Science Tells Us Why Dogs are Better than Cats

It is no secret that the two most popular pets in America are dogs and cats. In fact, it seems that half of all households have either one or the other. Some will even have both a dog and a cat as pets. Regardless, it seems as if everyone has an opinion over which pet is best. Some are adamant that dogs are by far superior as a pet than cats are, while others will argue the exact opposite. Society seems to have taken the side of the dog, even dubbing this special animal as a man’s best friend. Where, then, does leave cats? Surely, there is an argument to be made cats are better than dogs.

Dogs are quite special if you stop to think about it. They provide companionship, protection, and even assistance when it is needed the most. When was the last time you heard of a seeing eye cat? What about a police cat? You have never heard of these because they just do not exist. It is arguments like this that will lead many to conclude that dogs are better than cats. Dogs also seem to be more active and playful with humans than do cats. You can take a dog for a walk around the neighborhood, to throw a frisbee in the park, or on any of a number of outdoor excursions. These are simply not possible for a cat.

It seems as though the odds are stacked against cats when it comes to this argument, but we cannot the millions of cat lovers who would make the claim that they are superior to dogs. Cat owners will make the claim, for example, the cats are smarter than dogs. To prove this they, they will bring up the argument that cats are able to find their way back home, while dogs are generally not able to. Dogs are also more dependent on their human caretakers than are cats. A dog will often spend all day waiting for their owner to come back, even to the point of barking, not eating, and destroying the house in the process. Cats, however, do not do any of that. They seem to be able to take their owner or leave them, depending on who is home at the time. Of course, this argument could also support the notion that the dog is a superior animal because they make you feel you more welcome.

In the end, scientists have recently come down on the side of dog lovers. They now have evidence that tells us why dogs are simply better than cats. Continue reading to learn the basis for them making this claim.

The Neuron Argument

When it comes right down to it, dogs possess more than neurons than do cats. This is the knowledge that scientists are now using to prove that dogs are simply smarter than cats. There was recently a group of scientists from Vanderbilt University and the University of California who extensively studied both cats and dogs. When their research was concluded, they discovered that dogs have in the neighborhood of 500 million neurons present in their brains. When compared to the cats 250 million, this is quite the advantage for dogs. What does this mean? For cats, it spells bad news when trying to compete with a dog’s superior intellect. Dogs are more aware of their surroundings than cats because of the increased level of neurons in their brains. They are also able to remember past events than cats, which leads them to be better long term pets because they tend to adapt to their surroundings much easier than cats do.

Dogs and Their Powerful Sniffers

Have you ever wondered why law enforcement officials will often use dogs to sniff out the bad guys, find drugs and vegetables, and even locate dead bodies? It is because they have an incredible sense of smell. To prove this point, it has been discovered by scientists recently that a dog’s nose is so effective that it can spot the presence of ovarian cancer. This is quite the sniffer if you get right down to it. This is so important because ovarian cancer has been dubbed the silent killer because it does not typically show any symptoms in the victim until it is too late and cancer has spread too far in the body. A dog is able to sniff out ovarian cancer in the early stages. This is something that could prove life-saving if harnessed properly. It is also quite amazing if you think about. If you put certain cancer samples right up next to one another, a dog will be able to detect which one is ovarian. Can a cat do that? You probably already know the answer to that, so we will just move on.

Allergies and Pets

While it is true that a person can be allergic to both dogs and cats, cat allergies are simply far worse. You do not need to take our word for it. Just listen to the research that was recently published by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. They have discovered that roughly one out of seven children between the ages of six and nineteen in the United States are allergic to cats. This is more than double the number that has some type of dog allergy. When you dive further into this research, you will discover that cat allergies are some much more common because they have a certain protein molecule that is large and found to reside directly on their skin. Cat allergens will stay in the air far longer then will dogs, making the symptoms of the allergy that much more pronounced as well.

Dogs and Health

While it is undeniable that cats can make a person happy as well, dogs are simply better suited for our overall health. Dogs, for example, can positively contribute to the elderly living a healthier lifestyle. By taking the dog out for a walk, running after the dog, and much more, the elderly will walk on average 1 mile more a day than they would if they did not have a dog. This has also been linked to a lower rate of cardiovascular disease as a result of dog ownership, as published in findings by Harvard Medical School.

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