New Jersey Instagram Famous Dogs Have Huge Impact in Real Life

Happy Ranger

Social media has become one of the fastest and most effective ways of connecting with friends and family. While many people are happy to simply use social media platforms to share aspects of their lives with those they know, others gain a much wider following with people from around the world showing an interest in their posts. These people are often referred to as social media influencers, as they have become popular and gained a large following, which shows thy have the online power to influence other people who aspire to their lifestyle. While the majority of social media influencers are celebrities, that is not always the case as there are many members of the public who have achieved a huge online following. What is even more surprising is that some of the biggest social media celebrities are not humans at all, but pets who have an owner who has opened an account on their behalf.

There is a growing trend for pets with social media accounts, and they are becoming stars in their own right. People seem to love looking at their adorable photographs and reading their posts about the animal’s day-to-day activities. Two such pets are Ranger and Bentley from Demarest in New Jersey, says Both dogs are Newfoundlands, and they are now stars of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Their owner is 43-year-old Mary McConville, who is originally from Farmingdale in New York, but now lives in Demarest with her dogs. She has had both dogs since they were puppies, and she bought them from a breeder called Fairchild’s Newfoundland.

The Newfoundland dog breed is a large, working dog that is originally from the Dominion of Newfoundland in Canada. This loyal and intelligent breed has a muscular build and a thick, double coat. Their webbed feet mean they are excellent swimmers. Newfoundland dogs are available in black, brown, or black and white. Mary, who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, has said that her Newfoundland dogs have become a central part of her life. Their pictures have been used by the American Kennel Club and Buzzfeed, and Mary is currently writing a children’s book about the adventures of her Newfoundland dogs.

She first started their Instagram account, @newfietales, as she wanted to document her life raising kids and Newfoundland puppies. She thought it would be fun to show people the family growing up together. Within a few months, the account already had thousands of followers, and it now has 26 thousand followers. According to Mary, the account now focuses on the different personalities of her New Jersey Instagram dogs, and their community of Instagram followers has been extremely supportive. She has even developed some strong friendships due to the account.

Although she has no set schedule for posting, Mary usually posts something on the Instagram account every day. She generally waits until the children are in bed and the dogs have settled for the evening so that she has enough time to look through her pictures from the day. She can then select the best to feature on social media. Talking about how the account became so popular, Mary said that their following grew completely organically. The followers are mainly just dog lovers, many of whom also own a Newfoundland dog themselves. She thinks that the fact that the account shows both the dogs and the kids is one of the reasons that it has become so popular.

However, she has acknowledged that using hashtags was an important part of attracting attention to the posts when she first opened the account. She still uses hashtags but likes to add some variety by using a wide range of hashtags. Mary also says that tagging has been a great way for her to attract attention to the posts. She notes that Instagram loves it when people are interactive, so she spends some time commenting on other people’s accounts. This can also help to grow your account.

Regarding which posts get the most attention, Mary says that the most popular are the pictures of Ranger when he was a puppy. She also says that the videos showing Ranger getting the post at the weekends get plenty of likes and comments. Fortunately, Ranger has always liked being the center of attention and having his photograph taken. Mary says it still surprises her which of her posts get the most attention. It is usually the photographs that get the most attention, although the videos also get a decent amount of comments and shares. Apparently, it is the everyday activities that seem to interest people the most.

The account has also become profitable for Mary as there are companies that have offered free products and paid sponsorships. She says that it is usually dog treat companies that they have worked with and that her dogs are pleased about this. Another type of business that has shown interest in working with them is small pet accessory businesses. However, it is not only pet-related companies that have offered them sponsorship. She has also been approached by a jewelry company and a company that is launching its start-up weather app. Mary has said that her preference is to help smaller accounts or good causes so that she can bring more attention to them.

Life is not all about social media accounts, though. Mary likes to take her dogs along on hikes in beauty spots near their home, such as Ross Dock, Palisades Cliffs, Closter Nature Center, and Demarest Nature Center. They also take long walks together in some of the local parks. Mary also takes some time for herself without the dogs. She likes to dine out with her family at the weekends, and she believes that Bergen County has some delicious cuisine on offer. If the dogs are lucky, they get to tag along to dog-friendly restaurants with outdoor seating areas when the weather is nice.

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