Why You Should Follow Bacon the Dog on Instagram

There are many unique animals on Instagram, but we promise you that none of them are as expressive as Bacon the dog. This mutt is the kind of dog that can brighten even your darkest days. It’s true. Just check out Bacon’s Instagram page, and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.

Bacon is a combination of many things. He’s Pekingese, Dachshund, Chihuahua, and Shih-tzu all rolled into one crazy looking pup. This is exactly the reason why you just won’t ever be able to pinpoint what kind of dog he really is. His look is quite different to say the least, and it’s really his moneymaker. Bacon’s owner Meg realized this early on and has capitalized on Bacon’s wonderful facial features. He’s become a hit outside of his Tampa, Florida home, and we can’t help but be a part of the fan club.

Bacon’s story is something that everyone could appreciate as well. The dog was a rescue pup. There was a time when Bacon was just another dog living in the streets. He was picked up by the local animal control and was saved from euthanasia. Clearly, bigger things were in line for Bacon. However, it didn’t all happen right away. Before Bacon found Meg, he was adopted out twice and returned. We’re not sure what the circumstances for the returns were, but it was all meant to be. The third time Bacon was adopted, it was Meg that finally found him. The third time was truly the charm because their match was a match made in heaven.

Bacon’s name came from the animal control group, and we can imagine how he got it. Could it be for his love of bacon? Probably. But what you really need to know about this dog is the way he expresses himself. There are no other dogs out there that can make faces the way Bacon does. Just browse through his Instagram pages quickly and you’ll see. His facial expressions are almost unreal. You’ll end up asking whether they’re actually true or maybe Photoshopped. This 4-year old dog just happens to know how to express himself, and it’s hilarious and unbelievable at the same time.

We take it that it’s probably coming from his life experiences. He’s had plenty to contend with in his short life, and we’re pretty sure he’s come up with so many different ways to maybe fend off attackers or simply to just make his feelings known to his fellow dogs. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Bacon had some behavioral issues by the time that Meg got him. All those faces point towards that fact at least. Being a dedicated owner, Meg did whatever she could to help Bacon overcome some of the difficulties he was having, and now he’s more peaceful than ever. That peace, however, did not take away the many expressions that he could do with his face.

Bacon did extensive training, and now he’s just like any other trained dog. He can do his basic commands: high five, dance, shake, etc. But you wouldn’t need to command him to do his faces. Those just come naturally for Bacon. It turns out that this dog was all goofy underneath all his issues. Being able to help Bacon is something that Meg will treasure forever, and this is why she wanted to share Bacon’s personality to the rest of the world.

His sass is something that you can’t replicate or fake. Bacon is a star, and that’s clear from the 20,000 followers that he has on Instagram. Little does he know that he’s probably cheering someone up or changing someone’s life by just being himself. It’s a fascinating notion, but it’s the very reason why dogs are man’s best friends. They have the ability to lift up spirits, and Bacon is doing it for people that he’s never even met. If you’re having a crappy day, just follow Bacon on Instagram. He’ll brighten your day like no other and will continue to do so. His smile is absolutely infectious; and if you didn’t think that dogs could smile, think again. Bacon will make you question everything you knew about dogs and the way they communicate.

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