A New Website to Match you with the Perfect Rescue Dog

Paws Like Me

Ever wonder why getting the perfect dog to suit your personality isn’t as easy as finding your ideal mate is on dating websites. Well, now it is thanks to a brand new website called “Paws Like Me”. Why didn’t somebody think of this before now? Who knows, but now that there is a website that does this, why not try it?

I decided to check it out and found that all it takes is a short quiz to determine what kind of dog personality you are and which canine companions meet your criteria. Now, many of us don’t like taking quizzes because the questions are difficult or hard to grasp, but I can tell you that this is a really simple quiz with 39 short questions and multiple choice answers. The quiz matches you up with a pet by taking into account four major things, including confidence, energy, independence, and focus. So, what kind of questions are on this quiz? Here are a few examples to give you an idea:

  1. Which describes you best?
  2. Caring or logical?
  3. Rule-oriented or tolerant?
  4. Sensitive or tough?
  5. Impatient or easy-going?
  • Choice between two dogs:
  • One who becomes part of my family, or
  • One who enjoys exercising with me.
  • One loves playing outdoors, or
  • One who will snuggle on the couch with me.

As you can see, these are simple multiple choice questions. You can even take a short version of the quiz if you’re pushed for time and it only contains four questions. After you’ve completed either the short or the long version of the quiz and entered your current location, the website does its magic by generating the optimum canine matches for you. It even has them arranged by percentage of compatibility. Then, it’s up to you to narrow the choices down with your selection of preferences regarding breed, gender, age, and size.

So, let’s say you want a dog who loves casual walks but doesn’t particularly like five-mile runs. Maybe he or she would be a dog who doesn’t have any problem with being left home by himself while you’re at work, but will also like meeting new people. The quiz will help you by determining a doggy match that lines up with those specific preferences.

Who came up with this “doggy dating site” idea? The CEO/co-founder of “Paws Like Me” is Ms. Elizabeth Holmes, who just happens to be someone who knows a thing or two about this since she had been running a rescue group for some eight years. She says that she saw firsthand how difficult it could be for families to pick the best dog to bring into their homes, especially since so many shelter pets are mixed breeds. So, she and her other co-founders created an algorithm that takes into account not only what people want from their dog, but also what the dog wants as well so that more shelter dogs can find their forever homes. And, much like those dating sites, it is finding a lot of lucky dogs new and happy homes. And, the quiz has even been proven to be better than 90 percent accurate!

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