This Rescue Pit Bull’s Birthday Party Was Simply Amazing

Sometimes a dog can have a rough start in life. However, this does not necessarily mean that they will continue to experience bad times until the day they die. There are some dogs that suffer the worst circumstances in their early years, but they can go on to become some of the most pampered pets. These lucky dogs are fortunate to see their life being completely transformed. One such dog is a rescue Pit Bull called Boris. According to I Heart Dogs, Boris ended up in a rescue center when he was just a puppy. When he arrived there, the poor dog was suffering from a severe case of mange, which is a skin condition that is caused by parasites. This was something that the staff at the shelter had to treat before they could begin to find the dog a new home.

As soon as the dog was healthy, the staff at Needy Paws Rescue began to help him find a forever home. This meant that potential adopters could come to the shelter to view him. One couple who came to take a look was Alley and Alex Brandon, and they fell in love with him as soon as they laid eyes on him. Initially, the couple wanted to foster Boris to see how things went. However, two weeks after taking him home back in 2017, the couple decided that they wanted to make him a permanent member of their family and decided to adopt him. They had to want for the shelter to have the dog neutered before they were allowed to officially adopt him, but as soon as he had this procedure completed they were ready to welcome him into their home.

Boris’s life changed almost overnight. He went from being a sad little puppy that was abandoned and suffering from a serious skin condition to a much-loved family pet that was living in a warm and comfortable environment and he had everything he needed and more. Alex and Alley strived to do everything they could to make sure their dog had everything he needed and to make sure he had lots of good memories in his life. One way that they did this was by throwing him birthday parties that were so elaborate they could evoke the envy of many children.

For his third birthday, there were 15 guests invited to attend the event. Each of the guests was asked to wear a T-shirt featuring Boris’s face. Boris was the only one not wearing Boris-themed attire as he had his own special birthday outfits to wear. His outfit even included a birthday hat and a bandana. The costumes were not the only exciting aspect of Boris’s 3rd birthday party. Alex and Alley had ordered a large peanut butter cake from Treats Unleashed, a local bakery, which was presented to Boris during the party. The couple also hired a photographer to capture special moments throughout the party. They just wanted to make it an occasion to remember. Two of the guests who attended the event were a pair of Chihuahuas who sat at the top table with Boris. Although Boris was willing to share his cake with his guests, the Chihuahuas were too fussy to try the cake. This meant that Boris got to eat the entire cake to himself in the days that followed the party.

Some of the human guests could not believe the amount of effort that Alley and Alex put into arranging a dog party. They also could not believe they had been invited to attend such an event as they had not been to a dog birthday party before. While many people would say that hosting a birthday party for a dog with cake and costumes is a little elaborate, Ally argues that it did not cost them that much to host the event and that it made them all happy. She says that the whole thing cost around $90, and it cost so little because she had traded some of her art to pay for certain elements of the party. Alley also said that it was worth the cost for the sake of Boris’ happened. Although Boris’ birthday party was a private affair held at home, thousands of people had the opportunity to share his experience as he has his own Instagram page. Alley and Alex set up this account for him not long after he was adopted. They regularly upload photographs of him, often with him wearing cute outfits.

Boris already has more than 40 thousand followers on his account who eagerly await his photographs being uploaded. Of course, Alley and Alex wanted to share photographs of his birthday with his followers as it was his biggest event to date. His followers were delighted to see the amazing photographs of his party, although some were surprised at this level of extravagance. Having an Instagram account has benefited Boris. Not only is he now a famous Instagram star, but he also receives lots of doggy treats from his sponsorship deals. This is another way that his life has changed since he was living in the animal shelter. As yet, Alley and Alex have not made any plans for Boris’s 4th birthday, but there are no doubts that this pampered pet will have his birthday marked in a special way. Undoubtedly, the photographs from the occasion will make their way onto his Instagram page for all his followers to see.

Anyone who saw Boris when he was living in the shelter as a pup three years ago would probably not believe just how much his life has changed since. Since his adoption, Boris is living a very happy and comfortable life with his loving owners, and life as a neglected and abandoned dog with mange is nothing more than a distant memory. This special dog now has a lot to look forward to in the future,

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