Woman Rushed to Shelter to Save Dog on New Year’s Day

Dog saved on New Years

Most people feel bad and say “aww” when they see an animal in need on social media. Others, however, are mobilized to do everything they possibly can for that animal even if it’s New Year’s Day. Elli Frank is one of those super-caring people who springs into action when an animal needs her help.

Elli is the co-executive director of Mr. Bones and Co., a volunteer-based animal welfare non-profit organization in New York City that was founded in 2013 and supports all kinds of animal rescues. They mainly deal with dogs under their canine rescue foundation, One Lucky Pup, and they run a rescue, rehab, and adoption program. At the center of their focus are Pit Bull rescues, however, they also accept all breeds and specialize in dogs who are forced to face extraordinary challenges. Those challenges could include surgery and/or extensive emergency veterinary care or unfair breed discrimination. They also rescue animals who may have behavioral issues and are stuck in shelters because they’re more difficult to place.

One of the really interesting things about the OLP program is that, although they’re located in New York, their reach is actually global. They have rescued dogs from foreign countries, like the Bahamas and Iraq, and then placed them in safe and loving homes in the U.S. So, dogs don’t have to even be here in our country to be a One Lucky Pup rescue dog. Good news for dogs worldwide!

Dog saved on New Years 2

One very lucky pup is one right there in NYC. At only 10 to 12 months old, he was dropped off at a Harlem animal shelter on New Year’s Eve. The shelter is run by Animal Care Centers of New York City (ACC). The poor little guy was suffering from rectal prolapse aka anal prolapse, which is a condition where one or more rectal layers become displaced via the anus. It is generally caused by any number of different factors, which include genital, urinary, or digestive system disorders. In effect, parts of this little dog’s insides were coming out through his anus. It was terribly painful and made it difficult for him to sit down.

When Elii saw this sad little dog on social media who was in pain every single day, she had to save him, New Year’s Day or not. So, she drove to Harlem and rescued him from the shelter. He was so tiny and so resilient that she called him “Tater Tot” and the name stuck. He had an ultrasound and it showed some internal damage. He was also diagnosed with some front leg orthopedic issues and possible dwarfism.

Supporters of OLP all pitched in with covering Tater Tots medical expenses and Elli is fostering him and monitoring his condition as he recovers. And, once he has recovered, Tater Tot will be ready for somebody to come and take him to his forever home, that is if Elli can bear to part with him. You can follow his journey on the Mr. Bones Facebook page or maybe make a donation to help them with the task of saving countless animals worldwide.

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