20 Dogs who are Huge Star Wars Fans


Sometimes dogs are the cutest animals on the planet, and sometimes they are so much more than just the cutest animals on the planet. This is one of the latter, and it’s because these dogs belong to families that believe that the force is always with you to the point that they dress their dogs as their favorite – and not so favorite – characters from the hit Star Wars franchise. The movies are good, but these dogs are awesome. Check out what can only be described as the coolest dogs around, all decked out in their favorite Star Wars getup. It’s too cute not to share.

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I’ll Show you a Storm 

This dog is looking for trouble in his getup. I mean, look at that face. He’s out for blood and he is not going to let anyone by him and into the home of his family. He even has his own sword to protect from enemies and based on his facial expressions, we believe that he absolutely has the power to use the sword without hesitation. Now that is a dog to be reckoned with.

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Yo, Yoda

Okay, this is cute. There really are no other words for the cuteness happening in this photo, but we can tell you that this dog doesn’t seem at all phased by the fact that he’s dressed up as one of the most famous fictional characters ever created. And he even has wise eyes, wouldn’t you say? There are plenty of cute Yodas in the world, but this one might get the title of cutest around, and that’s just a personal opinion shared by  just about everyone, in my opinion.

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Best Friends

If there is anything more adorable than a puppy dressed up as a Star Wars character, it’s a puppy with his boy dressed up as a Star Wars character and looking about as adorable as anyone else. These two are so cute they make you want to say “Ooooh,” and that’s a fact. These two make hearts melt all over the place, and they’re clearly the best of pals. This photo is the epitome of what a boy and his best friend really look like.

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Maybe Not

There are some dogs that love to dress up and have fun, and there are some dogs that aren’t so into dressing up. This dog looks like the kind of dog that’s just not into dressing up, but that’s all right. He’s still cute, whether he wants to be or not, and that’s fine with us. This dog couldn’t be more adorable if he tried, which makes him even more adorable in what looks like his completely resigned expression. “They’re making me wear it, and I can’t do a thing about it,” he’s thinking.

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Seriously? We don’t Even Like this Movie

If two dogs ever looked less than thrilled to be dressed up as characters from a hit movie, it’s these two. Their expressions say, “Kill me now, please,” over their costumes. Or maybe they like their costumes but they’re less than thrilled about the photo shoot they have to endure. It’s clearly time for Halloween if the pumpkins on the porch are any indication, and we do have to say that we love their costumes. We’d give them extra candy.

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Now that’s Cute 

What do you get when you cross two cute dogs and a baby all dressed like characters from Star Wars? Only one of the sweetest pictures we’ve seen all day long. How creative when a family thinks to make sure that everyone is included in the Halloween family photo. I wonder what the parents are dressed like, and if there are any older siblings around to take part in this amazing force?

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He Likes It 

This one likes his costume, but his friend does not seem as thrilled. Of course, most people would rather be Yoda than Darth Vader, so there is that. Either way, notwithstanding the fact that one of these dogs seems less excited about  his costume than the other, they’re both very cute. It’s hard not to find these two adorable, and it’s hard not to wonder if we have time to find two dogs before Halloween so we can do the same to them.

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This is How we Roll

Both look pretty resigned to the fact that this is their life, yet they’re sitting so perfectly still and photo ready. My guess is that these two animals are definitely dress up dolls for their people. It’s all right. We all do it at some point. I used to dress my maltipoo in costume after costume at Halloween before we had kids. And then I was over dressing extras that didn’t actually need it and the dog has never been happier.

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Why Me? 

Am I the only one that sees this question in the expression of this adorable dog? He doesn’t seem overly thrilled to walk around dressed as Darth Vader, and we think it’s because he would make a much better Yoda. Tell me I’m wrong; I dare you. This adorable pup is seriously looking like the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, and I’m not sure any of the other Darth Vader’s can live up to this one.

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That is Cute 

This is one cute little Star Wars fan. It looks a lot like ‘bring your dog to work dressed like a Star Wars fan’ day based on the obvious fact that the decor in this photo is so office-like, and we can’t say we hate it. In fact, if all offices allowed dogs dressed like their favorite movie characters, we suspect that the office would be a much more uplifting and encouraging location.

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Taking it Seriously 

This is a dog that is taking his role seriously. He’s dressed up and with his favorite characters in front of a movie poster. He’s got an expression that reads, “I’m into Star Wars and I do not care what you think of that,” to go with his awesome costume. And if you look past the cute ensemble, does this dog look like the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen? I think he’s supposed to be a bit intimidating, but he actually looks quite sweet in my opinion.

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Please, Make it Stop

The adorable-ness, that is! These two gorgeous pups might not show too much love for their adorable Star Wars costumes, but we are absolutely feeling the love. They are so sweet we cannot even get enough. Yoga, however, looks a little bit happier with his own costume than Princess Leia looks, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. May the force be with you, dogs.

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And the Winner Is…

Darth Vader the fuzzy chihuahua. This might be the funniest picture we’ve seen all day for a variety of reasons. For one, who is scared of Darth Vader when he’s the size of a chihuahua? Secondly, I think this dog likes his costume. To get back to the fear, however, I’m almost positive that this dog is probably scarier than the real DV, thanks to one my aunt once had that would try to eat your face if you got too close to her. Cute, but really mean. Perfect for the puppy-role of DV.

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Please make it Stop

This dog has no problem with his costume. It’s the baby behind him that he feels is in his way entirely. The baby behind this pup looks as if he’s one second away from grabbing and pulling the tail of this one, and the dog knows it’s about to happen. Chances are good the baby did the same thing in the family Easter photo, too.

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This is Not an Actor

This is not an actor, but this dog might make a better Star Wars character than some of the actual Star Wars characters. Can’t say we hate this costume. In fact, our feelings are quite the opposite, and we think that this dog should be required to wear this costume at all times, and out in public as much as humanly possible for the simple fact that it is beyond adorable.

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True Love 

These two look more like they’re about to tie the knot than they do like two of everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, but there is no denying that they are pretty cute. Their costumes make them look more than just adorable; they make them look a little bit like aliens with arms and legs and all that good stuff. The people that dressed this pair should get a prize for being able to get their dogs to put up with this and then stand still long enough to take a few photos.

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Oh My Goodness

That’s one cute pup right there. Yoda is cute and all, but he’s got nothing on this little dog and those big eyes. I can’t tell if he’s begging his owners with his expression to never make him take off his cute hat, or if he’s looking at the camera thinking, “The stuff I put up with living with you.” Either way, I’m not entirely sure we care what the dog is thinking. He’s too cute to bother thinking anything about except for how we can make our own animals look this cute for Halloween.

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Pure Joy 

This Princess Leia knows she’s beautiful, and she’s happy to show it. Though the wig on this one is just a little bit too big, and what we get is more old-fashioned presidential portrait than princess, but it definitely works on this dog. Perhaps its the seriously oversized eyes that are making this little darling look like such a doll. Either way, we’re betting she won best costume at whichever party she went to that night.

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The Logistics Don’t Work 

More so than the costume, which is creative to the point of no return, what we really want to know about this dog is how his owners managed to get him into that skintight getup? I had enough trouble getting myself into my maternity leggings when I was pregnant with the twins without the ability to reach my own feet, and this dog probably did not sit still while he was manhandled and dressed like this. Or maybe it did. Either way, I think we can all agree that we want to know how this one worked.

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Big Hair, Don’t Care

Here’s our favorite former presidential Princess Leia again, and this time we get an up close and personal look at her big eyes and her crazy wig. She’s a superstar, if we are all being honest. This dog makes us all want to have a chihuahua, because it might be the only thing on earth smaller than a Star Wars princess wig; and that makes it really cool.

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