20 Dogs So Tiny These Pictures Almost Look Fake


Sometimes you see a photo and you think to yourself, “Yep, photoshop,” because it’s just too good to be true. After all, celebrities are photoshopped all the time. There are virtually zero professional photos of celebs that have not been altered and changed in some way to make them appear more attractive and appealing.

Even everyday people like myself use photo altering assistance on social media. I post a photo to Facebook and suddenly Facebook is asking me if I want to ‘fix’ it and make myself look paler, tanner, brighter. Instagram does the same.

So why not look at photos of animals and wonder if they are, in fact, real animals? Especially when they are so small, so adorable and so clearly tinier than anything else you’ve ever seen that they cannot possibly be real. We have 20 photos of dogs so small that you might not be able to believe your eyes when you see the photos.


Can you even believe that a dog this small really exists? That collar is probably the same size as my wedding ring judging by how well he fits into the hands of the woman in the photograph.


We don’t know what’s more shocking; the fact that someone has this phone that clearly hasn’t been around in a decade, or the size of this small dog. If this animal is smaller than that particular phone, you know it’s a small dog.


You know what they say about a man with really big feet. He makes puppies look really little. Or maybe this puppy is really little. We really don’t know. Perhaps this guy wears a dainty female 6 and this puppy is the size of my newborn twin daughter’s shoes.


We assume that the hand in this photo is not trying to tell this dog he’s a loser, since the hand gesture is totally upside down. So that means that this hand is trying to tell us that this dog is really that small. Go ahead; hold your hand in this position. See? Small, right?


So this is where the phrase “Teacup Pup” comes from, then?

We’re torn between loving how small this dog is compared to this spoon and wondering what it is that the dog is munching on. Looks like peanut butter to us, but that would make one heck of a mess for these people to have to clean up, right?


There are no words to describe a dog so small that it’s not even as large as the print on a duvet cover. What a darling little dog…if it’s real.


Either someone supersized this can of Coke or that chihuahua is really quite small. Though there is a little part of me that has some concern when looking at this dog’s legs. It doesn’t seem to be all that healthy.


Now that is a Valentine’s Day gift we can all get on board with, right? What a sweet and delectable little darling. I’m in love.


This sweetie is barely bigger than a bottle of medication, and that’s a big deal considering the fact that we think that half of it is just hair.


What’s most adorable about this tiny dog is the sweet little tongue that she has sticking out of her mouth. Did you ever stop to think that this small dog’s tongue is probably smaller than your pinky fingernail?


Either she has a huge wedding band on her finger or this adorable dog’s head is really, really small. It’s almost so tiny and so perfect that it’s not even real.


Does Mitsubishi even make cars anymore? Judging by the lack of keyless entry on this key, probably not. But look just how small this little dog is in comparison to that key. Either that’s one massive car key or this is one super small dog.


When a snail gets into the house, you get it out. If you don’t notice the snail before the dog, let the dog do the dirty work and you just stop for a quick second to snap a photo. Because seriously, the snail is almost bigger than the dog.


Oh, hey there perfect white dog that doesn’t appear to have anything but fur and no legs. Are you so small that we really cannot even see your feet? I kind of love you.


I’m almost positive that my twins have a toy very similar to this one, which  makes it nearly impossible for me to believe that this dog is real.


I have to say that I do prefer coffee in my mug, and I do love the Rainforest Cafe, but this dog is pretty cute, so I won’t be too mad that he’s in the place where the coffee goes.


Oh my goodness, this is adorable. I don’t know what type of dog this is, but i do know that this is a very small teacup, which means that this is a very small dog.

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