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20 of the Most Adorable Pit Bulls We’ve Ever Seen


If you’re one of those people who believes that all pitbulls are dangerous, you might not want to lay your eyes on these horrible, devastating, evil creatures in all their sweetness. This breed gets a bad rap from the media and all people who believe everything they see and read (obviously you should believe everything you read from us, though, since we are self-proclaimed geniuses). Sure, there are pitbulls out there that have attacked people, killed people, injured people. Just like there are Chihuahuas out there that scare me more than having to stop my car in the middle of the road so an alligator can cross (I mean, I’ve lived in Florida my entire life; it happens pretty regularly around here). There are dogs out there from every breed that are monsters I’d never want to go near.

But those aren’t bad dogs. Those are dogs raised by bad owners who don’t know how to foster healthy behavior and obedience. Those are dogs raised by people who want to breed monsters, and pitbulls are the lucky recipients of that bad reputation. Fortunately, those who are familiar with pits know that they are sweet, loving, kind and wonderful animals when raised with that kind of discipline and obedience. And if you’re not familiar with pitbulls, maybe you should take a look at the 20 cutest pits around (Warning: The following images contain graphic images of completely cuteness and parental supervision is not even remotely required).

Photo by Getty Images

Do I look like the kind of dog that wants to eat your kids? I just want to play with them. But leave that burger unattended for a second and it’s game on. 


Photo by Reddit

Best buddies right here. Only true love allows you to sleep with someone’s feet on top of your face and right next to your nose, you know. 


Photo by Imgur

Oh, hey. I’m just hanging out here in the shade trying to cool off some of this cuteness. It’s so much work being this adorable. 


Photo by Flickr

This is one pitbull that will attack you; if you try to hurt her baby. This dog is one of the most protective breeds in the world, and you better think twice before you mess with her family. 


Photo by Reddit

So, there’s nothing like a basket full of the most adorable puppies ever to make you want to go for a picnic. With an empty basket. To fill with puppies of your own. 


Photo by Flickr

Anyone with a pitbull knows that they are the masters of the head tilt. If you were not a believer, perhaps this will change your mind. 


Photo by Pups Daily

Bath time! It’s the best part of the day for the dog and the messiest part of the day for his owner. But how can you get mad at this face (and the subsequent mess) and all its excitement? 


Photo by Reddit

Chicks dig me. 


Photo by Reddit

Do not make eye contact. Do not make eye contact. Do not make eye contact. Crap. I made eye contact. Now I want this dog. 


Photo by Flickr

I dress like Snow White and sip imaginary tea from a pink cup with Cinderella because she’s my girl. I like living on the edge. 


Photo by Instagram

I didn’t do it. Swear. 


Photo by Flickr

Do I have any freckles? I feel like I might have some freckles. They’re cute, right? 


Photo by Reddit

She’s never dating. Ever. 


Photo by Jokeroo

How’s that for danger and aggression? You’re scared now, aren’t you? 


Photo by Instagram

This pup is too tired from being adorable to bother attacking anyone at the park with anything but kisses and excitement. Watch out world!


Photo by Flickr

I don’t care what you say. I’m not moving another inch until I rest. Does this look like my joking face? 

Photo by Instagram  

Public Service Announcement: Keep pitbulls away from children. They might love them, hug them and become their best friends and then you’ll have to keep them. And you might not have wanted children in the first place. 


Photo by Flickr

True love conquers all. 


Photo by Reddit

I think I love it. But I hope it doesn’t hurt me. What is this little red thing, anyway? It doesn’t look like me, but it definitely needs me. It doesn’t bite does it? I think I’m scared. But I’m going to lick it and see what happens. 


Photo by Instagram

Hey, girl. Take me home with you. 


Photo by Flickr

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  1. dont care what other day I had a pittbull til someone stole him he was mine and my families best friend and so protective never bite or grawled unless one of us was in danger I love Pitts can’t wait to get another one someday

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