Ten Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Dog Shows

Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Masters Agility Championship

Showing dogs is an amazing sport, where the joys of seeing a beautiful and cool looking dog is matched up with the sheer excitement of competition. As dog lovers, we could not be more excited with the trend of dog shows becoming bigger and bigger all over the world. Look back a few decades and there were only a handful that went on during the course of a year. But if you look into it now, there are hundreds of dog shows that happen, every year in pretty much every state. It would be silly for us to not thing about Westminster when we talk about dog shows, as that is the biggest one of them all. The proverbial Super Bowl of dog shows. With the Westminster Dog Show getting closer and closer, we began spending some time getting more and more acclimated with dogs shows. Once we began looking into them, it dawned on us all the interesting little facts that we bet most people don’t know about dog shows. This, of course, led to some major office discussion, and also, this list. Ten surprising things you didn’t know about dog shows. Keep in mind, just because you may know some of these, does not mean everyone does.

So as dog show season inches closer and closer, here are ten surprising things you didn’t know about dog shows. Note these entries are presented in no particular order.

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There Are Hundreds of Them a Year

Champion Canines Compete At Annual Westminster Dog Show

It is said that if you went world wide, you could find one dog show being held on every single day of the year. We are not just talking about random dog shows, either. We are talking about actual dog shows, officiated by official, licensed judges.

Heck, on some days, you would even find there are two or three in one day. Maybe the people of the world don’t know (we told you they were surprising things you didn’t know about dog shows), but that means you could travel the world and see a different dog show every day, for a year.

Bet you didn’t know they were THAT wide spread!

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First One Was For Hunting Dogs

Champion Canines Compete At Annual Westminster Dog Show

Yup, it’s true. The first Westminster Dog Show that was ever held, was held by hunter who wanted to show other hunters just how resourceful their dogs were at their respective duties. Over the years, more and more people became aware of them, and they opened up over time to more and more breeds.

Now every single breed is incorporated in one of the many different events held all over the world.

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Most Popular Sporting Event in the World

Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Masters Agility Championship

We told you a few of these may blow your mind. Think about it. If there is a dog show held every single day somewhere in the world, that makes it the most popular sport in all the world.

We can only come to that conclusion based off the majjor televised sports in the Country. Baseball, basketball, football, and soccer. Think about it, are there games played in any of those other sports EVERY DAY out of the year? No, they have seasons. But dog shows do not have seasons, world wide.

We called this list ten surprising things YOU didn’t know about dogs, but even we didn’t know how widespread dog shows were.

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1876 Was First American Dog Show

Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Masters Agility Championship

Though dog shows had happened (and been successful) before in England, it was in the year 1876 that the first dog show was held on American soil. In New York City to be exact.

It was two days long, and was a huge success. Each year after, the show grew and grew to encompass more than just hunting dogs.

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There Are Ten Different Ribbons Dogs Can Win At Shows

2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show Officially Underway

Yup, that’s right. Ten different ribbons a dog can win at a dog show. Blue, red, yellow, white, and purple. Than you have some mixed varieties. Purple and white. Blue and white. Purple and gold. Red and white. And of course, red, white, and blue.

Each ribbon color and color combo means something different. The red, white, and blue is often given to the big winner, the best in show.

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Sensation Is The Name of the Pointer Dog They Use As The Westminster Club Logo

World's Top Canines Compete At Westminster Dog Show

Many of you may recognize the Westminster Dog Show logo, and that is not just some random dog’s image they use. The dog they use for the logo’s name was Sensation, and in the dog world, is rumored to have been the greatest “Pointer” dog who ever existed.

If you are looking for a comparison. Think the Michael Jordan of Pointers, and you have a good idea.

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A Quarter of a Million Dogs Have Competed

Westminster Dog Show Crowns A New Canine Champion

You knew we had to bust out some crazy numbers when it comes to surprising things you didn’t know about dog shows, and this one might be the most surprising of all.

Easily over 250,000 dogs have competed in The Westminster Dog Show alone. Now try to fathom all the other dog shows all the world over, and you realize just how big dog shows really are.

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First “Best in Show” Was Awarded in 1907

Westminster Kennel Club Hosts Masters Agility Championship

Just because there were dog shows, doesn’t mean anyone got the illustrious “Best in Show” title until 1907, when it was awarded to a smooth fox terrier who just really awed the judges and the competitors alike.

This set the tone for “Best in Show” and all the term has come to mean over the years.

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The Dogs Are Treated Like Rock Stars

Westminster Dog Show Best In Show Winner "Banana Joe" Visits Fox And Friends

Yup, you read that correctly. The dogs that participate in these shows are treated like rock stars. Often flown out to New York and given accommodations a day or two before, they get to live in the lap of luxury on either side of the event.

Especially if they end up being big winners, like Banana Joe featured above, getting some serious screen time!

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This Year They Upped Amount of Entries

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Crowns King Of The Canines

This year, for the first time in over twenty years, they decided to up the amount of dogs who could enter the Westminster Dog Show to a whopping 3,200 dogs. A big reason for this is that this is the first year when non-champions can enter. Man, think about how great the dog show is going to be this year? We really can’t wait.

So what did you think of our list of ten surprising things you didn’t know about dog shows? Any facts you think we may have missed, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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