Woman Arrested After Dog Found Locked in Dumpster Cage

Dumpster Dog

Earlier this week a 26-year-old woman was arrested after the police found an emaciated dog in a dumpster locked in a wire crate in Wichita. The officer who is in charge of the case, Charley Davidson said on Monday afternoon that the culprit, Raykesha Hardyway was brought to book. Raykesha was charged with one count of animal cruelty which included abandonment and failure to provide adequate care to the animal and an outstanding warrant. The Wichita Animal Control commander LT Brian Sigman said that a surveillance video found within the area shows 2 suspects leaving the dog on the dumpster. The male mix breed pit-bull was left in the dumpster near Pawnee and Oliver near Ashley apartment complex at around 7:00 pm. A woman who was taking the trash out at the time found the emaciated dog and rushed him to the emergency vet nearby. Officer Charley Davidson said that they conducted thorough investigations including even tipping Crime Stoppers and interviewing witnesses. The road eventually led to Hardyway who was eventually apprehended.

The officer did however not say if they had made any other arrests but did mention that investigations were still ongoing. The case is set to be presented to the district attorney’s county in Sedgwick County. Lt Sigman says that the dog’s abandonment and torture didn’t happen overnight and from the look of things, it seems that someone was intentionally starving the dog. Stacey Kluge who is the chair of the Crime Stoppers thanked the general public and was pleased that people were able to speak up to solve the crime and lead to the arrest of the perpetrator. She further said that they were able to get to Raykesha Hardyway quickly because a lot of people were touched by the events that brought the dog to the dumpster. The Wichita Animal Action League said that the dog whose name is Bowie was found to have sores on his backside and arms that were sustained as a result of sitting or lying down without any muscles or fat that would have cushioned his fragile body.

An average pit-bull mix should weigh around 50 pounds but the poor dog only weighed half that amount. Bowie was found to weigh 20 kilograms which are less than he should for a dog his size and age. Bowie is around 2 years old. Local animal rescues in the region urged pet owners to find help with local resources if they or people they know are unable to sufficiently care for an animal. Coffman urged pet owners that if ever they found that they can’t keep a pet there are other ways of handling the situation instead of putting the animal through what Bowie had endured. Lt Brian Sigman said that the department is looking to push for felony charges on the suspects involved in this particular case for the charge of neglecting and starving the poor dog. The Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) in a Facebook post alerted the public that Bowie had left the vet’s office and was headed for foster care.

WAAL said that they would put Bowie up for adoption once he regained back his health. According to KSN, the average cost of treating a dog at the emergency vet clinic is roughly $1000. For anyone who would like to take care of him and if anyone was willing to help with the vet expenses, you are encouraged to reach out to the animal agency through their website or through their Facebook page.

Pet abandonment cases on the rise

According to BBC News, animal rescues experience a 25% increase in abandoned pets due to owners being unable to care for them. The Bridgend Animal Rescue Centre rescued 117 animals last year and it seems that the number keeps increasing. The RSPCA said that they had received over 1000 reports of abandoned animals across the Wales region. The spokesperson said in an interview that every pet owner had a reason why they abandoned their pet ranging from changed behavior of the animal to medical treatment which also includes insurance or even relocation by the owners. The organizations also stated that abandonment cases are high in the summer. This is because some pet owners receive pets as gifts mostly during Christmas and after some time the excitement of owning a pet dies down and the reality of having to take care of one sets in.

RSPCA urges pet owners that if they are planning to travel, then abandoning their pet isn’t the answer. They should instead organize for a way to ensure that their pet is well taken care of, fed well and given a bath. Also, before welcoming a new pet home, always do your research and keep in mind that every animal has its own caretaking needs. To anyone looking to give a pet as a present, the organization urges you to think twice before gifting someone such a burden. Always ensure that the person you are gifting the pet is ready and capable to take care of the pet.

After how long is a pet considered abandoned?

According to Avvo, the laws vary with each state but for Washington DC if an animal is not claimed after being left somewhere else for a period of no longer than 15 days then the animal is considered abandoned. If you decide to leave your dog for a specified amount of time and fail to pick the animal up or refuse to pay the agreed-upon medical fees for the pet then the animal is likely to be considered to be abandoned. If you find a stray dog, you are legally required to report the occurrence to your region’s law enforcement or animal control officer within a stipulated time usually 48 hours. Failure to do so might result in being found guilty of a misdemeanor. It is always wise to consult with a lawyer or a rescue shelter before deciding to adopt an abandoned or stray animal.

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