the dog smiling like he just ate the family cat or if it’s the expression of the dog next to him that looks so perplexed and annoyed that he cannot even believe what is happening. If these dogs were people, the one with the smile would be the big dumb friend and the small one would be the one that’s always working to keep the other one out of trouble.

Photo by Reddit


Pretty as a Princess

This is a gorgeous dog. Just look at that beautiful coat and that friendly smile. If this is not a dog that screams, I’d like to be part of your family and you will take me home because I just look so wholesome and sweet, I don’t even know what does. This is a sweet dog, and I’m almost positive that I am completely in love with it. Come to me, puppy.

Photo by Matt Armstrong


I’m Free!

This little dog is so happy to be running through the grass that she cannot contain herself. Look at that happiness and that excitement. I wish I felt that kind of happiness when I was running through the yard. I don’t, but I imagine this is what my face looks like when I run errands in my husband’s car and I can put the top down on a beautiful day and drive away without any kids in tow since there are no seats for them. It’s freedom; plain and simple.

Photo by Flickr


I’ll get the Ball! I’ll get the Ball!

Here’s someone who is quite happy to be playing a game of fetch. He’s so excited that the ball is coming his way that he cannot even stop himself from leaping toward the ball. What a darling little dog. Who cares if the ball is almost too big for him to put in his mouth and bring back to his person? He’s so happy to be playing that he’s just leaping with joy.

Photo by Getty Images


No Time to Chat!

Here’s a happy little guy that just does not have time to do anything but work on his play time. He’s not stopping for a photo, but he has no issue letting you take one of him while he’s in the middle of his intense game of, “This is fun stuff,” and that’s just how he likes it. We don’t mind it, either, considering the fact that he’s so adorable.

Photo by Tumblr


Happy to See You 

This is the kind of dog that makes a person feel good to come home in the evenings. Happy and sweet, this kind of dog is good for the soul. Those expressive eyes, that sweet face and the big smile are probably the reason his owners are less stressed and happier than other people, and we can’t say that we blame them for feeling good about life with this little guy in the picture. What a doll.

Photo by Getty Images


OMG This is the BEST!

This dog is so overwhelmed with the happiness he feels at being free to run and frolic that he cannot hide it. His eyes, his face, his mouth; they’re all excited and he’s all excited and everything is fun for him. Even his friend is running so face that he’s practically like a speeding bullet. There might not be smiles on their faces, but you can certainly see it in their eyes.

Photo by Tumblr 


Triple the Cute

The only thing cuter than one exceptionally happy dog is three exceptionally happy dogs. Look at this photo; these dogs are so happy that they are all smiling the exact same smile at the exact same time. If that does not mean something special, then nothing does. It’s hard to tell, but it almost looks as if these are not full grown dogs, either, so maybe they need a home. With me, in my house.

Photo by Facebook 


Pick me Pick me Pick me

This dog is so excited that we cannot help but think of that one kid in school not so good at any particular sport but always so enthusiastic about this prospects. That kid doesn’t know he’s not any good or that he cannot get anything accomplished by playing for the team, but it’s not going to stop him from trying and from jumping up and down in his spot so people notice him and choose him for the team.

Photo by Getty Images


Milk Coma

If you’re a parent, you know what this smile means. It is the same smile your newborn baby gives when he or she is finished nursing or drinking a bottle, and it means that everything that just happened was complete perfection. This is a milk coma. This dog is not moving for a while because he’s too happy to bother doing anything but taking in the moment and all that it means for him in life.

Photo by Flickr

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