Dogs Who Overcame Insurmountable Odds: Ten Tales of Miraculous Bravery

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If there is one thing that inspires us about dogs more than anything, it is their will to survive. The stories about dogs who overcame insurmountable odds. The dogs who seemed like they had everything going against them, and they survived and thrived anyways. It is those moments that stand as a true testimony to just the kind of creature a dog is. Fiercely loving and loyal. Brave and strong. A dog does what needs to be done to survive. And sometimes, like these ten examples here, their bravery and unwavering strength awes us. If we were all as loyal or as brave as dogs, this world would be a better place.

The best part of tales of dogs who overcame adversities is, everyone seems to have a different favorite. This, of course, got us talking around the office. What are some of the best and most impressive tales of dog survival that we have heard. We all gathered in the conference room with a dozen donuts, and this is what we came up with. Dogs who overcame insurmountable odds: ten tales of miraculous dog bravery.

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Abandoned Dog Finds New Hope

I know some of these videos are hard to watch at the beginning, and this one is no exception. It makes us so sad to see dogs just thrown away and left to defend for themselves in this harsh world. Honestly, we cannot even fathom what kind of monster could even do that.

The trick with these vids is making sure you watch to the end. Not only do these dogs get a new lease on life, but they come to learn this world is not a cold and as cruel as it can sometimes seem. Big shoutout to Hope for Paws, who make give tons of dogs homes, love, and hope.

Jip: The Brave Dog Who Lost a Leg to Cancer

Another thing that really kills us is that dogs have to suffer many of the same terminal diseases that humans do. In this case, Jip the dog. Who sadly, ended up losing a leg to Cancer. The thing is, you need to watch the whole video. If you think that is gonna slow Jip down, you are underestimating this dog!

Ralph the Abused Street Dog’s Recovery

Another GREAT example of Hope For Paws changing another dog’s life. Ralph was left thrown away and abused when he was found. And though it took a lot of work and a lot of love, by the end of the video, he looks like a different dog.In many ways, he is. Gone is the fear and apprehension, replaced by the sense of wonder that all dogs should have.

Near Frozen Puppy Comes Back To Life

I know, I know. Some of these vids make you mad at first. They do the same thing to us. Anyone who would leave a puppy to freeze to death in a dumpster deserve the same fate, except with no happy ending. But once you get past that and realize for every person who puts one in, you have people like this that would help love, nurture, and save it. This little fighter was almost frozen, but look at him now. Seriously, though, if we ever found anyone doing something like that, we would have to get jailed for what we would do to them.

Miley the Dumpster Dog Starts Helping Other Rescues

Okay, we will admit, this might be our favorite. Miley gets saved from a dumpster and slow begins trusting humans again. But what she does next is what is truly remarkable. She stays at the shelter and begins helping other rescue dogs assimilate to their surroundings and feel safe again. Yup, that might be our favorite.

Dog Learns To Walk On Two Legs

You hear many stories about dogs with three legs learning to hop around or roll about with the help of an assisted device. But what about the dog that has only two legs, and goes on to learn to walk and move with them like he would if he had two. I am not trying to insult you here or anything, but do you think any of us could learn to walk as quickly with only half our legs? I know we overcome a lot as humans, but dog stories like this really inspire. The only things we let hold us back are what we choose to let hold us back. Dogs remind us of that daily.

Dog Fighter Victim Survives and Thrives

These people are the worst. Training dogs as weapons and causing people to fear a whole breed just because of some jerks who abuse the animals. Yes, this kind of story fills us with rage. But you know what helps? When the dogs are rescued and go on to live happy, healthy, loving lives, despite what they were being forced to do at one point. In other words, stories like this.

This Brave Pit Bull Who Got Shot Protecting Family

People call them a vicious breed. A violent breed. But what about all the stories of Pit Bulls risking their own lives and taking on bodily harm to save their families and owners? What about the thousands of stories like that every year? How come no one talks about those?

Well, we do.

Another Pit Bull Sacrifice To Save Humans

You need to look around your world right now and ask yourself, how many humans do you know that would do this? You may think you know dozens, but reality is, you don’t. But if you have a Pit Bull in your life, and you are ever in danger, guess what? As proven with this video, that dog will risk anything to make sure you are okay. In this case, even sacrificing a leg.

Koda: Police Dog Stabbed and Survives

Service dogs are amazing, and a true testimony to loyalty, bravery, and strength. You need proof of this, look no further than Koda. If we were half as resilient and brave as this dog, we would be happy. So who did we miss? Do you know of any dogs who overcame tragedy? Take to our Facebook our comment section and let us know!

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