Please Read if You Truly Want to See How Pit Bulls Help People

We’ve shared countless rescue stories on this website.  In addition, we’ve shared about the incredible power that are K9 friends have when it comes to healing us humans.  The reality is that these stories will never run out.  Nor will out immense respect and admiration for these incredible dogs we write about every single day. 

Speaking of which, today we came across a story that we simply had to share.  It’s about a Pit Bull named Oakley.  If you didn’t believe in the healing powers of Pit Bulls, before, this story just might change your mind.

This incredible story comes from Bethanie Trinchera who is a member of Dogspotting Society

This is Oakley. Please read if you want to see how dogs truly help people. We got him when he was 4-5 weeks old & truly was a blessing I found him. The people we had got him from had his siblings and they passed of parvo & kidneys failing. We got him his shots & vet checked and here he is today.

Oakley has been my bestfriend wholeheartedly. I’m going to brag about him because he is the most happiest dog but went through so much. From being homeless & sleeping in the car with us , bouncing back & forth from hotel and places to stay.. on May 12th 2022 we got into a really bad wreck.

We had just left the park going to get him so water from the gas station when a car hit us going 60mph. We was stopped in a turning lane. Our car flipped multiple times & him & my sister was ejected from the vehicle. He ran from the wreck & I couldn’t do anything about it as me an my sister was rushed to the hospital.

Several people were looking for him and I wish I could find those people to thank them. Prior to this , the place we was living the surrounding neighbors would call animal control everyday saying we didn’t feed him , we left him alone etc. We would take him to the vet for checks and the vet would come to my house and eventually stopped taking the call as he was healthy , fed , up to dates on shots.. AND overweight.

If it wasn’t for our AMAZING animal control officer I don’t know what I would do. He found oakley after getting a call of a stray dog and knew it was him. As we was pulling up to the animal control office he called us to let me know he was there. They checked for wreck damage on him and there was nothing wrong THANKFULLY.

He’s been homeless with me , he’s been to the beach with me multiple times , he’s been through a traumatic accident with me.. and he still shows me his love. I can’t imagine my life without him. It’s so hard to find a place because of his breed but I will NEVER give up on him as he’s never given up on me. He’s so gentle , he’s protective but not aggressive. Oakley , Thank you so much for saving me.

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