Happy Ending for Dog Who Spends 200 Days in Shelter

Imagine what it must be like to be stuck in a shelter for unwanted dogs for days, weeks or months on end. That is precisely what it was like for Chuckie, a pittie mix who was unfortunately allowed to roam and was subsequently hit by a car. Chuckie, alone and abandoned, had the odds stacked against him, to be sure. Luckily, he was taken in by Dog Orphans Humane Society in Douglas, Massachusetts. That is where he received the veterinary care that he needed. It’s where he spent his days, more than two hundred of them, until he was finally adopted by Taylor Dimmick.

More Than 200 Days Without a Forever Home

Why did Chuckie spend so much time at the dog orphanage? The experts there, including shelter manager Hannah Shennian, believe that it all comes down to two things- his breed and the fact that he had been injured when the car hit him. Unfortunately, due to those injuries, he isn’t able to relieve himself with the full use of his back legs. Understandably, that makes going to the bathroom a bit more challenging for Chuckie as compared to the rest of his canine companions. However, he is completely healthy aside from that issue and he learned to successfully navigate that his bathroom challenges some time ago.

As previously mentioned, the fact that he is a pittie mix also counts against him when it comes to getting adopted. These dogs are massively misunderstood. People still have a tendency to think of them as some type of vicious animal that spends their days in a dog fighting ring because that is unfortunately what they typically see in the mainstream media. Anyone that has ever owned one of these dogs knows that this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, it is more difficult to adopt these dogs out. In fact, according to Kennel to Couch, approximately 2,800 dogs of this breed are euthanized in shelters across the United States each and every day.

Finding His Bliss

Fortunately, Chuckie did not become a statistic. Instead, he has the opportunity to live out his days in a happy home where he can be loved and adored as all dogs should be. This is largely due to the remarkable efforts of the shelter manager, Hannah Shennian. She definitely went above and beyond when it came to finding ways to get Chuckie adopted, largely because he had spent so much time in the shelter. People just didn’t seem to be interested in adopting him. As such, she took to social media and posted touching videos of him on virtually every platform she could think of, all in the hopes of finding that one person who would adopt him and give him the life that he has deserved for so long. Her efforts paid off and now both she and Chuckie are happier. Chuckie has a home where he can just be a dog and she has the knowledge that she helped him get that home as opposed to living out the rest of his days in a kennel.

More Dogs in Need

Of course, Chuckie certainly isn’t the only dog that is looking for his forever home. According to Dog Orphans Humane Society, dogs are constantly being dropped off because they are abandoned by their families for one reason or another. Fortunately, organizations such as this particular nonprofit exist. This is a no-kill facility that keeps the dogs there as long as it needs to in order to find them a forever home. That said, they are constantly striving to get the word out because there are many more dogs that aren’t nearly as fortunate as the ones who wind up with the remarkable individuals that work here. The truth is, there are more dogs in shelters than there are in forever homes. Sadly, the overwhelming majority of these dogs end up being euthanized. It’s a heartbreaking situation, one that Chuckie has inadvertently become a mascot for. Perhaps with his help, more dogs will also be able to find their own happy endings.

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