50 Amazing Pictures of Dogs and Firefighters


Saving a life is what fire fighters do. They might not do it every day. They might not get that lucky every time. Sometimes lives are lost and the best that they can do is put out the fire before the situation becomes worse. Other times they are able to do the unthinkable, enter a burning building or a wrecked car or frigid flood waters and save the life of a dog. Just one dog can make the difference for the men and women who are fighting fires and saving lives, making the job worth it to them. These dogs and their fire fighters make for some very touching scenes you will not soon forget.

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The Epitome of Beautiful 

This is the kind of picture that pops into your mind when you think of dogs and firefighters. Dalmatians are some of the most beautiful dogs around, and that makes them so lovely to see dressed in their fire station best playing on the lawn next to a fire engine. What a lovely picture this makes. It’s a shame not all photos of dogs with fire fighters can be so lovely and so peaceful. Too many of them are sad.

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The Harsh Reality 

The harsh reality of so many situations is the fact that dogs and firefighters often meet in circumstances that are far less than ideal. They meet when there is a fire, and that means that the dogs are likely in need of rescue. The world is forever grateful for these men and women that sacrifice their lives and their time to make sure that these animals are cared for, and that someone is there to save them with the unthinkable occurs.

Photo by ABC News


It’s Not Always Easy 

This photo is proof that animals and fires are serious business. This dog is alive, thank goodness, but it’s a dog that is severely injured and was saved just in the nick of time. This beautiful animal lives, and it is thanks to the man who selflessly went into a burning house to save his life. The injuries this dog sustained are awful, but they can be overcome with time and medical care.

Photo by CNN


Such Relief 

This dog experienced something that no animal should ever have to experience, and it was not easy for him. At this moment in time, he’s being administered oxygen to help him with his breathing. While it might not look like he was burned, he likely inhaled a lot of smoke and ash and it’s often this that makes the biggest difference in the health of someone who was trapped in a fire for even just a few moments time.

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A Helping Hand

This firefighter is helping this little dog breathe in some fresh oxygen to help with the smoke that it likely inhaled trapped in a fire. This is a very common gesture that this man probably doesn’t even think twice about in his line of work, but it’s photos like this that really touch our hearts. They speak to the fact that these men and women know what they are doing and they are there to help.

Photo by ABC


To Save a Life 

This is a photo that goes to show that sometimes forceful measures are taken to save lives. In this photo, this fireman was forced to break into a house that was on fire with his axe so that he could gain entry and help save the life of this dog which is now in need of medical attention. This touching photo shows that it’s not all about spraying water and putting fires out; it’s about going into them and utilizing what’s on hand to save lives.

Photo by NBC


A Little Cold Never Bothered him Anyway

This dog does not seem to mind the cold snow beneath him as he breathes in the fresh air being given to him by the two men who rescued him from a burning building. Thankfully, this is a dog that did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, but he does need oxygen to make him feel better. It’s a very common practice when an animal is removed from a burning building, but that doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

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That’s What We are Talking About

We love this photos because it represents everything good about this situations. Dogs belong in fire departments. They’re man’s best friend, and I cannot think of anyone that needs a little bit more love and happiness than a man or a woman that spends his or her days fighting fires and facing terrible circumstances. Dogs are animal that help you to relieve stress, so let’s all agree that this is a great mix.

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A Dog and his Hydrant

So there is no fireman actually present in this photo, but the next best thing is a Dalmatian and a fire hydrant, right? We love this photo; it makes us exceptionally happy and exceptionally giddy. This dog is cute, and his hat matches the hydrant if it were yellow. The only thing that might make this photo just a little bit better would be seeing that dog lift a leg and go to town. Now that would be funny.

Photo by ABC


Appreciation Personified

If you have ever seen a look of appreciation anywhere, it’s on the face of this dog. This is a dog so happy to have been saved that he cannot even express to the people in his life just how happy he is with the situation. This dog is so happy to have been spared the trouble of being injured in a fire he cannot contain his happiness. We’re guessing this was a pretty good day for the firefighter in the photo. He seems like someone who would be quite appreciative of the fact that he saved a life.

Photo by flickr


Sweet Sorrow

It seems like these firefighters are doing everything that they can to save the life of the dog in this photo, and we hope that they are successful. Judging from the look on the face of the woman in the photo, she’s sorrowful and hopeful at the same time. I wish we had knowledge of what happened to this sweet family.

Photo by ABC News


Breathe in, Breathe Out 

This dog seems to be all right despite what just happened to him, and we appreciate that. It’s a dog that seems to need not much more than oxygen, and we love that there are two men in this photo clearly not a part of the fire department. It warms our hearts to see that there is not only a fireman in this photo helping this dog, but civilians as well.

Photo by CNN

Freezing Waters

There’s a misconception in the world that firefighters do two things; put out fires and rescue kittens from trees. They do both – pretty regularly, but that’s not all they do in their line of work. This man is in the middle of freezing cold water right now saving this dog who was stuck in the current. This is probably much worse than being in a burning building since the cold is so shocking and difficult to deal with. This dog is probably exceptionally grateful.

Photos by JB Forbes


A Cold Day 

This dog was suck in the middle of water in the middle of a snowstorm, but the local fire department came to his rescue. Because they are so good at their job and so capable, they were able to remove this dog from the freezing cold waters that had him trapped and bring him safely to land where they were able to raise his body temperature and return him to his family.

Photo by Getty Images


Reunited and it Feels so Good

After being rescued from freezing cold waters, this dog was returned to the people who love him, and that is what makes this job so satisfying. There are so many things that happen in the lives of firefighters, and they have to endure a lot. But this is one of those moments in which they get to sit back and smile, knowing that what they’ve done has changed the lives of someone forever.

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A Happy Moment

These firefighters were able to enter a burning home and rescue not only a few dogs but a cat, as well. It’s moments like these that make you realize just how amazing these men and women are when they are able to do something so heroic and brave. These animals are so fortunate that these men were there that day to help them to save their lives.

Photo by professional photographer

Troubled Waters

This dog was stuck in ice cold water and unable to get out, but firefighters were there to fix the situation. These men were present to enter the ice cold, freezing water and save this dog’s life. He’s probably either suffering from hypothermia or at least on the verge of it and he is going to require some serious medical attention. Fortunately, these men were here to provide him the help he needed.

Photo by JB Forbes


Lucky Animals

These animals are so fortunate. Their lives were saved and they are no longer in danger. From the looks of the animals, they were not harmed or injured in any way, which is such a relief. I don’t know who owns these animals, but I would assume it’s safe to assume that this family is one happy family to have all their animals safe, unharmed and accounted for after something like this.

Photo by professional photographer


Just in Time 

This adorable puppy was not burned in this fire, but he was subject to too much smoke inhalation, and that means that he is suffering significantly. What he is going through is not easy, but it’s something he will emerge stronger for. Luckily for him, he will be given oxygen and nursed back to health so that he can continue to live with his family and play happily with them.

Photo by ABC


Tough Times

When dogs are hurt in a fire, or they take in too much smoke, they are often in need of oxygen to help them become healthy again. This firefighter has taken the time to sit down with two animals and administer oxygen to both. This is helping them to breathe, to get rid of the damaging smoke in their bodies and to live. This man is doing everything he can, and he’s doing it on his own. That makes for a very lucky family to get their dogs back in good health.

Photo by Getty Images


Scared and Safe

When you go through something like a fire, you are going to end up scared and nervous and upset. This dog is no exception. He went through something horrific, and it’s been a terrible ordeal. He’s scared and overcome with feelings he’s probably not used to feeling, and he’s probably terrified and looking for his family. Thank goodness for the men and women responsible for saving this little one.

Photo by Getty Images


One Breath at a Time 

All it takes is one breath, one moment, and one act of kindness and bravery to help someone. This dog was caught in a fire, he was subject to breathing in smoke and he was devastated about the turn of events in his life. He is a dog who needed help and help was given to him, thank goodness. This dog is alive and well, and his firefighter is someone who he will look up to in thanks for the rest of his life.

Photo by ABC News


Above and Beyond

This dog is in need of so much more, and he’s lucky that there are men willing to give him mouth to mouth in hopes that he will begin breathing once again and survive the horrors and perils that have occurred. This dog is lucky to have these men present, and he is very lucky that they are so willing to come to his rescue. It’s a good day for these men and women after they are able to resuscitate this dog and help him overcome what has happened.

Photo by ABC


Dangerous Situations

While people are usually more capable of getting themselves out of harms way when a fire occurs in the home, animals are more prone to hide and hope that the pain and the fear goes away. They can’t open doors and remove themselves from danger, and that’s why families rely so heavily on the men and women in uniform to help their animals.

Photo by YouTube


Tears in the Eyes

This is a picture that’s very deep and very telling. This picture is of a man who clearly went through some horrors in a burning building, and a dog that he very likely saved from those horrors. They are both worse for the wear, but they are both alive and breathing. The way this dog is licking this firefighter is one of the most touching acts I’eve ever seen, and the love here and the appreciation here are beyond touching.

Photo by NBC


Pups in Trouble

Firefighters do not always have to go into burning houses to save the lives of dogs. These men rescued this little dog from inside the engine of a car where it climbed in hopes that it would find some warmth and some safety. This is a dog that made a silly decision. He’s very fortunate that the driver of the car realized something was wrong and that he should call someone for help.

Photo by ABC


Friends Forever

Now that this man has saved the life of this dog, they’re friends forever. It doesn’t take much for a dog to fall in love with a human, but saving his life is almost a surefire way to ensure a lifelong friendship. We bet this is a dog that makes trips to the fire station to spend time with the men and women that saved his life.

Photo by imgur


Team Effort

When a dog is in need of saving, it sometimes takes a team to do that. This team worked hard to ensure that this dog was taken care of and removed from danger. Judging by his coat, which is either a shade of white or gold, this dog was in a burning home and he was close to the ashes and likely breathing in the dangerous air.

Photo by Getty Images


All in a Day’s Work 

If you take a look at the men holding onto these dogs, providing them with oxygen, it’s obvious that they are used to this kind of work. And it’s obvious that they are happy to help when their help is needed. These are men who are so relieved and happy when they are able to remove animals safely from danger that they cannot hide their smiles as they nurse these animals back to health.

Photo by ABC News


Holding on for Dear Life

When flood waters trapped this dog and almost took his life, this man was able to rescue him and bring him to safety. Judging from the manner in which this dog is clinging to his rescuer, he’s quite happy for this man to have saved his life, and we cannot say that we blame him in the least. This is a photo that epitomizes the phrase hero.

Photo by ABC News

An Icy Rescue

When icy waters trap this beautiful dog, the local fire department is responsible for rescuing him before he succumbs to the cold and his inability to rescue himself from the frigid and cold waters. This beautiful dog has become stranded and it’s up to someone with power and expertise to save his life. And that’s a beautiful realization; that there is someone around that is capable of saving his life.

Photo by JB Forbes


Life Saving Techniques

When a fire threatens to destroy this family in every way possible, these firefighters come to the rescue and save this dog’s life. It’s not an easy task considering how close to the fire this dog was located and how much smoky air he inhaled, but the rescue efforts here are phenomenal and it looks as if this animal does go on to live a healthy life with his family.

Photo by ABC News

Miraculous Recovery

We’ve watched as this dog was rescued from frigid, freezing waters and carried away so that he could live a healthy life. It’s amazing to see just how much effort goes into the life saving efforts of dogs when fire fighters are presented with the very difficult task of saving the life of a dog. It’s not all in vain, however, as this dog will live and it will go on to lead a normal life. Chances are good, though, that this dog is not planning on going anywhere near the water again for a long time.

Photo by JB Forbes


A Beautiful Sight

This lovely Dalmatian is doing what we assume all Dalmatians do; standing guard on a fire truck for his men and women in arms. These beautiful dogs are synonymous with fire fighters, and there is nowhere we’d expect to see one in any other instance. These dogs scream ‘firemen’ and they’re gorgeous. And they’re also the kind of dogs that make you feel absolutely comfortable and safe since they stand for all things good and well.

Photo by Getty Images


What it’s All About

These firefighters are working to ensure that this otherwise healthy dog is given oxygen after being trapped in a fire for who knows how long. Judging by the white fur and the overall good look of the dog, it wasn’t long. But you never know with smoke inhalation just how much smoke an animal might have breathed in, and it’s just one of those things that makes it difficult on firefighters.

Photo by Getty Images


Team Work 

Team work is important in any situation, but it’s never more important in a situation than when a life is in the balance. When medical professionals, fire fighters and police all work together, chances of survival in people and animals increase significantly. That’s all you can ask for when it comes to your dog’s health.

Photo by ABC

The Moment of Truth 

We’ve watched this dog as it’s been rescued, and now we get to see just how it was moved from the water and onto the ice so that the process of regulating the dog’s body temperature could being. Firefighters use their ladder to help get this dog out of the freezing cold waters and onto land, where everything is safe.

Photo by JB Forbes


A Proud Moment

These firefighters and this dog are all happy because they have come through a tough situation. Not all fires have a happy ending, and many animals are lost in the fire. It’s a tragic moment for all involved, and it’s something you just cannot overcome with ease. But each rescue makes this just a bit easier, and that’s all we can hope for.

Photo by ABC


Part of the Job

Every single person that works with the fire department knows that animals are just as much a part of the job as the humans that require help in difficult situations. And this firefighter knows the meaning of that, as he gently provides this small dog with the kind of oxygen it needs to help it breathe correctly.

Photo by ABC


Team Work 

This dog was stranded in a dangerous situation, and these men and women did what they could to remove him from the situation. As you can see, he’s perfectly healthy. But look how many men and women it takes to do this kind of job, and note that the team work involved is not something that anyone here seems to take for granted.

Photo by Getty Images


A Dog in Need

When waters are like this, rough and ready to take someone out, dogs have a difficult time working through the water to get to safety. Any adult would have a difficult time doing the same, and that is precisely the reason why so many animals never make it through floods. But this firefighter is risking his own life to save this dog, and it’s what happens when an animal is in need.

Photo by Getty Images

Not an Easy Job

This dog easily weighs half what this firefighter weighs, but that’s okay. Even soaking wet after being rescued from frigid waters, this dog is not too heavy for this firefighter to carry across the ice to safety. This is just a part of the job that has to be done when you enter into this line of work. It’s okay, and it’s actually quite impressive.

Photo by JB Forbes

I’ve Got You 

This firefighter has been working diligently to save this dog from the freezing waters in which he was stuck. Even when the dog is up on the ice, the firefighter does not let go.  He knows what this dog needs, and it’s reassurance that he is all right. He needs to know this man is here for him and that he is not going to let him go, even though it hinders this man from being able to get up on the ice himself.

Photo by JB Forbes


Fresh Air 

This amazing firefighter rescued this tiny dog from a home in fire, and he’s taking the time to make sure that this dog has all that he needs to keep him alive. What he needs now is oxygen. Later he will need a good bath, though even that is unlikely to remove the smell of smoke and fire from his coat. It will be a while before the dog smells like himself again.

Photo by Getty Images


It Doesn’t Matter Your Size

In the eyes of firefighters, size does not matter. This man doesn’t care that this is a little dog. He doesn’t care that this is an animal and not a human. All he cares about is making sure that this animal does not lose his life to a fire, which is one of the most devastating and tragic things that could happen to the family who very likely already lost everything that they have.

Photos by Getty Images


Curiosity got the Best of this Dog

Dogs are naturally curious, and this one managed to find his way into a manhole at what looks like the edge of a lake. This dog is so happy to be out of that small hole, and he has these amazing men to thank for their rescue efforts. It’s not always about fighting fires. Sometimes the job of a fireman is to do the impossible, which is to remove a dog from a manhole. They do it all.

Photo by ABC News


Team Work Pays Off

These men saved this dog from a frigid lake, and his owner his here to take him from them. She’s so happy to have her dog back alive that she cannot even express her gratitude, but these men understand. Sometimes those they help the most haven’t the words to express how they feel for these men, but words are not always needed. Seeing the reaction families have when they receive news that their pets are safe is all the thanks they need in many instances.

Photo by YouTube


In All Kinds of Weather

This adorable pup was in a bit of trouble when he wondered off, but his family was able to save him thanks to their local fire department. These men did their job, saved this sweet dog and brought him back home for his family to enjoy. That’s what the job is all about; saving lives and making people happy.

Photo by NBC


All the Thanks they Need

When a dog expresses his gratitude like this, it’s impossible for fire fighters to forget why they do this job. This kiss probably means more to this man than anything in this moment. Animals aren’t capable of verbalizing their thanks, but this dog has shown this man how he feels for the job that was done to protect him and his family, and my heart is certainly touched looking at this very rare and very personal moment.

Photo by ABC News


Hanging Out 

When we see the pants on the leg of this firefighter and then these two dogs hanging out by his chair, we appreciate what this photo means. This is not a photo of dogs that needed rescuing. This is a photo of a fire fighter enjoying the presence of two dogs, and that kind of special feeling is something that many people take for granted.

Photo by NBC

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